The Business Blocks – Low-Code Software Ecosystem

Choosing a software platform is no easy task but we have sifted and sorted through the web to give you our best list of low code software platforms. We define a low code software platform not just whether you can create a whole app experience on top of it but whether you can integrate and get the platform to talk to others.

Here at the Business Blocks we strive on helping you find the best software platforms out there to help you automate you business. We have carefully curated and reviewed each platform below to help you learn about low code software and help you make the best decision when implementing the right solution.


Your business running without you is critical to success but how can you set up the systems and processes to run the business without somewhere to store that knowledge. The platform hub is like the backbone to the whole business operations.

They encompass the nervous system and veins to flow all of the data and workflows to the right areas. They also can house the information and processes and your workers can manage their own time effectively on the same platform. There are many great platforms out there now to help you automate your business flows and keep your employees in check and up to date with what they need to do in their role.

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1.1 – Knowledge Management Platforms:

1.1.1 – Office 365 (SharePoint)

Microsoft Sharepoint is a collaborative platform system, providing knowledge management solutions for teams.

It allows you to host a company intranet and empower teamwork by working with your team members. This system is also helpful in managing tasks because of its available features. You will need a web browser such as Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome to access this platform.

Office 365 (SharePoint) – Build a Business Platform in SharePoint

Apart from a web browser, you also need to have a work or school email address. You will use this email to register for Microsoft Sharepoint services. Unfortunately, personal email accounts are not allowed. After all, Microsoft made Sharepoint for easier collaboration within an organization.

1.1.2 – Google Workspace (formerly G-Suite)

Google Workspace is an online workplace or a digital office where employees working remotely can collaborate, communicate, and work together as a team. In this interface, you’ll find Google’s most-used apps for working: Gmail, Docs, Meet, Calendar, Drive, and many additional features.

Google Workspace – All You Need to Build a Business System 

It’s a subscription service for businesses that want to keep their team productive, efficient, and working together, and with constant communication even if they are not together.

1.1.3 –

Acknowledging the changing needs of companies, was specially designed to help your company build, maintain, and strengthen teamwork. It is equipped with all the necessary tools and features that guarantee worthwhile and productive collaboration.

Huddle – Nurturing Worthwhile Collaborations And Trust In Every Workplace is a cloud-based collaboration tool that provides an organization with one place where their employees, clients, as well as partners can have better collaboration and trust in the workplace. It creates a system where an organization can access and monitor company files, projects, deadlines, and communications.

1.1.4 – Atlassian’s Confluence

Are you tired of the tons of work piling up here and there that you do not know where to start? Are you feeling hopeless if you can complete your projects right on time?

Confluence is a collaboration tool designed for sharing, storing, and working on different things. It empowers you to create project plans, write meeting notes,  submit project requirements at the same time as other members of your team for better collaborative work management.

Atlassian’s Confluence – Manage Your Business Systems With Confluence

1.2 – Business Automation Platforms:

1.2.1 – Thryv

1.2.2 – Zoho


Gathering digital information has never been easier and you can use the following platforms to manage and feed that information into the other platforms. When we talk about the term “Gather” we are basically encompassing all the software platforms that help businesses and users collect information like a digital form or a survey platform.

2.1 – Digital Form Software: 

The internet and digital forms go hand in hand. Forms are the basis for inputting any data into a web page or software platform, and these companies who develop these packages have been around since the 1990’s when the net was nascent.

The main elements that have changed have been how end users are interacting and creating these platforms now, with no code a first time user can drag and drop together their own form and integrate this into another platform such as a CRM or database.

2.1.1 – Microsoft Forms

Microsoft Forms is a web-based access to all platforms – Mac, Windows, Android, iOs and works on all browsers so that everyone can access it without the need to download an additional app. 

Full Microsoft Forms review: Is It The Best Form Builder For You?

Some of its business-related functions are: customer satisfaction surveys, polls to gauge client or employee feedback, exams for new hires and trainees, and recording real-time data.

2.1.2 – Airtable

The platform aims to help people store and track data, create graphs, and keep records of important information with the help of digital spreadsheets.

Airtable is for everyone who needs to organize important data, be it through infographics, charts, images, or text. This means that small and large businesses can use it, as can those planning an important event, like a wedding or corporate party.

Full Airtable ReviewCheck out the review here.

It is excellent for individuals as well as teams. It can also help people store data and also schedule work for themselves to complete in the future.

2.1.3 – Jotform

JotForm is an online form building company based in San Francisco. The software uses a drag-and-drop tool to create forms while encrypting user data for security.

This is a simple yet powerful data collection software system that is focused on collaboration and ease of use. It is also designed to be flexible and accessible to allow multiple users to edit or open a form at the same time.

Jotform Review – A Simple Yet Powerful Form Builder

2.1.4 – Formstack Forms

Formstack is a business solution that allows non-IT people create forms, gather information, and interface into other no code products.

Formstack Forms What is Formstack? Create Online Forms

Formstack offers a workspace where you can quickly automate manual tasks such as creating documents, getting signatures, and creating custom forms without the need of coding or complicated tasks. 

2.2 – Surveys and Feedback:

2.2.1 – SurveyMonkey

SurveyMonkey is a survey creation tool powered by Momentive, a company that has been around for over 20 years. It is one of the most popular software tools in this space.

SurveyMonkey – The Importance of Listening to Feedback

Being one of the longest-running tools of its kind, it has already empowered hundreds of thousands of individuals, freelancers, teams, and companies to make the best, smart, informed decisions for whatever purpose they might have. 

2.2.2 – Typeform

Typeform can be simply defined as a Software as a Service (SaaS) online portal that you can use to collect and share information from users and visitors in a very conversational manner.

TypeformWhy It’s a Crucial Tool for Growing Your Online Business

Unlike most of the sign-up forms that you can see on the web today, the ones that can be generated using Typeform are very engaging, intuitive, and even humorous to the point that users wouldn’t feel like they are being tasked with an annoying chore at all. 

2.2.3 – Peakon

Peakon is a revolutionary platform that’s designed to increase employee interaction and engagement as they undergo company-related surveys or evaluations.

PeakonEnhancing Employee-To-Employer Relations

It helps amplify employee engagement by automatically giving you clear, targeted analytics that provides the insights and technical advice that can help you make quick, relevant decisions.

2.2.4 – Mentimeter

Mentimeter is a cloud-based app that allows you to create interactive presentations and meetings wherever you are. It lets you participate and interact with your target audience online.

Mentimeter – Make a Fun and Interactive Presentations

It helps make you a better presenter. It does so by providing you a platform where you can receive unbiased input from your target audience. It is easy to use, allowing you to transform your audience’s advice into real-time perceptible and actionable data.


Linking software platforms together through API’s is a very special position to be in under the Automate function. All platforms now should allow the use of their API to help grow the low-code ecosystem.

Dedicated API Platforms:

Integrated Platform as a Service:

Best Low Code Software Platforms

Mockups or App Builder software are low code platforms that enable users who have minimal coding experience to graphically create an app or website with the use of drag and drop features. We would consider the below apps the best low code software platforms in the market right now.

Low Code App Building Software:


Powerful data analysis platforms are now available for you to link your low code platforms into. These platforms create a visual representation of your data with options for interaction.

Data Analytics Platforms:


Checklists, SOPs, and systems in place? You can learn to systemize your business from the following link here and if you are ready to start just add the below apps to start your automation and notifications and workflows to suit your style of work.

Project Management and Systemizations Software:


Manual systems got you down? Do you find it hard to capture processes and then share them with your team? We’ve got you covered with this list of workflow and capture products. We would consider the below workflow apps the best low code software platforms in the market right now for automating your document workflows.

Creative Workflow Apps:

E-Signature Platforms:


Communications platforms have become ubiquitous within the work environment. Your digital platform should allow your team to chat and share content with ease and minimal interruption.

Video Calls and Virtual Meetings:

Team Collaboration and Inspiration:


The Creative category is for platforms offering rich content requirements and workflow opportunities for teams who create. Whether it be video, blog, or audio content, we’ve got you covered.

Creative Platforms:

Notetaking Software and Productivity Apps:


Maximize what you can do with WordPress through plugins. WordPress plugins allow you to add new features and extend the functionality of your site. 


To have a better experience when using your browser, there are tons of lightweight apps you can utilize that can add cool features to your browser, helping you to have a more efficient and productive workflow.