Knowledge Management Platforms

As the world becomes more digitized, the importance of knowledge management platforms is only increasing. These platforms provide a central location for an organization to store and manage all of its digital information. This can include anything from customer data to employee documents. Having a good knowledge management platform is essential for any organization that wants to be able to effectively utilize its digital resources.

What are Knowledge Management Platforms?

A knowledge management platform (KMP) is a technology-based system that helps organizations create, store, and share knowledge.  It is designed to capture, store, and distribute knowledge across an organization. It enables organizations to improve communication and collaboration and to better manage their knowledge assets. A KMP can be used to support a variety of activities, including information management, document management, records management, and content management.

The Best Platforms for Knowledge Management


Microsoft Sharepoint is a collaborative platform system, that provides knowledge management solutions for teams.

It allows you to host a company intranet and empower teamwork by working with your team members. This system is also helpful in managing tasks because of its available features. You will need a web browser such as Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome to access this platform.

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Google Workspace

Google Workspace is an online workplace or a digital office where employees working remotely can collaborate, communicate, and work together as a team. In this interface, you’ll find Google’s most-used apps for working: Gmail, Docs, Meet, Calendar, Drive, and many additional features.

It’s a subscription service for businesses that want to keep their team productive, efficient, and working together, with constant communication even if they are not together.

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Acknowledging the changing needs of companies, was specially designed to help your company build, maintain, and strengthen teamwork. It is equipped with all the necessary tools and features that guarantee worthwhile and productive collaboration. is a cloud-based collaboration tool that provides an organization with one place where their employees, clients, as well as partners can have better collaboration and trust in the workplace. It creates a system where an organization can access and monitor company files, projects, deadlines, and communications.

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Atlassian’s Confluence

Confluence is a collaboration tool designed for sharing, storing, and working on different things. It empowers you to create project plans, write meeting notes, and submit project requirements at the same time as other members of your team for better collaborative work management.

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