Stratsys Meetings- Your Project Management Software

What is Stratsys?

In essence, Stratsys, or Stratsys Meetings, is a web-based platform launched in 2000 with headquarters in Sweden. It is one of the longest standing project management software platforms and it allows users to plan for and host online meetings as well as assign their teammate’s relevant tasks.

The application has been around for over two decades and runs on both iOS and Android and can also be accessed using a computer web browser.

Thanks to Stratsys, users can now concentrate all their strategic planning efforts onto one platform. Previously working individuals would have to continuously monitor physical memo boards and repeatedly refresh their email inbox to check for any scheduled meetings.

Now, though, they can easily find all meeting-related data present on a single platform – Stratsys!

How Does Stratsys Meetings Work?

Stratsys offers a remarkably simple and straightforward user experience.

Users can send an agenda to their team members, who must also have a Stratsys account, containing meeting details and any relevant attachments. 

stratsys meetings platform
stratsys meetings platform

If the meetings are recurring and revolve around the same project, users can reuse the previous agenda and forward it without creating a new one or uploading the same attachments again.

Users can also enable collaborations and allow other team members to edit existing agendas. This not only boosts team engagement but also keeps everyone up to date on the latest information. Furthermore, users can take notes directly on the agenda and edit them as they deem fit.

Why Choose Stratsys for Project Management
Why Choose Stratsys for Project Management

What’s more is that users can add “action items” to their agenda. Action items help point the team in the right direction, boost focus, and encourage dedication towards achieving a unified goal. Each time an action item is completed, the entire team receives a notification.

The Project Management Software Tool

Stratsys helps keep everyone in line with the current project’s demands and allows team members to immerse themselves within a single, unified workflow. Users are free to call a meeting at any time they like. You can even schedule future meetings and have Stratsys automatically send out notifications to your peers.

Important projects often fail due to a lack of communication between team members. However, thanks to Stratsys, all collaborators can stay up to date with the progress that has been made, launch online meetings, and create a list of goals or action items that need to be completed by a fixed deadline.

Who Can Benefit from Stratsys?

Stratsys aims to serve SME’s, which have one thing in common: reoccurring meetings. This includes everything from high schools and police departments to mid-range corporate organizations and small start-ups.

Stratsys can be used by teachers who wish to hold live online classes. The handy action items tool allows teachers to effectively create a to-do list for their students and keep track of their progress by asking students to strike off an action item from the list each time they complete a task.

The platform also works well in office settings, particularly for start-ups or work-from-home communities. Team leaders or project managers may schedule meetings, assign tasks with due dates, and keep track of their team member’s progress.

 Stratsys can help in other settings, too. It is a versatile platform that can be adapted for use by anyone who needs a professional online work station to help keep both their data and teammates organized.

Pros and Cons

Stratsys is not perfect but is great software for project management. Below is a list of the platform’s most prominent pros, followed by a list of its cons:

Pros of Stratsys Meetings:

  • Stratsys allows users to follow up with their actions with the help of the action items menu. So, whenever a team member has completed an assigned task, they can cross it off the action items list. The rest of the team will be automatically notified regarding completed actions by Stratsys itself, allowing everyone to stay within the loop.
  • Team leaders can use Stratsys to assign due dates to their team members. These due dates can easily be viewed, and progress checked upon to make sure everyone is working at the correct pace. 
  • The user interface is fairly straightforward and easy to grasp. There is no significant learning curve associated with using this platform, making it ideal for people of all ages.
  • The phone apps make it easier for collaborators to stay up to date with notifications and meetings.
  • Email reminders are sent out each time a meeting is scheduled. This helps keep even the less organized teammates focused and on track.
  • Stratsys has excellent and responsive customer service. Their team is available for live support during business hours and is always eager to help.

Cons for the Platform:

  • Unfinished actions from one meeting are not pushed forward into the next meeting’s agenda. This can be problematic at times and means that users will have to recreate a list of the previously unfinished actions for the upcoming meeting.
  • This platform does not allow users to view notes from previous meetings alongside notes from the current meeting. You may only view one at a time, or open them in separate windows, which is time-consuming and a hassle.
  • The user experience and screen set-up are compromised on smaller screens. 

Stratsys Pricing

Stratsys has a single payment plan option that is fairly straightforward. It costs $6.00 to use per person per month and is billed annually. This amounts to $72 per user per year.

While there is no free version available, potential clients are welcome to sign up for the free trial which lasts 30 days, after which you will have to pay to play. This is ample time for you to try out all that the platform has to offer and decide whether you wish to continue using it.

Final Thoughts: Is Stratsys a Good Project Management Software Platform?

Stratsys costs just $6.00 a month per user. It is extremely affordable and comes with a decent set of tools that match the price. 

The platform is particularly helpful for those who do not work from a communal office. Such people can use Stratsys as their online workplace and virtually meet with their peers to collaborate on and discuss important projects.

The user interface is brilliant. It is incredibly easy to understand and streamlined in a way that encourages users to gear towards success instead of wasting time trying to figure out how the platform functions. 

However, as mentioned previously, Stratsys is not without flaws. Still, for $6.00 a month, this platform comes at a steal price. If you’re someone who works with a team that hosts plenty of meetings, especially within the same day, Stratsys could be perfect for you and your co-workers.

All in all, Stratsys is a handy platform with plenty of tools. It is also affordable and can help link teammates through the internet and help them achieve their goals together.