Microsoft Teams: Your All-in-One Collaboration Tool

Looking for collaboration tool to improve team communication?

Using efficient communication platforms can boost your organization’s productivity. Unfortunately, only some know about this truth. Companies that use different tools for work do not only decrease efficiency. It is also time-consuming, which can make things more challenging. 

Companies that use different tools for work do not only decrease efficiency. It is also time-consuming, which can make things more challenging.

To solve this problem, Microsoft Team offers an all-in-one communication platform for everyone. It guarantees you an easier way to interact with people using the tools they provide on the system.  

So what is Microsoft Teams? In this review, we will explain how Microsoft Teams works and its capabilities. Let’s get started! 

What Is Microsoft Teams All About? 

Microsoft Teams is a collaboration tool to improve team communication, allowing you to chat, meet, call, and work together. It is also capable of integration, file sharing, and more. Founded by Microsoft, this platform is one of the products included in the Office 365 suite.  

The goal of Microsoft Teams is to allow you to interact with people without any hassle. With this aim, you can create a team for every group in your organization. A team is a group of people that you gather together to work with the same target. For example, you can create a team exclusive to the IT personnel in your company. 

There is also a mobile version of Microsoft Teams in Google Play and the Apple App Store. Thus, you can access this platform to interact with people anytime and anywhere. You can also conveniently get new updates through your phone. Just download the Microsoft Teams app to get started. 

What Makes the Microsoft Teams Different Among Other Communication and Social Platforms? 

What makes Microsoft Teams stand out among the rest are its capabilities. This platform is a complete package. Why? That is because you can do everything in one place. With Microsoft Teams, you do not have to subscribe to separate platforms ever again. It is also a cost-effective option since you get to save money for the more vital projects. 

So what are the factors that make Microsoft Teams different? First, a chat box is available that allows you to interact with people in real-time. You can send texts, images, and files in your conversations. It is also possible to format your text in announcement mode and mark it as an important message. That way, people can see any urgent announcements immediately.  

Second, you can host video conferences by using the Meet feature. Thus, you can discuss with your team whenever there is an ongoing project or other vital tasks that you need to do. It is also possible to schedule a meeting ahead of time. This ability is excellent since it prevents you from forgetting the event. Also, people can prepare in advance for the upcoming session. 

Another unique feature of Microsoft Teams is the ability to add a new tab and channel. Tabs in Microsoft Teams allow you to use your favorite tools that can aid you in doing tasks. For example, you can create surveys and let people answer them by adding the Forms tab. Channels, however, serves as a group inside your team. This ability enables you to separate people into groups, allowing them to work closely on a task. 

You can also share various file types in Microsoft Teams. While other tools limit you from sending files, you can share anything with this platform. Whether documents, photos, or videos, you can share any file on this platform. There is also a file tab on the top of the screen wherein you can see the files you and other people have shared.  

What’s more, you can also schedule meetings with the calendar. This tool allows you to view your upcoming sessions in a day, workweek, and week format. That way, you can easily track your meetings and never forget them when working online. Scheduled meetings created by others would also appear in your calendar as well. 

With these remarkable capabilities, it is no surprise that Microsoft Teams is on the top of the pack. You can chat, share files, host video calls, and more that are vital in a communication platform. It is an all-in-one collaboration tool to improve team communication that is suitable for businesses from any industry. 

Who Is the Target Market for Microsoft Teams? 

Microsoft Teams is an all-in-one platform. Its capabilities can help a business in every industry boost their productivity effectively. Why? That is because, on this platform, you get to engage with people at any time through chats or video calls. You can also share documents, photos, recordings, and videos in Microsoft Teams. 

For managers, you can easily track a person’s work progress with Microsoft Teams. A person with the administrator role, such as a manager, can access the admin center. With this ability, you can see reports of your employee’s app usage, teams usage, and more. It is also possible to customize the settings to fit your business needs. 

The education industry is another target market of Microsoft Teams. It can be beneficial, especially for tech-savvy workers. Why? That is because this platform can make teaching easier in an online setting. They have many apps that can be helpful for education, such as OneNote for lessons and Forms for quizzes.  

What Are the Existing Platforms That You Can Integrate with Microsoft Teams? 

Microsoft Teams is an all-in-one communication tool. You can chat, meet in video calls, share files, and such with this platform. Furthermore, you can integrate various apps ranging from productivity, development, and more. 

Some of the famous and widely-used integrated apps in Microsoft Teams are: 

  • OneNote 

As the name implies, OneNote is a digital notebook wherein you can put texts, drawings, files, and more. This platform is excellent for digital collaboration with your team. You can also use this tool to provide training videos or to put rules that your members need to follow. 

  • Trello  

Trello for Microsoft Teams enables you to organize your tasks in a fun and flexible way. Its list format lets you sort out projects in each category, allowing you to be more efficient.  

With this platform, you can create cards that you can use to put the name of the task that you need to do. You can also set due dates and mark the card as complete when you finish the project. 

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  • Forms 

Forms by Microsoft lets you create surveys, polls, and quizzes easily. In Microsoft Teams, you can use it as a tab at the top menu of a channel. This platform currently supports over 30 languages, including English and Spanish. 

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  • Power Automate 

If you hate doing repetitive tasks, you can use Power Automate in Microsoft Teams as a solution. It lets you automate time-consuming projects by connecting your apps to the system.  

You can use Power Automate in Microsoft Teams as a bot in your channel. Or, to monitor any critical information and content. For example, it can display emails that you receive in Outlook on a group that you choose.  

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  • Zoom 

If you cannot use the meet feature to do video calls, you can also integrate Zoom in Microsoft Teams. With this platform, you can schedule and join Zoom meetings from Microsoft Teams.  

You can also make phone calls as long as you have the Zoom software installed on your device. This allows you to talk with people conveniently. 

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  • SmartSheet 

In Microsoft Teams, you can integrate SmartSheet by adding it as a channel tab. It can send new notifications from SmartSheet to Microsoft Teams by adding it as a channel tab. This way, you and your members will stay updated about any relevant information. 

If you want to see the complete list, click the ellipsis button on the left corner of Microsoft Teams. You can also build and integrate a custom app for your organization. There are lots of possibilities, so make sure to use them to the fullest potential. 

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