airSlate: The First and Only Holistic No-Code Document Workflow Automation Platform

Looking for an all-in-one document workflow automation tool to simplify your business processes? Learn about airSlate.

Business automation is essential for companies and organizations nowadays. Competition is growing and customers are demanding real-time solutions. So how does airSlate help automate your business and meet clientele satisfaction?

The simplicity, flexibility, and efficiency of airSlate make it easier for managers and employees to manage daily tasks. Using simple yet powerful software, you can easily create pre-populated documents or multi-page forms based on user information.

Users only need to type in their names one time and it will replicate in the system for future use. There are many other reasons to consider integrating this platform into your business. Read on to learn more about the airSlate software platform for single, no-code business document workflow automation solutions.

What Is airSlate?

As the first no-code business automation software platform, airSlate provides automated solutions including e-signing, contract negotiation, no-code robotic process automation, and document generation. It keeps online forms into a single platform for easy access when needed.

This software platform also configures and automates business processes while integrating them into a system of information without the need to write a code. When it comes to inclusive workflow solutions, airSlate offers a wide range of features that help simplify day-to-day web processes.

As a well-serviced, cost-effective end-to-end document workflow automation solution, even users who are not tech-savvy can use the platform straight from templates. Compared to other no-code, business automation platforms, airSlate is more affordable and user-friendly.

How Does airSlate Differ from Other Software?

Unlike other business automation platforms, airSlate offers a proprietary library of bots that include Slack notification bot, signature type bot, pre-fill from CSV file bot, and update SharePoint list item bot. Choose from these bots and easily customize your web forms to suit your projects.

Moreover, it’s a web form builder with configurable workflow routing for more efficient management of customer records. It provides workflow analytics to easily identify issues that need your attention. The e-signing feature is legally binding, so you are guaranteed to protect sensitive information in your system.

Compared to other similar platforms, this codeless workflow-building software is focused on contract life cycle management, document generation, and web form integrations with CRM and other record systems that don’t use any codes.

Who Can Benefit from airSlate?

The main beneficiaries of the airSlate no-code document workflow automation platform are business owners, team managers, and workers who need to automate their manual processes. You can integrate the platform with other software to build a system that works for your everyday business needs.

Non-programmers or those who don’t know who to write a single code to generate forms can also take advantage of this platform. If you are managing a company and your employees don’t have technical skills such as building a variety of web forms from scratch, this is a great solution.

The following are the benefits of using airSlate in your business processes:

  • Customization of forms to match your business requirements. There are existing templates to help you create company forms that meet your needs.
  • The platform allows you to request attachments and signatures from users. It saves workflows directly to the cloud for safe storage.
  • Receive email notifications internally and send email notifications externally.
  • Easy to reach out customer service team that closely works with users to help them create an ideal document workflow that exactly meets their business needs.
  • The intuitive drag-and-drop user interface allows creating data entry web forms that can be used to fill up document workflows.
  • The platform comes with a PDF editor that links web form data to fillable fields in PDF format. Plus, there is a chat feature in the platform to help you easily contact the customer support team if you have questions.
  • Automatically send pre-chosen files to recipients and make changes to the files later on. With sophisticated features, you can easily use the slates, bots, and flows without prior knowledge of programming.
  • A wide range of integrations including the ability for webhooks. Seamlessly connect integrations with the bots.
  • Good reporting on created documents, role-based access to company templates, redlining implementation, and quickly transfer data to another document.

More importantly, the airSlate team is open to feedback and suggestions to continuously improve the platform for businesses and organizations. You can access it using your phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer.

Existing Platforms Integrated with airSlate

One of the best things about airSlate is that there are plenty of integrations you can use with the platforms and there are lots of opportunities for improving productivity. For example, you can integrate it with Salesforce, Atlassian Jira Align, MS Dynamics, NetSuite ERP, Google Drive, Dropbox, and Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

When it comes to the flow templates, you can customize and connect multiple sources for your data, and include them in your contract flows. Some of the most commonly used flows on the platform are the employee onboarding flow, contract management flow, collecting employee feedback flow, and the capital expenditure request approval flow.

Wrapping It Up

When choosing a codeless business automation software, it’s important to consider the feedback from current users. Experiences can help you decide whether the solution is best for you or not. AirSlate is designed to help businesses create document workflows in an instant.

No professional programming skill is required to use the platform. All you need to do is follow the templates and contact the customer support team for your concerns. AirSlate understands that end-users opt for the latest version of forms to overcome complicated processes.

Furthermore, populating forms is made easier by the platform wherein you just enter the information and it will be replicated throughout the system. With a few clicks, you can easily create document forms with the necessary information on users.

Before you buy, know that a free trial is available, as well as the Freemium Version. Integration and premium consulting services are also available to help you manage your business automation needs at a reasonable price.

So what are the most common problems have you encountered in your current document builder platform? Do you think airSlate can do a better job for you without compromising user information and other essential requirements?