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Cloud App - Screen Capture Software

Your powerful screen capture platform.

CloudApp is a quick video and image sharing platform that allows you to embed and capture videos, webcams, GIFs, and screencasts throughout business workflows.

It makes sharing super easy and convenient and is a useful tool for professionals in the fields of freelancing, web-developing, software engineering, and many others. 

Every file you create is stored in a secure cloud and can be shared via preinstalled apps, or a unique password-protected link. It allows you to collaborate with co-workers in an instant through video sharing and customizable branding.   

Based in San Francisco, CloudApp is used by over three million professionals. Trusted by thousands of well-known businesses such as Uber, Facebook, Adobe, and The New York Times, CloudApp is a very popular platform for sharing and storing content. 

How to Use CloudApp

The CloudApp screen capture software features a very easy to use interface where you don’t necessarily have to spend a lot of time learning how to use the software. It’s free to register online and to download the application onto your device. 

The website has a straightforward layout that is simple to use. The dashboard on the site displays all the videos, images, and GIFs that you have made throughout your time using CloudApp. 

The software has a simple interface with direct functions that allow you to record your screen, make videos with your webcam, take screenshots, or create GIFs as you’re working. Each of these functions has their own set of features which we’ve detailed below:

1.    Screen Record 

Once you have downloaded the application, you will automatically be redirected to your desktop toolbar, where you can see the icon for the CloudApp.

Upon clicking the icon, you will find the option of screen recording. This feature allows you to capture exactly what you’re seeing on the screen.

The recording can also be shared through a simple link that is automatically copied to your clipboard. 

2.    GIF Creation 

Another feature of the CloudApp is GIF creation. A GIF, if you don’t know, is a moving image that is usually on loop.

You can also customize your GIF by cropping a portion of your screen recording! All GIFs you make are automatically saved to your Cloud. 

3.    Screen Capture

A third feature of the application is the screen capture, which allows you to take instant screenshots on your device. Screen captures can be customized by cropping the image and annotating it with text and highlights.

You can also annotate your GIFs for extra flair. Simply drag the icon and click to capture your screen. It is all conveniently placed for you on the software. 

4.    Webcam Record

With the webcam feature, you are able to record your face alongside your screen to give your video a personal touch. You can narrate your experience with sound and live video, which will give your customers more clarity and comfort.

You can also utilize the various functions by specifying what purpose you will be using them for.

For example, you can utilize the screen record and webcam record functions together to record an educational video for your online classroom or your YouTube channel


CloudApp has a few set pricing options that you can choose from. You can either pay monthly or annually. If you choose the latter, the overall cost comes down. The platform has four different pricing for all its users. 

The prices and features of each of the options are listed below:

1.    Free Plan

● Billed at $0 monthly and annually
● 90 second screen and webcam recordings
● Standard recording quality
● 15 second GIF recordings
● Video trimming and annotations for GIFs and images
● 25 MB file upload
● 0.5 GB bandwidth per link per day

2.    Pro Plan

● Billed at $10 a month and $9 per month for a yearly subscription
● Unlimited screen and webcam recordings
● High definition recording quality
● 1 minute GIF recordings
● Video trimming, GIF and image annotations, screenshots, highlighting and ‘do not disturb’ recording modes
● 1 GB file upload
● 2 GB bandwidth per link per day
● Sharing and collaboration features, including custom branding, custom domains, secure sharing, and easy embeds
● Managing comments and priority email support system

3.    Team Plan

● Billed at $9 a month and $8 a month for a yearly subscription
● Minimum of 2 users
● All Pro Plan features
● Enhanced collection options including 2 GB file uploads and 4 GB bandwidth per link per day
● Team management options including CloudApp for Google Apps
● Support options including onboard and training features
● Third Party Integrations

4.    Enterprise Plan 

● Get a quote for billing
● Full enterprise control
● All Pro Plan and Team Plan features
● Additional security control and support
● 6GB file uploads
● 40 GB bandwidth per link per day
● Custom storage locations
● Organization-wide policies
● 99.99% guaranteed Uptime SLA
● SAML with Okta and OneLogin

Pros and Cons 

Like any platform, CloudApp comes with its own unique set of pros and cons.


● CloudApp has an easy to use interface with virtually no learning curve. It provides for a hassle-free experience without any complicated layouts. 

● This platform has many different pricing options and is very budget-friendly for companies and individuals alike. 

● It gives you a free trial for the Pro and Team plans and even gives you an entirely free plan with different specifications. 

● It allows you to utilize some of its recording features for trials to make your decision to pay even more confident.

● CloudApp gives you access to one of the largest cloud storage facilities out there with many different features all in one software. 

● It is downloadable on multiple operating systems.

● This platform has a very strong security net that is powered by Amazon Web Services. They have hardened infrastructure for security and backups with a dedicated team to keep all your information safe and secure.

● The CloudApp allows you to customize your user experience per your needs and lets you pay through multiple platforms.

● This platform also gives free educational licensing to schools and universities that include all pro features.   


● You are only able to access the free version for a limited trial period with limited functions. 

● The HD quality recording and other features are not free and cost a certain amount. 

● The customer support is available, but they can take some time to get back to you. 

Final Thoughts 

CloudApp is a very powerful platform for storage and content sharing. The pros greatly weigh out the cons, and when looking at the features provided for each of the different plans, you’ll be in awe of how affordable and convenient the software is.

Companies like Twitter, Mozilla, and FOURSQUARE have put their trust in the CloudApp.

Hence, their features are most definitely worth using professionally. 

This software is perfect for everyone, whether you are a company or an individual trying to share your videos and collaborate with co-workers around the world.

After subscribing to the CloudApp, you are bound to experience immense growth in your work and an increase in professionalism. 


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