Sharepoint Knowledge Management: Collaborate in an Easy and Secure Way

Looking for a knowledge management tool for your team? Continue reading to learn more about Microsoft Sharepoint as a knowledge management platform.

Managing your tasks in a manual process can be exhausting. For example, you may be writing schedules in your notebook or using a specific app for only one purpose. Doing these things can also be time-consuming. This fact is correct, especially when you are in charge of so many teams.

Thankfully, Microsoft Sharepoint can solve that problem. You get to manage all your tasks and teams under one system. Also, it is possible to share and download various files within the platform. This feature is beneficial when you have to provide resources to your team members.

Additionally, Microsoft Sharepoint can be helpful for tech-savvy workers. This system allows you to automate workflows within your organization. The platform is easy to use and secure, so you don’t have to worry about anything. You can also integrate various platforms in Microsoft Sharepoint, making your work easier.

What is SharePoint?

Microsoft Sharepoint is a collaborative platform hub system, providing knowledge management solutions for teams. It allows you to host a company intranet and empower teamwork by working with your team members. This system is also helpful in managing tasks because of its available features. You will need a web browser such as Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome to access this platform.

Apart from a web browser, you also need to have a work or school email address. You will use this email to register for Microsoft Sharepoint services. Unfortunately, personal email accounts are not allowed. After all, Microsoft made Sharepoint for easier collaboration within an organization.

Sharepoint has been working to increase work productivity since its launch in 2001. Today, this system has many possible integration capabilities with other platforms.

Sharepoint Knowledge Management Features:

They also have other helpful features that boost efficiency in a workplace. Microsoft Sharepoint has the ability to:

  1. Create new sites to work on a project as a team
  2. Make news posts to inform and engage with your organization. These posts can be announcements, upcoming events, personal stories, etc.
  3. Upload, share, and download resources in various file types
  4. Increase productivity by automating workflows
  5. Customize Microsoft Sharepoint according to your organization’s needs
  6. Subscribe to documents and get notifications when a person edits the content

These various possibilities allow an organization to increase productivity in the workplace. It makes it easier for teams to work together on a project since you can access all tools in one place. Thus, making this platform convenient for users.

For a collaborative platform hub, Sharepoint is easy and secure to use. It has an organized and straightforward interface, which makes it easier to maintain. Sharepoint is also customizable, perfect for tech-savvy workers who prefer a customized site.

How does SharePoint differ from other platform hub software?

Platform hubs are pretty similar in general. They allow the users to collaborate, store files and converse with other team members. But, this app also offers unique features that stand out from the rest.

One example is the accessibility factor. Microsoft Sharepoint is a part of the Office 365 suite. Meaning, you can see this app along with other Microsoft tools such as Word, Excel, and Powerpoint. Thus, it becomes easier for organizations to access content through the web browser.

Microsoft Sharepoint also allows you to control and secure your content. For example, you can choose who can view your document – the whole team, a specific group, or one member only. This feature is excellent when it comes to privacy. Also, Sharepoint has increased security than other platform hubs, keeping you safer from unwanted incidents.

Additionally, customization is possible in Microsoft Sharepoint. Thus, you can customize your site according to the needs of your organization or school. This feature is excellent when you have specific requirements. For example, you can turn the comments on or off when creating a news post. You can also use tools such as Power Automate and Visual Studio Code to automate your workflow.

Who is the target market for SharePoint?

Microsoft Sharepoint is perfect for businesses and freelance teams. In this platform hub, you can organize tasks, interact, and work together as a team. This platform is excellent to use in today’s situation where people have to work at home. Also, it allows you to be productive in doing the job by automating your workflow.

This system can also be essential for education as well. With online learning, students and teachers can communicate through this platform. Tracking your progress in school is necessary as well, and you can do it in Microsoft Sharepoint. Both can also share and download resources such as e-books without any hassle.

This system can also be essential for education as well. With online learning, students and teachers can communicate through this platform. Tracking your progress in school is necessary as well, and you can do it in Microsoft Sharepoint. Both can also share and download resources such as e-books without any hassle.

SharePoint vs OneDrive

A lot of people get confused with the difference between OneDrive and SharePoint and believe they are the same thing. SharePoint, as a knowledge management platform, has features such as collaboration, CMS, and dashboards while OneDrive is only a cloud-based online folder system for file storage. If you think about a document repository, the OneDrive is just the area where the documents are stored. SharePoint can sit on top of OndeDrive’s folder system.

Major SharePoint Limitations mentioned version-wise

  • Limitations of the count of site collections.
  • Including the subsites per collection.
  • Total number of list elements available in one list.
  • Attachment capability in lists.
  • Count of documents available in a library.
  • File/Folder name restrictions and limited file types.

SharePoint’s integrations with existing platforms

Working with other team members is the primary purpose of Microsoft Sharepoint. As a platform hub and knowledge management tool, it allows you to integrate and manage platforms according to your needs. This platform also makes it easier for a team to track tasks in the organization.

In doing so, you can integrate the system with other software platforms to make the goal possible. These software platforms include:

     ● Microsoft Office 365 – Productivity Tools

In organizations, working together on a document happens often. That is why you can integrate tools such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint into this platform. These tools are also essential when you upload and share a file. Why? Documents, spreadsheets, and presentations are common file types that most businesses use.

     ● Microsoft Teams

Another tool that you can integrate into Sharepoint is Microsoft Teams. You can use this tool as your workspace and interact with your fellow team members. It is also possible to track recent activities through this platform. For example, you can see whenever someone edits a document by checking the history.

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     ● Skype Application

There may be times wherein you use Skype for external communications. If so, it is possible to integrate Skype into your Sharepoint site. This feature makes it convenient for you to interact with other people effectively.

     ● OneDrive

Microsoft Sharepoint can be helpful when it comes to content management. An organization needs to sort, organize, and track documents accordingly. In doing so, you can integrate OneDrive into your Sharepoint.

OneDrive allows you to upload, share, and download files of any type. Then, you can either choose to make the file visible to all members of your organization or few people only. You can also copy a sharable link and share it with other team members.

     ● Visual Studio Code

For tech-savvy workers, it is possible to integrate Visual Studio Code into Sharepoint. Of course, you need to be knowledgeable in coding to use Visual Studio code. This platform is excellent if you want to customize your site that fits your needs. 

For example, you may want to develop a Sharepoint workflow to make the process easier. Or, you may prefer to create a visual web part that fits your organization. It allows you to automate the processes in your Sharepoint, perfect if you want to make things easier.

     ● Power Automate

Power Automate is another way of automating your workflow process, but with low to no code needed. You only have to use the drag-and-drop tools and connect them to automate tasks with ease. This platform is excellent for automating repetitive jobs, making the process faster.

By automating repetitive tasks, you can save time for more crucial tasks. One example that you can automate with this platform is a document approval system. It also has an AI builder that can make your automation systems even more innovative.

All in all, there are hundreds of platform options that you can integrate into Sharepoint. But, those platforms above are the common ones, which you can use to increase productivity. 

Indeed, Microsoft Sharepoint is an all-in-one collaborative platform hub. As a result, you can communicate, share, and automate workflow, making your tasks a lot easier.

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