A Smart Note Taking App For Meetings

If you’re a professional looking for an easy smart way to stay organized and on top of your meetings, look no further than – the latest note-taking app designed to make meeting management less of a headache. With reliable accuracy rates backed up by quality assurance systems, is one step closer to hassle-free productivity!

Tired of Taking notes in Meetings that Take up all your focus? is the perfect note-taking companion for busy professionals who must stay engaged during meetings without worrying about missing important information. It quickly and accurately transcribes conversations, so you can easily search and organize them by topic or speaker.

With, you never have to worry about falling behind or forgetting something again – sit back, relax, and let the app handle all the note-taking! You’ll never have to manually type meeting minutes again, as it will do everything automatically!  

Stenography, meeting minutes, and audio transcription all have a common denominator — recording the precise spoken words. Many brands profess they are the best note-taking apps, but most never achieve this feat.

Others see it as an effortless task, but in reality, it’s challenging because it’s done manually, not to mention time-consuming. 

Don’t give up! We have a new hero named Otter. Plenty of other note-taking apps are out there; even employee recognition software is also available in this time of technology.

Otter is a software application created by, which has been making waves over the years.

Otter may be the best note-taking app.

Intelligent Conversation and Communication Cloud Platform

This AI-driven program revolutionizes audio transcription by proficiently capturing voice conversations, recording them, and then allowing you to manage the transcribed words afterward.  

By seamlessly integrating with major virtual meeting software like ZoomMS Teams, & Google Meet, Otter is the face of automated note-taking. 

In this article, let’s learn about Otter and appreciate its role in the digital software ecosystem

Otter’s prowess and what makes it one of the best note-taking apps

The two most challenging things in voice transcription are accuracy and speed. Writing down may be a simple task, but if you lump it all together, these activities waste your time, and you can’t focus on more analytical decisions.

Have you found your note-taking app? You may have the skill to take the best notes and the best note-taking app, but you are also more prone to error. Otter has proven to be a solid speech-to-text engine by automating the transcription process swiftly and accurately. Through Otter’s impeccable automatic speech recognition (ASR), it easily recognizes and transcribes words flawlessly. Its user interface is highly intuitive and user-friendly. Got no one to write down notes of your virtual meeting? No problem! Because it easily integrates with other platforms, you can let the Otter Assistant do the note-taking. During the meeting, Otter listens, analyzes then converts voice conversations into words in real-time.

Otter AI’s Competitors

Just like any other product, Otter has its share of competitors. 

Note-taking apps like Microsoft OneNote, Evernote, Microsoft Teams, Slack, and Workplace have similar capabilities to Otter, so users also use them as alternatives for note-taking management.

However, something unique about Otter makes it stand out among the other note-taking applications.

Live transcription and collaboration

Otter’s transcription is amazingly fast. Clicking its Live Notes feature, it writes down all the necessary notes in a breeze. Since you have a reliable note-taker, you can focus on the conversation. 

If you need to emphasize an item on the notes, highlight action items or key points by clicking them. You can even insert pictures while collaborating.
Advanced search options
It’s difficult to recall spoken words after a meeting or conversation. Talk about finding a needle in a haystack! 

Good thing that Otter’s Advanced Search helps you summarize keywords, speakers, phrases, folders, groups, and time ranges.
Transcribe and Filter
You can easily locate the words or phrases once you filter your search according to the parameters.

Speaker identification

Otter learns the voice of a speaker and assigns it to that person. Whenever this person speaks, it will already identify the person throughout the transcript.

A variety of export formatsAfter saving the transcript, you can export it to text formats like .txt, SRT, PDF, and Microsoft Word .docx. Alternatively, you can export it to an mp3 file format. You can also let Otter specify the speaker name or timestamps so you will be guided by speech flow. Custom vocabularyWhen the words used are not common language (like those in Science), there’s a tendency for the words not to be recognized as part of the official vocabulary roster. In Otter Pro and Otter Business, you can add special words through Custom Vocabulary. Leave the Other Note-Taking App at Home
Take Otter on the go via your laptop or phone. Simply record the audio and drop it into the app afterward to transcribe it. 

Other Best Note-Taking Apps

best notetaking apps

The Users of Otter

It cannot be denied that Otter users are increasing by the minute, considering that meetings today are mostly done online. This year, Otter started integrating with Google Meet, an online meeting platform with over 100 million users.

University Students

Otter’s assistive technology effectively helps students in their note-taking activities. It doesn’t only recognize the speech fast, but it also learns to recognize the identity of the one speaking.

Students have taken advantage of Otter because it helps them take down notes during lectures and research interviews. Also, they can use this to record notes during group study sessions and process audio data.

Western Kentucky University, UCLA, and Tulane are some universities using it. The app can run via mobile map or browser, so it’s convenient for the students.

Business Workers

In business, efficiency is the key. Delays and downtimes translate to costs. Employing digital platforms like Otter and combining them with the workers’ skills helps increase their productivity.

Otter is especially useful in business meetings. Instead of busily scribbling down notes, Otter will be the one to do it for you.

You can set scheduled meetings in the calendar and set up Otter to automatically join meetings for you. At the start of the meeting, Otter’s AI will join to write down notes.

The meeting participants can view and comment on the audio with a live transcription.


Podcasting is an ever-increasing form of entertainment where listeners download or access an audio file. For live podcasters who create video clips, Otter is an indispensable tool.

Aside from the video embedding, podcasters utilize Otter to transcribe audio from the video and then use it to create blog content. This helps them save a good deal of time. Also, this helps to provide show notes during the podcast episodes.

Otter’s Integration Power

In business and corporations, it’s survival of the fittest. To thrive, organizations need to capitalize on digital software platforms. Otter is the future of online meetings! The application is a classic example of efficiently managing data and information. Using it will result in less downtime and greater productivity. Its edge is its capability to seamlessly link with other major platforms Zoom, Microsoft Teams, WebEx, Google Hangouts, Microsoft Calendar, and Google Calendar.


Though the application continually evolves, you can witness its true functionality in Zoom. In this app, you and your team can use Live Notes (live collaboration) and Post-Meeting Transaction (automatic download of cloud recordings for Otter users).

If you have at least a Zoom Pro plan, you can set Otter to automatically sync and transcribe audio recordings of Zoom meetings in your Otter account. In this way, you will never have an unrecorded meeting!

Google Meet

Like Zoom, Otter can also take Google Meet meetings to the next level, but you must utilize a Google Chrome extension for

Last January 2021, Otter announced that you could transcribe your Google Meet gatherings in real time with this extension. These transcripts are automatically saved to your Otter account, so there’s nothing to worry about.


Cisco’s Webex also enjoys the transcribing power of Otter, but unlike Zoom and Google Meet, there is no live transcription yet. Record your video, download it, and then import it later to Otter for transcription.

Microsoft & Google Calendars

Syncing your calendars lets you import your contacts with Otter to start sharing or collaborating with your friends or colleagues.

To maximize the automation experience, go to Otter’s My Agenda settings and turn on the Auto-share notes option to share notes with all calendar guests by default.

Other Platforms

Aside from the mentioned software, Otter also works well with Dropbox and the following cloud meeting services:

  • Skype for Business
  • GoToMeeting
  • UberConference
  • BlueJeans
  • Lifesize
  • Highfive

Note-Taking App: Otter’s Pricing

Otter offers 4 plans: Basic, Pro, Business, and Enterprise. Refer to the image for further details, or visit this page.


Google Meet

Google Meet is a video communication service developed by Google. It is one of two apps that replace Google Hangouts, the other being Google Chat.

Google Meet belongs to Google Workspace.

Check out our Google Workspace review:

Tips for using

Compared to other note-taking apps, has a few key features that make it stand out. Here are some tips for using the note apps and creating notes to their fullest potential:

  • Make sure to have your devices ready – laptop, tablet, or phone – before the meeting begins. This will maximize the accuracy of audio transcription and make it easier for you to review notes later on.
  • Speak clearly when participating in the meeting, which helps with note-taking accuracy. The audio notes feature in records the conversation, so it’s important to enunciate your words.
  • Review your transcriptions at the end of the meeting and make any edits or changes as needed.
  • Utilize ‘s collaboration features to share notes with other members of your team. This lets everyone stay in sync and ensures no important details are lost during the meeting.
  • Take advantage of Otter’s AI-powered search capabilities for quickly finding keywords or phrases in your notes.
  • Set up reminders within the app to stay on top of upcoming meetings and deadlines.

Utilizing all these features allows you to take more effective notes with and make meeting management easier than ever. Mobile apps for both Android and iOS make the perfect tool for busy professionals who need to stay on top of their meetings – all without being bogged down by tedious note-taking. Try out the app today to find out how it can help you stay organized!

Apple Notes, Evernote, and OneNote can help you stay organized, but is the most advanced note-taking app in the market.

Frequently Asked Questions About

Q: How does an automatic note-taking app work?

A: An automatic note-taking app such as Otter uses artificially intelligent transcription technology to capture and transcribe audio from meetings.

Q: What are the great note-taking apps best features?

A: Otter’s great features include real-time transcription, automated keyword extraction, document summary and highlights, collaborative live notes, and automatic audio-to-text synchronization with Zoom and other major platforms.

Q: Do free note-taking apps exist?

A: Yes, free note-taking apps exist. Most of the said apps have available free versions.

Q: What are the limitations of Otter AI?

A: Otter AI’s limitations include its inability to transcribe long videos (over 10 minutes) accurately and voice recognition issues.

Q: Can transcribe without recording?

A: Yes, Otter can transcribe without recording. It has a live note-taking feature that allows you to transcribe real-time conversations and meetings with accuracy.

Final Thoughts is a great resource for anyone who needs to stay organized and on top of their meetings. It offers a convenient and easy way for busy professionals to capture important notes in real time. The ability to easily sync across multiple devices makes accessing information at any time from any device easy. Additionally, the app’s translation feature ensures that everyone is understood, regardless of language, during conversations.

Finally, AI-assisted note searches allow users to quickly find what they want – making it an essential tool for staying organized and productive in today’s fast-paced world. With many great features and an intuitive interface, is unquestionably the ultimate note-taking tool for busy professionals.

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