SystemHUB: A Better Way To Systemise Your Business

Are you looking to level up the way you systemize your business?

Storing your business systems is not simple. You need to have a certain amount of technical knowledge to execute the job. Hiring experts can be an option. 

But, it might be challenging for the financial aspect if you have a small to mid-sized business.

As a company, you would want to save money and time as much as possible. This situation is where SystemHUB comes in, allowing you to store your systems all in one place. It also enables you to build SOPs, store systems, and create policies correctly.

If you are a manager who aspires to do things the easier way, this platform might be perfect for your business.

You do not need to have the advanced technical knowledge to use SystemHUB. As long as you and your employees know how to use file storage systems, there will not be a problem at all. 

Why? That is because the platform is similar to the typical file storage system.

What is SystemHUB and how does it help with business systems?

SystemHUB is a cloud-based platform specialized in optimizing business processes and procedures. Its simple interface enables you to manage your team efficiently and effectively. It saves you time as you get to control all tasks in one place. Thus, you get to focus on tasks that indeed matter for your business.

So, how does it work? SystemHUB allows you to create workflows and systems that are fit for your company. You can streamline tasks by automating the process, making things easier. Also, you can put the company’s policies and training to enhance your employees’ skills at work.

You can compare the SystemHUB to file storage services such as Google Drive or DropBox. SystemHUB lets you create folders that you can identify as team groups. You can also put each team member of your business in a particular folder. That way, you can divide your employee’s tasks accordingly.

Let’s take the example of a small-sized business with ten employees. You have different teams working for finance, delivery, and such inside your company. 

With the folders, you can create several of them and assign each employee to a group. SystemHUB also offers a template library for you to use.

Apart from being able to systemise your business, SystemHUB is also serious when it comes to your business privacy and security. They ensure to protect all your data with SSL-level protection throughout the system. 

Thus, you do not need to worry about any problems you might encounter when using the platform. 

How does SystemHUB Differ from other software that also offer to help with business systems?

As most of us know, platforms that can systemize your business allow you to take your business to the next level. Why? It lets you store your systems on a centralized platform and automate your business workflow. An example would be an approval system for all content that your employees will post.

What makes the SystemHUB platform different, however, is its simple interface and integration. You do not need to know any complex coding to store systems and automate the workflow process. But, it would still be beneficial for tech-savvy workers. That is because they can customize it freely according to their business needs.

SystemHUB offers a quick solution to optimizing business procedures through a template library. With this template library, you can deploy your business SOPs, policies, and processes. Thus, it enables you to get much work done as soon as possible. 

Currently, they have over 40 templates for businesses to use. Each of them has a specific purpose, so there is a high chance that you will find a template that suits your team. If you use a template, it makes the work efficient and boosts your sales, leads, and referrals.

There is also an option to customize if you have not found a fitting template for your business. 

You can add new folders to the platform and create posts to discuss projects and events. The purpose of these folders is to separate your employees into various teams.

By assigning your employees to a team, it can boost the productivity level of your business. 

How? The employees would know where exactly they should go when doing a specific project. Employees also can write and post comments. Thus, making project collaboration easier and efficient.

Not only that, but SystemHUB also allows you to custom share. It means that you can control what your employees can see, edit, post, or delete within the system. 

Thus, you do not have to worry about employees accessing unauthorized content. But, you have to contact SystemHUB support first before you can make any changes to your system.

These features are what make the SystemHUB different across various platforms for systemizing. With these possibilities, you can save time doing things the manual way. You can also reduce errors, resulting in an increase in profits for your business. 

What’s more, you can collaborate with workers outside your company. This aspect is beneficial when you need to work with people who are not on your team. Or, who knows? You might get an opportunity to collaborate with other teams for a project or event. Indeed, this platform is an all-for-one system that is perfect for businesses.

Remember, having an efficient workplace is equal to a higher chance of boosting sales. Why? That is because you get to focus on things that matter the most. This aspect is what is excellent about platforms for systemizing. You get to do everything in a centralized and all-in-one-place system. Don’t you think so as well?

Who Is the Target Market for SystemHUB?

SystemHUB is perfect for small to mid-sized businesses. It’s ability to systemize your business eliminates the hassle of managing all your workflows, SOPs, and processes. 

How? You can control all your systems in one place on a centralized platform. 

Thus, you do not need to overwork again if your team only consists of a small number of employees.

Integrations of SystemHUB with Existing Platforms

SystemHUB solves the how-to processes in your business. 

It provides you with a solution on how to optimize business procedures and store SOPs so you can better systemize your business. 

Also, it includes step-by-step ways on how to complete specific tasks in your business.

But, there is also a need for a project management tool to run your business efficiently. 

A project management tool lets you select a specific employee to do a particular task. 

In other words, you can assign someone to do that task and decide when they should submit the work.

After all, SystemHUB is a centralized platform where you can manage all tasks in one place. Thus, SystemHUB allows its users to integrate project management tools into their platform. Some project management tools that you can incorporate in SystemHUB are:

  • Asana – Asana is a well-known project management tool for various types of businesses. It lets you assign tasks in a list view, allowing them to immediately see what they have to do. Other features of Asana include boards and a timeline that will enable users to work more easily.
  • Basecamp – Basecamp is a user-friendly platform that allows users to assign and organize tasks. Some of their features include a calendar, a message board, and the ability to share files. Basecamp also took a step further by having a group chat feature. Communication is essential for a business, and a group chat would solve that aspect.
  • Podio – Podio allows you to create low-code solutions for your business that help you save time. It is also a web-based platform where you can keep everyone on the same page with Podio tasks. That way, you can assign specific employees to do the job and integrate this system into SystemHUB