Designify: Remove Image Background, Edit Photos in Bulk, and more!

Looking for a free and automatic background remover app? Designify can do that and more!

When you’re starting a new business, whether it’s for your website, social media profiles, or just any other promotional materials, of course, you need great pictures that showcase your charm.

Introducing Designify (, your one-stop shop in automatically creating photo designs – not just individually, but also in bulk!

What is Designify?

To properly welcome you to the wonders of Designify, know that it’s an online photo editing tool that transforms your photo into an eye-catching design.

With its wide selection of varied template galleries, you can get started with your first edit from scratch and still never run out of amazing designs to choose from.

How does Designify work?

Designify works by merging its bulk-processing features along with its alternative intelligence or AI-generating editing functions. The combination of these two exceptional features will not only drastically reduce your photo editing time, but also provide you with extremely satisfying results.

You only need to follow five simple steps to get started with your first Designify project.

  1. First, upload the image to be designed.
  2. Second, allow Designify to do its “magic.” Sounds cool, right?
  3. Third, go to the gallery and choose from the wide selection of templates.
  4. Fourth, press the “automate” key for the photos to automatically edit. This works best if you’re planning to edit multiple images.
  5. Lastly, download the resulting images and have them at your fingertips in no time!

What features make Designify amazing?

Although bulk processing is our greatest feature, Designify offers more than that. Here are three of our most impressive features to watch out for:

  1. Automatically removes background – Need to have a transparent background? Designify can remove the background for you within seconds.
  2. Automatically enhances color – Are you inspired by another image’s color scheme and planning to incorporate it into your working set of images? Designify can do that for you!
  3. Automatically generates shadow – Want to give your photos more depth? Thanks to its automated shadow generation, all shadows in your images will be in all the most precise places.

How about the templates Designify has?

There are times when looking for creative ideas can be challenging. Let Designify help you with that, and choose from its wide variety of templates to get you started with your first automated and bulk-processed photo editing project!

Designify’s template gallery is ideal for the following occasions, but know that there’s more to come in the future:

  1. Automotive
  2. E-commerce
  3. Greeting Cards
  4. Marketing
  5. Profile Pictures

What makes Designify stand out from the rest?

Sure, there may be a lot of ideal photo editing applications, programs, and software right now, but there’s no one like Designify. Here are three reasons why:

Designify lets you edit photos in bulk

The process of removing background images alone can take you forever, especially if you’re dealing with a complicated background. Imagine doing the same thing over and over again with other images – that would take so much of your time.

Now, imagine doing the same task, but this time with Designify. Not only can you do more than simply remove backgrounds, but you can also do them in bulk! Right now, Designify can bulk-process up to ten images, but we’re planning to increase them in the future. Imagine editing 100 images within seconds – that would be a dream!

Since Designify automates your assigned photo editing commands, you can achieve your desired design and images within seconds, all the while giving you more additional features to try.

Designify saves your time

The inclusion of bulk processing in today’s photo editing tools such as Designify is a life-changer for many businesses and professionals. With the internet as one of the most effective marketing platforms today, it pays to have images that showcase your creativity, innovative thinking, productivity, and just about any other value that you’re trying to “sell” to your audience.

Before photo editing tools such as Designify, you need to rent a professional photo studio, subscribe to professional (but expensive) editing software, and do a lot of repetitive manual work to edit multiple photos. Thanks to Designify, all three of these processes are combined into a single tool that can give you something just as (or even more) presentable.

Not only will Designify’s bulk-processing feature save you time, but also spare you with resources and money by allowing various photo editing commands to be done all within a single program – which is Designify.

Designify saves you the hassle of learning new programs

It’s always fun to try and learn new photo editing programs, but not when you’re catching up on deadlines. With Designify’s simple interface, you no longer need to immediately master complex photo editing programs to achieve professional-looking results.

Who can use Designify?

Are you a beginner in photo editing or someone with a lot of experience? It doesn’t matter. With Designify, anyone with an internet connection and a web browser can have access to its photo editing magic within seconds.

If you’re working under e-commerce and other retail industries, Designify’s bulk-processing feature will save you the hassle of repeating the same photo editing commands in different (and probably hundreds and thousands) of products on sale. Its specified template gallery will also keep your designs consistent yet just as appealing.

For those in the automotive industry, you’re no stranger to the hassle of collecting all of the latest car designs and marketing them. With Designify, you can access large batches of these images and have them at your fingertips within seconds.

Even the best marketers and content creators can struggle to start out with a concept. With Designify’s wide selection of templates, gone are the days of aimlessly fussing around with shapes and colors, hoping for an eye-catching combination to come out.

The bottom line

Who would’ve thought that some of the most frequently used photo editing tools can be accessed within a single website – and you can bulk-process these images too!

Thanks to Designify, you can automatically turn any image (or large batches of them) into something marketable, all fast and easy! Such a great alternative to Canva!

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