How To Remove Office Chair Cylinder? 5 Easy Steps!

Working in an office without a comfortable and soft padded chair is not an easy task. If your office chair is sinking or got old, it’s time to change your chair. Hence, buying a new chair may cost you a lot of money, and we have the perfect solution to provide you peace of mind. Yes, you heard that right. Now, you don’t need to get worried about your pathetic office chair.

However, you can replace the chair cylinder to get the puffy, soft, and padded chair within a few hours. You must be thinking about how to remove the office chair cylinder. Its answer is simple. Hence, replacing an office chair cylinder is no longer difficult if you have the perfect tools and skills to do this job.

So, let me tell you that how to remove the office chair cylinder is no more a mystery, and you don’t need any person to help you. Hence, you can replace the old cylinder with the new one, and your chair will lift to some extent. Moreover, comfort is the priority while working in an office. So, a comfortable, soft office chair will let you do your work without tiring.

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Is the gas cylinder size universal?

When your chair is impaired and doesn’t lift up and down, so, it’s time to change the gas cylinder by removing it nicely. Now, you must be thinking about how to remove the office chair cylinder. Well, it’s the point of concern here, and I will tell you this simple procedure later. But, right now, you need to understand how to remove office chair cylinder.

First, let me tell you gas cylinder comes in a universal size, The Outer cylinder is 2″ in diameter, and the inner cylinder is 1.1″ in diameter. So, you can choose anyone to accomplish your needs. But, when you need to change the gas cylinder depends on the condition of the chair. If you can’t move the chair up and down, it’s directly associated with a faulty gas cylinder.

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Does removing the office chair cylinder need some skills?

You don’t need to get some skill while removing the office chair cylinder. Hence, removing a cylinder is not a proper solution sometimes. Instead, you may need to replace the seat or add some padded cushions to make it feasible for the users. In addition, you can add some dual-wheel casters by replacing the old ones to make your chair competent for office use.

Moreover, you need to know variable methods and choose the one according to your needs. So, I will provide some comprehensive ways to remove the office chair cylinders with an authentic approach.

Let’s start with a precise guide to remove the office chair cylinder.

What is the working strategy of a gas cylinder?

It’s relatively technical to know the working strategy of a gas cylinder. But, I must say it’s essential to understand the working if you want to remove a gas cylinder yourself. There is no rocket science, and a simple compression mechanism builds air pressure inside the cylinder. So, a cylinder is made with heavy-duty material that comes with springs filled with air.

Moreover, its air chamber is connected to the piston, and pressure is created to activate the lever mechanism. So, the air is pushed and further compressed to create pressure for the comprehensive lifting of the cylinder piston.

Now, you can manage things nicely if you observe the chemistry of the cylinder. For example, how to remove an office chair cylinder is not difficult when you know the lever mechanism properly.

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What tools do you need?

Comprehensive and relative tools are primary options to know about how to remove office chair cylinders. So, it would be best if you had some tools to do this simple job. For your convenience, I would mention some basic tools, and it’s essential to check for their availability before starting your work.

  • First, you need a rubber glove made with high-quality and hypoallergenic material to protect your hands from any damage.
  • It’s essential to use a newspaper or mat to protect the surface from grease and stains. In addition, it’s important to use some spread to handle the nails and nuts.
  • When assembling or disassembling an office chair, you must have a wrench or a screwdriver to remove or fix the screws and make the process quick and simple.
  • So, a rubber mallet is also essential to fix the cylinder at the right place and to prevent the wrench marks on a chair.
  • A lubricant like W-D40 will help remove the cylinder with ease, and the replacement process will be carried out without any hassle.

If you consider this process difficult, you may add some cushion support that could provide the ultimate support for your body. So, for this purpose, I have a product that could solve your problem, and instead of removing the cylinder, you can improve the height and cushion support with ultimate relaxation. 

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Everlasting Comfort Office Chair Seat Cushion Pillow for Back

Everlasting comfort cushion is a U-shaped support for the lower back. If your office chair is no longer comfortable and you need a quick solution to do non-stop work. Then, it would help if you bought this cushion with ultimate support. It cures the backache and aligns the body with a padded option. As a result, you can do your work for several hours without hurting your back.

However, you need to place this cushion on the seat and get its maximum benefits for many years. It would enhance the sitting posture and adopt the shape of what you are habitual to sit for. Thus, bring ease and comfort to your life by buying this multipurpose cushion for you. So, being a quick solution to improve the sitting posture would help stay stable and active during the office chores.

Hence, every component of the coccyx cushion is certified and safe to deliver the right purpose. It’s authenticated with OEKO-TEX approval and can absorb sweat for a comfortable sitting option. So, it relieves pressure and super-comfortable support for the lower region.

So, this is the first solution on our list that I have presented to you. But we have another option to improve your sitting style and provide you with a better and more comfortable sitting option for your office.

Let’s have a look.

Office chair wheels replacement rubber chair casters

Lifelong is famous for providing incredible accessories for the office. Its rubber casters are heavy-duty and made with steel alloy to improve the office chair. So, removing a cylinder is not the only option to improve the condition of the office chair. You can replace the old casters with these new and stylish high-quality wheels to get ease and comfort.

Moreover, you can drag the chair on the floor without worrying about scratches because it is detailed with polyurethane rubber to protect the surface. Hence, it’s not suitable for IKEA office chairs because of its size, and you can replace your office chair casters without any worry. In addition, it can fix your chair, and ball bearing in casters helps to move the chair without any worry.

Our swivel casters are different from the traditional and lightweight wheels. So, its design is classy, and it provides a better look and support to the office chair. You can move around on a pile carpet instead of pulling the chair. Thus, ease and comfort are the primary options while working in the office, and lifelong casters are made to do this job accurately.

Now, coming to the main topic of discussion is how to remove the office chair cylinder. Of course, you must have some better ideas, but sometimes chairs get so flat that removing a cylinder is the only option left. So, you must be competent enough to do this job, and our purpose of the discussion is to provide you with a detailed scenario.

Do you need a complete cylinder replacement kit?

There are certain methods to replace your office chair cylinder, but you need to buy a cylinder replacement kit before getting a complete idea. Some brands are offering their replacement kit with all detailed tools and protection. But you need one that could help you to make this process simple and comprehensive.

Moreover, heavy-duty chair cylinder and cylinder-removing tools are essential to keep with you while starting the removal process. You must understand the reason for replacing the cylinder and make a quick analysis of whether it’s the cylinder or something else that needs to be changed. You can get help from any skilled person if you can’t judge the real cause of chair impairment.

So, for your convenience and better understanding, we would mention a product that could be essential while removing the cylinder from the office chair.

Let’s get a detailed review of the product.

DOZYANT 6” Long Stroke Office Chair Gas Lift Cylinder Replacement

If you are searching for some high-quality 4 gas cylinders for your office chair? Then, you should not be worried anymore because the DOZYANT gas lift replacement cylinder is exceptional in providing a better height. Moreover, it comes with ideal dimensions and fulfills the real cause of replacement. So, with a minimum length: of 11.2 inches, a Maximum length when fully extended: of 17.2 inches, and 6 inches of adjustable range, it’s the competent option for your office chair.

However, it’s fully supportive and non-noisy with a 360-degree rotation angle. So, it lifts the chair without any hurdle, and its outer cylinder is 2 inches while the inner is 1 inch to provide the comprehensive gas cylinder. Hence, it can bear 450 lbs weight, and you won’t disappoint anytime if you replace your old cylinder with this brand new and latest cylinder.

Furthermore, you can install this cylinder easily, and there is no need for screws to fix the product. Well, you can watch its parts, and its fixture is no more trouble. So, there are no chances of any mishap while fixing the cylinder because it is made with heavy-duty steel to bear the force or pressure of fixing tools.

Now, I have provided some detail that could save you time and money, and you can improve your impaired office chair and you know how to remove the office chair cylinder.

But it’s the point of concern to know the simple and comprehensive methodology of removing office chair cylinders.

So, it’s a step-by-step- guide to guide you and provide a better solution to your tiring and hectic working hours.

Stay tuned to get details.

How to remove the office chair cylinder?

It’s important to estimate the right time when and how to remove the office chair cylinder. If your office chair is old and needs to be replaced. So, instead of buying a new chair, you can save your money by removing the gas cylinder or making other changes to the chair’s physical features.

So, how to remove the office chair cylinder is technical and needs your concern. Therefore, we have a detailed step-by-step guide to provide you with a complete, detailed procedure.

Step 1

First, you have to overturn the chair and place the chair on the working surface. Hence, the working surface should be covered with newspaper or some mat to protect it from grease and oil.

Step 2

It would be best if you clamped the cylinder bottom to avoid any leakage. Thus, a pipe wrench is used for this purpose, and you should know how to clamp it at the bottom with proper grip.

Step 3

Now, you have to constantly move the pipe wrench until the cylinder becomes loose and remove it easily from the base.

Step 4

Time to turn the base upside down and keep a distance from the working station because you may hurt your feet or hands during the removal process.

Step 5

Finally, you can use a rubber mallet to knock the cylinder, and if it is fixed firmly, you can tap the sides of the cylinder to remove it from the base.

It’s tricky to manage this process because the cylinder may fall on the surface during this removal procedure. So, you must be careful while replacing the cylinder and careful about the top of the cylinder. If it comes out in good condition, you can use this cylinder again. Here’s a short YouTube video explaining several easy steps to simplify the process for you.

How long does it take to assemble an office chair?

You must be curious to know how long it takes to assemble an office chair. So, let me tell you that it depends on the chair size and the design. Now, office chairs are made with a lightweight, stylish frame. So, you can easily fix its parts. Either you have to fix the seat or need to remove the cylinder, you won’t face any difficulty.

However, being a simple and light-framed chair, you can easily do this job yourself. Moreover, some chairs don’t need screws drivers to fix the parts, and you can manage that easily. Thus, assembly is no more difficult, and you can watch the guide to get the proper assembly of the chair.

Moreover, an office chair takes 10 minutes to assemble and literally takes 15 minutes to remove the cylinder from the office chair.

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Is it essential to take apart every component while removing the cylinder?

Well, it’s not essential in most cases. If your office chair is old enough with scratches and color fading. So, you must think about taking apart every component one by one to resolve this issue. You can paint the chair or color it with chrome if it is made of stainless steel. Thus, you can manage things easily, and our guide will eventually tell you how to remove the office chair cylinder.

We have mentioned the removal of the cylinder previously, but for now, you must notice that it’s not easy to take apart the components of the chair. You can use screwdrivers, wrenches, and rubber mallets to do this job. Hence, the cylinder is removed by a rubber mallet to avoid any damage. Of course, you should be careful during this procedure and use rubber gloves to protect your hands.

Hence, your working station should be covered with a mat or newspaper to avoid any mess. So, you should keep a box with you to store nails and other screws of the chair. Thus, try to be vigilant and do things with extra care, and soon you will get what you are expecting from you for a replenishment procedure.

If you want to change the seat cushion, you must watch for the one I mentioned in this article. It will be supportive, and without removing the back or seat cover, you can add this u-shaped cushion to your office chair for ultimate relaxation.

Hence, lifting the chair may be good enough when you have rubber casters with heavy-duty material. Yes, we are talking about lifelong rubber casters that we have mentioned before. You can observe them for your stylish and smooth office chair.

So, all these things contribute to making an office chair comfortable and soft for doing your all-day chores. You won’t get tired, and your back will be aligned in one position because of its soft support. You can change your posture easily and do your work with passion and dedication.

Hence, how to remove the office chair cylinder and its accessories is quite obvious from this article. Now, you can manage a lot of things by understanding the chair’s anatomy and physical structure. So, it’s not difficult at all. You can do it yourself, and it would take hardly 10 minutes to make a new and comfortable chair.

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How to remove a stuck gas cylinder?

Sometimes a gas cylinder becomes stuck in the base, and you can’t remove it easily. So, you may need to have a pair of channel locks or locking pliers to get this job done. If you are a beginner, you must watch this guide for the exact changing process, some things may make you uncertain because removing the cylinder depends on the chair style, and how to remove the office chair cylinder will be no more difficult. 

However, you can use some oil or lubricant with a rubber mallet. Or tap the sides of the cylinder if it gets stuck. So, there are many things you can do but be careful during the procedure because chances of leakage are there, and instead of replacing and removing a gas cylinder, you may need to buy one to accomplish your needs. After removing the old cylinder, you can fix the new base.

Moreover, it’s not possible to refill the gas in the pneumatic chair. But some people are so obsessive about their belongings, and they feel comfortable with the old and traditional stuff. So, if you are one of them, you can replace the gas cylinder yourself to get the flexible and comfortable sitting option.

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What things you should avoid while changing the cylinder?

When doing any technical work, you need some primary skills and knowledge. Hence, it’s good to avoid things that could be harmful to you. So, we would discuss some points that could save you from any trouble, and you can do this process without any effort. You will learn how to remove office chair cylinders with technical and simple methods.  

  • You should wear rubber gloves to avoid any injury to your hands.
  • The working station should be covered.
  • You need to disassemble the chair completely if you want to remove the cylinder only.
  • Always stay at a distance while removing the gas cylinder.
  • You must keep a box with you to store the screws and nails.
  • Remember to use high-quality tools to replace the cylinder.
  • Watch for the air pressure while lifting the chair because heavy pressure can explode the chair as well.
  • Keep the chairs upside down and place them back in front of you.
  • Use lubricants to remove the cylinder easily.
  • Reset the back after changing the cylinder.
  • Never refill the cylinder and prefer to use the new cylinder every time.

 So, these are the important things that you should keep in mind while removing the cylinder from the office chair.

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Wrapping Up

How to remove an office chair cylinder with precise skill and detailed knowledge is presented in this article. Finally, I have put things in order, and you can do this job without any trouble. Removing the cylinder is simple yet technical, and you can do it if you have comprehensive tools and the proper workstation.

Thus, never water your money in buying a new chair; instead, make your favorite office chair new by removing the gas cylinder.