How to Remove Starbase from Office Chair? 6 Easy Steps!

Are you in a dilemma as to how to remove Starbase from the office chair?  There might be several reasons to remove the chair base. But you do not have to worry about it as we have got you covered here. The base of the chair is an important component of it. It is what makes the chair stable and bears your weight. So, the base should be strong and sturdy A base with defects or any issues can lead to an unstable chair position or seating and you may fall off.

The office chairs may vary in size, shape, and structure. There might be different ways of opening or removing the starbase of the office chair but the basic idea is the same. So, here we are going to explain how you can remove the starbase from the office chair easily. But let’s discuss the types of replacements for the starbase of the office chair before the steps to do so.

What is a starbase in an office chair?

A starbase is an essential component of an office chair that provides stability and support to the chair. It is typically located at the bottom of the chair and is responsible for connecting the seat and wheels. The starbase is made of durable materials such as steel or aluminum, and it usually has a five-pronged shape that allows for maximum stability and balance.

The wheels of the chair are attached to the Starbase using a mechanism called a caster. Casters allow for easy movement of the chair in any direction while maintaining stability. Some Starbases may also include features like height adjustment and swivel functionality, which further enhance the ergonomic properties of the chair.

Overall, the starbase is a crucial component of an office chair that plays a vital role in ensuring comfort and productivity. Its durable construction and functional design make it an essential element for any workspace or office environment.

Types of Replacements of Starbase from the Office Chair

Easy replacement

The easy replacement parts of the chairs are casters. They just need the screws to be removed and the casters are removed. Moreover, the armrests are also very easily replaceable components of the chairs. Casters are easy to deal with as they can easily be attached or detached from the chair. They can easily help in the removal of the starbase too.

The armrests are also ready to be replaced. If they become crackly, shaky, or too stiff then they need replacement.

Medium difficulty replacement

The medium difficulty replacement in the office chair is of the chair base. It is five-armed and is a bit difficult to remove. This is meant to stabilize the chair so it sometimes becomes stiff or its screws become extra tight that they do not open and need special assistance.

The chair base can be of plastic or metal. You can choose the material of your choice or according to the frame of the chair while replacing the chair base. Apart from the material, the size of the base is also very important. So, keep that in mind as well.

Hard replacement

The most difficult replacements for the chairs are the chair base tilt mechanism system or the pneumatic cylinder. But these can also be done with some simple steps or by professionals easily.

Steps on How to Remove Starbase from Office Chair

Removing the starbase of the office chair becomes easy when you follow the simple steps exactly the way they are. Otherwise, this may become difficult for you. Let’s learn about the steps through which you can easily replace the starbase of the chair.

1. Prepare the material

The chair contains some greasy material when is opened or disassembled this material comes out. So, to avoid greasing the floor, the floor is covered with a newspaper. This will protect the floor from the lubricant material. If you don’t put newspaper on the floor, you might end up greasing the floor but it depends upon you and is not a necessary part of the replacement or removal process.

2. Bottom up the chair

The chair is turned upside down. It is stabilized on the floor in such a way that it does not move much or cause any disturbance during the removal of the starbase. The chair is made to stand upside down on the newspaper-covered area of the floor. This way the base of the chair will be visible and accessible. You can easily work with the chair in this position.

3. Locate the holding clip of the chair

The holding clips of the chair are located after turning the chair upside down. It is present at the center of the starbase. Due to its presence at the center, you would easily find it.

4. Dissemble the holding clip

Remove the holding clip with the help of the needle-nose pliers. Take the piston off by slightly bending the clip. A flathead screwdriver can help you in removing the holding clip if you do not have the pliers. Be careful while removing the clip, make sure you do not bend or break it.

5. Put off the washer:

This is the simplest step. A washer is present at the top of the starbase just around the piston. This needs to be removed. To do so, you just need to pull off the washer carefully from the top of the base.

6. Starbase is pulled out

As the washer is removed, you just need to turn the substructure clockwise, there is nothing difficult left. You are completed with all the steps to remove the starbase of an office chair. Pull the starbase out gently and carefully. The gas cylinder is also present at the same place as the starbase and both will come out at the same time like a single piece. The gas cylinder remains hidden inside the starbase. Watch out for the grease coming out as it may spread all around and on you.

This is all about removing the starbase of the office chair. It may seem a bit technical but it is a simple method. You need to follow the steps carefully and slowly. The starbase is the thing that stabilizes the chair and provides you with comfort and easy reclining or rotation while sitting on the chair. So, its cleaning is also very important.

Wrapping Up

The starbase of the office chair can be removed for various purposes like its replacement, repair, or cleanliness. Changing the parts of furniture or office chairs can be a bit challenging if you do not have any experience, however, this is not a big task. So, in this article, the steps of how to remove starbase from office chairs are broken down into simpler ones. In this way, you can easily change, remove, or clean the starbase of your office chair yourself without any assistance.

After reading this, we expect you to be a self-dependent person for your small tasks like removing the starbase of your office chair. It will liberate you. We hope this will be helpful for you.

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