How To Make Office Chair Higher

Office work needs extra attention and dedication. So, it would help to have a proper working station and a sitting posture to detail your needs. In addition, if your office chair is not comfortable, you may experience many problems, your work will be affected, and your health will be compromised. That’s why you need stylish, sleek, and precise office chairs that suit your height.

However, it would be best if you thought about how to make office chairs higher. It’s simple and doesn’t require rocket science to adjust the chair’s height. You can do this yourself by watching this guide. Hence, many products are also available in the market that could help you. You can buy one if you want more height other than the normal adjustment.

Hence, making office chairs higher is not difficult because we are here to help you get a detailed article on this issue. Therefore, you can get what you want from your office chair, and for this purpose, you can add some effortless products like a cushion and casters to raise the chair’s height. Hence, we will try to provide all possible ways with complete details for your convenience, and you will get the maximum benefit from this guide.

Let’s start with how to make office chairs higher for your comfort.

Why do you need to adjust the height of the office chair?

An office job is not easy and needs a comfortable and relaxed sitting position. If you sit properly without hurting your body, you can do your work with concentration for many hours. So, a proper height will support your body, and your neck and back will be aligned in one position. You can sit in comfort.

Moreover, if your chair height exceeds your requirement, you may experience discomfort in the lower region. In addition, your neck will be tired, and your backache won’t let you do work with attention. Thus, an office chair at an appropriate angle will help adjust your needs and work without tiredness. Thus, making an office chair higher is essential to meet your demands and do unlimited work without feeling tired or hurting your back.

What should you do before adjusting the height?

It’s essential to identify the proper height of the chair. You must be skilled enough to know and adjust the height yourself. Hence, if you are sitting on the chair and your feet touch the ground, it’s all right with this chair’s height. On the other hand, if your knees are above the waist, you need to adjust the chair height to comfort.

Moreover, for easy height assessment, you should measure the distance between your knees and the floor. Measuring these distances correctly is important, and you have to sit stable while doing this process. So, the difference between the two measurements will be the exact height you need to sit on the office chair.

So, making an office chair higher is not that difficult and tricky. There are simple DIY and technical methods that can help you to achieve your goal.

Stay with me to get the comprehensive DIY guide that could help you increase the height of your office chair.

Detach the seat from the bottom.

If your chair is lower than the height, you must adjust it to simple DIY methods. It’s simple, and you can use this method at your workplace. So, you must choose a workstation to adjust the height and detach the seat from the bottom. Then, place the chair upside down and slowly remove the screws to open up the bottom.

For this purpose, you should place some storage boxes to keep the nails and screws. Thus, you have to place the removed seat in a safe place to avoid any damage. If you face difficulty loosening the screws, you can wrench to remove the screws easily.

Place some wooden pieces on the bottom of the seat.

Placing a wooden piece on the bottom of the chair is a great idea to increase the height to the required level. So, you need to know the accurate inches for adjusting the height and cutting the pieces with precise height. The other thing of consideration is mounting holes. Suppose you have four holes in the bottom. You must use four wooden pieces for effortless adjustability.

It’s important to use a drill machine and long screws to get this job done with correction. It would be best if you kept the required tools with you, and after drilling the pieces to the bottom, you are ready to place the seat on top of the bottom. So, it will add some difference to height, and you can manage these processes by spending a few amounts of money rather than buying a new one. You can make your old chair comfortable and higher technically.

Can you adjust the height by threaded post?

Some office chairs come with threaded posts. It would be best if you were technical enough to deal with chair rotations to adjust the height. Usually, a thread post is at the bottom of the chair, and you must place the chair upside down to analyze the situation. After removing the chair’s base, you should use a rag to clean the oil and dust from the chair that could have accumulated after years of use.

Now, making the office chair higher is possible by rotating the thread post-clockwise and anti-clockwise. So, to increase the height, you must rotate the chair anti-clockwise by fixing your feet on the base. It will help increase the height; you can see the difference by measuring the length after a few rotations. Your chair will increase, and you can sit properly for office chores.

Now, office chairs come with unique designs and frames. You need to know other solutions to help you in the long run. For example, if you want to adjust height yourself, the other three methods could help you adjust the office chair’s height according to your requirements.

So, instead of buying some products that could help you increase your height, you can use other techniques that could be beneficial in the long run and won’t cost you enough. You can remain within your budget and adjust the height that suits you.

Hence, starting with a simple and quick solution.

Method 1: Raising and lowering the chair

If your office chair is new and has no suitable height, you can adjust it by lowering or raising the lever or knob. It’s essential to analyze the chair bottom for this purpose, There would be a lever, and by adjusting the lever position, you can get the comprehensive height. In the case of a knob, you can use a tension mechanism, and it will help adjust the height and angle of the chair.

Hand control is the best way to make the office chair higher, and you can do this by sitting on the chair. It requires no skills, and if you don’t know to adjust the lever or knob, you can read the manual that comes with the chair. Then, you can adjust your suitable height and working position by lowering and raising the lever.

Furthermore, some pneumatic chair comes with a pump, and you can adjust the height feasibly. The pump is attached to the lever, and you can push it up to increase the height or lower it down to decrease the height. So, this simple method will help adjust the height according to your requirements and manage things easily.

Method 2: Choose the right chair height.

Every task needs the right height of the office chair, and adjusting the height accordingly is essential. We will explain how to choose the right height for your task. For example, if you are working on a computer, the monitor should be below your eye level and the keyboard at your elbow level. So, the difference between these two angles is not good for doing your task with peace of mind, and you can be tired quickly, so adjust the position of the chair accordingly.

Furthermore, if you are writing, typing, reading, or watching something on the computer, your elbows should be at the table height to provide ease of work, and your feet must be on the floor. Hence, you need to adjust your office chair by watching these things, and it could help you adjust the proper height by analyzing the work situation.

If you are in a meeting and your office chair is uncomfortable, your feet can’t reach the floor. You should adjust the height yourself by pressing the lever or knob. It will make a difference, and you can concentrate on your work.

Method 3: Watch for safety and comfort.

If you are working on a table or desk and the armrest of a chair makes it a hurdle to write or type your task. So, it’s alright to lower the armrest or remove them from your chair to adjust your needs. Your elbows will be at the tables, and you can easily do your work. Thus, you can move your knees freely, and it’s highly recommended to do this method if you have a lot of typing work at the office.

However, some chairs don’t have a height adjustment system, and you can’t do anything instead of bearing the situation. But we have a solution to solve your problems, and you can lean the chair back to take some rest or adjust the back of the chair to compensate for the height. So it will help to get the things with excellent perception, and you can rest along with work.

Yet another good solution to adjust the height is presented for you. It’s possible to place a footrest under your desk to place your feet, and with stable arm positions and feet, you don’t need to adjust the chair’s height anymore. In addition, this method is more reliable because the footrest is portable, and you can buy it from any office store to accomplish your needs.

How about adding some cushion support to your office chair?

No one likes difficulty and discomfort while working in an office. So, for a smooth and comfortable working experience, your sitting posture should be alright to accomplish your tasks with concentration. I have come up with many solutions, and here is another to help you with the best possible solution among the rest.

So, adding some cushion support to your seat is not a bad idea. However, if you want to increase the chair’s height by a few inches, buying a memory foam cushion from a reliable brand would be the best solution. Hence, you should know the exact inches you want to increase and buy a cushion for the same height.

Moreover, it would help to align your back and reduce stress by accommodating your body posture. As a result, you can sit longer, and because of memory foam construction, you won’t feel tired. The best part is that it is highly absorbent and can sit for several hours without feeling sweat or stains.

Hence, it’s your choice to watch for a brand that could provide you with the best reasonable cushion support for increasing height and comfortably padded support for the back and lower region.

So, remember to buy or add cushion support of comprehensive size. You have to measure the seat size and buy a cushion of the same size. If your cushion support is big enough that you come out of the seat, it would be awkward for you to sit with this support. So, purchase the product wisely and get things sorted out quickly.

You can also add cushion support by removing the old foam from the seat. Removing the seat’s fabric and adding some foam to the existing foamy layers is possible. If the foam is right, adding new with comprehensive thickness and height will be a great idea.

How about installing heavy-duty casters?

Gone are the days when office chairs were available without casters. You need to change your chair if you have the same one with only wooden or steel legs. Well, sometimes it’s impossible to change office chairs because some people don’t have money to buy new office furniture.

So, you can add wheel casters to yourself and buy some heavy-duty casters for this purpose. If you already have casters for your office chair, you can buy new ones with suitable height and rubber detailing to increase the height and make a comfortable sitting option for yourself. It’s not difficult to remove the old casters and add some brand-new heavy-duty casters.

However, casters should be smooth and provide you with ease of work as well. It would help if you moved freely and the many brands offer their product at reasonable rates. You can buy one with precise functioning and a heavy-duty steel frame to detail your needs. So, never stay a mystery about how to make office chairs higher and more comfortable. Try these simple tips to save your time and money.

Well, choosing the feasibility and a comfortable working station to add casters is essential. You should place a mat or newspaper before starting your work. Keep some screwdrivers and the wrench to fix and open up the nails. Many casters come with fixing screws, and you must adjust them easily. So, by using casters, you will certainly get a high office chair with a comprehensive working position.

This process doesn’t end here. It would be best to lubricate the wheels afterward for proper functioning; otherwise, moving the chair may cause a hurdle.

Remember to measure the size of existing casters and buy the bigger ones with increased height and frame. Taking care of minor details is also necessary because buying something for the office is not easy. You have to be vigilant and extra protection for your belongings and know how to make the office chairs higher.  

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How about buying a height extension kit?

Height extension kits are useful to add some height to the existing chair. Many height extension kits come at a reasonable price. However, some think these kits are unreliable because chairs become unstable with height. So, what do you have to do with height if you are not right in your sitting position?

Furthermore, these may include wooden blocks or some columns to add to the chair’s central portion. So, you need to know how to make the office chair higher. For example, if you want 3 to 4 inches, you have to get the product the same size. Hence, keep installing tools with you and measure everything before installing something new in your office chair.

If you get the proper measurements, your chair will be stable, along with comprehensive installing tools. So, adding wooden blocks or a column to the existing chair may be tricky for some people, and you can get help from a professional. Doing this job by yourself is not a bad idea either. However, you need to learn some skills, and installing tools should be there for your help.

Is that better to buy a new chair with comprehensive height?

If your office chair is old enough and suitable for the right purpose, you must consider buying a new one. But not everyone can afford to buy a new chair and try DIY methods to renew the chair by adjusting the height and seat. Hence, it’s not possible in many cases. If you are taller, you must know how to make an office chair higher.

So, it would help if you had a chair with a comfortable seat, footrest, and adjustable armrest along with a headrest. The chair’s height should be enough to support your back and feet. You can do your work by placing your elbow at the working station, and the suitable height would allow you to do your work without feeling tired.

However, you can watch for a famous brand’s chair for this purpose and choose the one suitable for your height. In another case, you can add cushion support of a few inches to your chair seat and wheel casters of some height to deliver the right purpose. Still, you are unsatisfied with height. Then, you can buy a new one with a stylish frame and a comfortable sitting option.

Hence, buying is not the only solution. You can add some wooden blocks if you are comfortable with them. So, I have mentioned many ways to tell you how to make office chairs higher. You can choose one of them if you like to adopt one or otherwise you can shop for some reasonable office chair.

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Which things do you avoid when increasing the height of the office chair?

How to make office chairs higher needs proper attention and care. First, you must be careful when adding or removing something from your chair. Thus, with extra supportive features and compressive height, you should sort out the things first and determine how to make the office chair higher.

  • When adding something to the physical structure of the chair, you must be careful in choosing the workplace.
  • Spread some mats or newspaper to protect the surface from grease and oil.
  • Remember to keep a storage box along with you for tools and screws.
  • Measure the area in which you are going to be changed.
  • Measure the height you want to adjust and buy the things accordingly.
  • Never renovate your chair with bare hands. Always use rubber gloves to protect your hands from injury.

Wrapping Up

Making an office chair higher is not difficult, and you can do it easily. Renewing your office chair and making it comfortable according to your needs is fun. You can do your work peacefully and get some tough times with your colleagues by working hard for several hours for business success.