Best Office Chair For Short-Heavy People

Do you want to buy the best office chair for short-heavy people?

It is difficult for a short and heavy person to find a suitable chair for your body and find adequate seating. Most brands make chairs for an average height and normal body size. It becomes an almost impossible task to adjust your heavy and short size in the common chair in such a situation. The common chair also lacks flexibility, and you become stuck inside the seat, so your legs lack circulation.

Don’t worry; we have found the top 10 best office chairs for short people. These chairs are best for short people of 5’6″ and under. Though these chairs have smaller dimensions than regular-sized office chairs, these best chairs in 2022 provide a wider range of Adjustability and easiness. Have a look!

What is a short-heavy person?

The term “short-heavy” can be interpreted in a few different ways. Generally, it refers to someone shorter in stature and heavier than the average population. This can be due to various factors, such as genetics, lifestyle choices, or underlying health conditions.

Being short and heavy can potentially increase the risk of certain health issues, such as diabetes, heart disease, and joint problems. However, it’s important to remember that body weight and height alone do not determine a person’s overall health and well-being.

A balanced diet, regular exercise, and proper medical care can help promote a healthy lifestyle regardless of height or weight.

Top 10 Best Office Chairs for Short-Heavy People

1. OFM ESS High Back Office Chair

Suppose you want a chair with comforting details, Executive Comfort and Style, Sophisticated Touches, Integrated Lumbar Support, and Controls at Your Fingertips. In that case, we recommend you buy an OFM ESS High Back Office Chair.

High-quality design

The chair is made of Bonded Leather, while its base movement is a swivel. Its Upholstered foam factor provides ease and comfort while working in an office. It is designed in a diamond-patterned way, providing additional comfort with sophisticated detail. The product measures ‎28.89 x 28 x 44.63 inches, while its weight is ‎41.9 pounds.

Comfort and Style Together

Compared to common chairs, this chair has a modern thread-stitched diamond pattern that will elevate your seating experience. Its dimensions are made uniquely, offering style and comfort together. This best office chair for fat person or heavy people comes with segmented ultra-plush padding and breathable leather, providing a soft feel.

Awesome Details

If you want comfort and support together, this office chair offers an integrated headrest. It has padded arms that provide all-day support and comfort to your arms. The rotation mechanism of the chair is center-tilt, which controls the seat and back of the chair together with the best reclining position.

Ergonomic qualities and support

It features a center-tilt mechanism that offers a comfortable reclining position if you want to move back the chair seat and backside together. This mechanism controls reclining position instead of rapid reclining. So, the chair’s tension will be controlled, and you will tilt safely without reclining too fast. A 360-degree swivel is also a good choice for pregnant women.


  • High-quality material
  • Contoured comfort
  • Ergonomic design
  • Integrated support system


  • Not best for a taller person

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2. Amazon Basics Low-Back Black Chair

If you have a tight budget but want to buy the Best office chair for short-heavy people, we recommend you buy Amazon Basics Low-Back Black Chair. Have a look.

Short, attractive design

This black-colored Amazon office chair is made of high-quality Mesh material. It is comfortable enough that BIFMA certified its easiness. The product measures ‎21.47 x 20.08 x 32.87 inches while its weight is ‎16.75 pounds. This chair provides a professional look and is best for use in the office, but you can also use it at home. Overall, the design is comfortable, which keeps it easy to work all day through its smooth contours.

360 Degree Mobility

This ergonomic office chair or Amazon desk chair keeps your joints comfortable all day while working and provides a smooth rolling to your body to enjoy hours of work. This best chair for short legs comes with swivels 360 degrees and is comfortable at 90 Degrees to keep your legs and body comfortable and convenient.

Height Adjustable

The office chair seat height should be comfortable. Most Amazon chairs have lost chairs and come with a fixed seat height that is impossible to adjust for short persons. This ergonomic office chair provides simple pneumatic controls because it is soy adjustable, so you can raise or lower your seat according to your back size. With its Simple pneumatic controls, you can work for hours in a comfortable seated position.

Breathable Mesh Back

While working on the computer for hours causes sweating in your back, this best reading chair for a short person comes with a Black colored, Breathable Mesh Back that provides a soft touch and offers support and breathability. Its border detailing and lower back provide a slight back curve, providing great breathability.


  • 2-inch-thick padded seat
  • Support and breathability
  • 360 Mobility   
  • Breathable Mesh Back


  •  Good for upright posture only

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3. Boss Office Chair without Arms

Not only for the office manager but it is also thought of employees to give them feelings of the boss. In such a situation, costly and high-quality chairs become out of range. So, we will recommend a solution, Boss Office Chair without Arms. Have a look!

Premium look

This blue office chair comes with a small but smooth look, and the chair gives a cool and soft feel with the look and touch. This large 27 is made of Nylon and contains a hooded wheel; however, Nylon is a lasting material.

Seat lifting mechanism

It is difficult for short-height people to adjust seats according to their backs and size. This office chair’s adjustable seat depth comes with a Contoured back so that your back strain becomes revealed. Besides this, its seat lifting mechanism has a Pneumatic gas lift that can adjust the seat according to your needs.

Foot rings

This best office chair for short-heavy people comes with 17.5″ x 25″ x 44.5 to 49.5″ W, D, and H. The Chair’s weight is 25 pounds, but its loading capacity is 250 pounds great as a fat person desk chair. Sometimes a short-height person wants to look tall, and a short chair looks too small. In such a situation, this living room chair for a short person comes with Foot rings. This chrome foot ring comes with a Strong 20″ diameter that can adjust the height of the stool according to your size.

Easily moveable

This chair is a raftifeelool that feels employees are productive with the boss. Its pneumatic gas lift can adjust that stool size from 26.5 to 31.5″. The ergonomically contoured seat is upholstered in a tweed fabric back that keeps you comfortable. Besides this, hooded double-wheel casters keep the stool easily moveable.


  • Four fabric colors
  • Greater stability
  • Pneumatic gas lift seat
  • Contoured back


  • A bit high in size

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4. Steelcase Office Chair

The chairs with plastic or ordinary cases can be broken soon, so in this case, a lasting case is necessary to bear the weight of a short person. We will recommend the Steelcase Office Chair for heavy and short people. Have a look

Simple yet sleek design

This best office chair 2022 comes with. While the licorice color is made of long-lasting Textile material; the padded seat is 100% Polyester. The product measures 23.75 x 27 x 41.25 inches for dimensions, while its weight is 29 pounds. The Steelcase Series provides comfort and ease comfort, keeping your body movement normal.

Fully Adjustable Armrests

These broad petite series features Fully adjustable armrests that can be shifted forward and pivoted, pivoted in, and raised up and down. These arms of chairs provide full support to help you relax while working in your office for hours.

Flexible back

This best office chair for short-heavy people comes with back support that Flexes with You. It has a LiveBack(TM) flexor system that your body can use easily, and it can change the spine and postures. You can also adjust lumbar support if needed.

Best sitting postures

When you sit on a chair and put your weight on it, this best office chair for short-heavy people responds automatically and offers resistance as you recline. Its tension settings provide and add more recline resistance that matches your body. You can also lock your back upright in an upright position.


  • Premium Seat Comfort
  • Fully Adjustable Armrests
  • All Day Support
  • 100% Polyester


  • Rather costly

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5. Serta Big Office Chair

Having a chair with exact comfort according to your body is luck today, and the Serta Big Office Chair provides extra comfort with the right angle of your body. Have a look

Luxury design

This best petite ergonomic chair 2022 comes with a comfortable design. It has a generous seating area that supports more than 350 pounds of weight. The office chair comes in black color, which makes the chair comfortable for indoor and outdoor use. The product measures 30.5 x 28 x 45.75 inches while its weight is 46.3 pounds.

Superior comfort

Serta chairs use high-quality material that is safe and reliable with hours of work. Its deep-cushioned headrest provides comfort during working sitting and reclining. A 3″ extra thick nonrecycled foam has not toxic and is non-flammable. A molded foam arm set reduces pressure on your elbows.

Built to fit you

Its knob can be rotated with a mechanical spring if you want to recline the ease. This best office chair for short people with back pain comes to fit your body, and you can adjust your pose from 100 to 122 degrees.

Easy reclining

This branded chair comes with a contour that properly supports the lower back and short heads. It will elevate your headrest. With its dual-wheel casters, you can recline and move your body easily. The last thing in design is scuff-resistant footpads to keep your feet comfortable while working.


  • Tranquil seating experience
  • Long but comfortable design
  • Optimal neck support
  • Smooth-rolling


  • Rather low quality

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6. ANACCI Office Chair

If you want to work with comfort and shape your back, you need a chair with lumbar support, maintain proper spinal alignment, decrease back pressure, and adjust your head position. These features are available in the ANACCI Office Chair.

Thickness Foam Cushion

This black-colored chair is made of pure leather. This best office chair for short-heavy people comes with 23 x 23 x 10 inches dimensions while weighing 24.9 pounds. The foam cushion is 4.2″, providing an exact balance between comfort and working on a chair. Its comfortable seat provides equal pressure on the buttocks. It will help in pain reduction on the tailbone and spine.

Breathable mesh back

If the chair’s back is nonbreathable, it will cause sweating in your back and body, and you feel no comfort while working. This office chair for short people has a breathable mesh back that will evaporate water and sweat from your body by aeration and evaporate body heat.

Easy working

This chair provides easiness in all working processes. From assembly to movement, this chair provides comfort. You can load up to 300 pounds of weight on it. The assembly is easy with holes, so installation becomes much easier. Its swivel base and silent wheels provide easy chair movement during work. The chair can maintain pressure so you can keep it on the ground, floors, and carpets without damaging it.

Optimum comfort

This office chair’s adjustable seat depth provides correct posture to your body, and you can work on a computer with a 4″ adjustable seat height. You will not need to worry about adjusting your eyes, legs, and head length.

This chair will automatically adjust because it will not put pressure on the ground but will maintain your natural curves when seated. In this way, this feature will alleviate stress on the vertebrae, and your body moves freely between 90-115°.


  • Easy to Assembly
  • Thickness Foam Cushion
  • Optimal Comfort
  • 5 years Long Warranty 


  • No major cons

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7. VECELO Office Chair

If you feel tired while working and have complained of back pain, we recommend you buy a chair that will help you work for the long term. To solve this pain and comfort issue, we will recommend you VECELO Office Chair. Have a look!

Ergonomic back design

VECELO ergonomic office chair comes with a back-supporting design. The black-colored chair can carry 285 Pounds while its weight is 20 pounds, and its dimensions are 20.5 x 20.9 x 43.3 inches. Basically, these Ergonomic chairs support spines to keep your body relaxing by releasing your back pain.

Adjustable features

The office chair seat height has all adjustable features. First, it has an adjustable Seat Height that you can adjust from 18 inches, 20.5 inches, and 21.7 inches. Its adjustable Armrests keep your arms in the exact position. When you want to relax during busy work, enjoy the Recline locking function by moving your body in front and back.

Breathable Mesh Back

When you work for hours, Breathable Mesh Back will provide air circulation that also increases the chair’s warranty. Its Padded Pu Cushion contains a resilient sponge in a thick quantity that will maintain a sitting posture. Its Nylon encased casters keep the chair noise-free and floor-friendly by providing smooth rolling.

360-degree Swivel Chair

The chair has dual-wheel nylon casters that remain environmentally friendly while working or joining meetings. This Computer office chair will never tire your body while working all day.


  • Recline locking function
  • Ergonomic back design
  • 360-degree Swivel Chair
  • Adjustable seat height


  • A bit fault

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8. Hbada Office Chair

A chair with fixed arms can tire your muscles and cause pain in your arms and elbows. Lumbar Support and Flip-up Arms of the chair will be a great option in such a situation. This Hbada Office Chair has the following options:

Unique design

The black-colored branded product has a simple and sleek design. The product measures ‎20.07 x 23.62 x 38.18 inches, and its weight is 28.6 pounds. It is designed with a simple adjustment mid-back, making it a suitable desk chair. This office chair’s adjustable seat depth is suitable for offices and Bedrooms. The best thing about the chair is that you can select it according to your room design.

Flip-up Arms

This best living room chair for a short person comes with Space-saving flip-up arms that provide additional choices to keep your arms. When you are tired, you can keep your arms on the chair arms. If you want to lift and relax, adjust your flip-up arms according to your needs. Fold the arms and save your space by putting arms under your desk when you need no arms.

Height Adjustable

This office chair for short people with back pain comes with an adjustable height. It does not matter which sitting position you want; you can manage by adjusting the backside according to your height.

Tilt Lever

The maximum capacity of the chair is 250 lbs, but it is stable and durable, so it lasts many years. Its bearing has a high loading capacity and will never make a noise due to its silenced rolling wheels and smooth movements. Besides this, the tilt lever has a unique character in that you can pull or push the lock to activate rocking and vertical motion.


  • Simple and Elegant design
  • Height Adjustable
  • Flip-up Arms
  • Tilt Lever


  • Slightly comfortable

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9. KOLLIEE Office Chair

Suppose you want to buy the best office chair for short-heavy people with high-quality material, 360-degree swivel, and easy installation on a low budget. In that case, we will recommend you the KOLLIEE Office Chair. Have a look!

High-quality material

This best chair for short legs comes with high-quality material. The black color office chair is made of lasting mesh material. This High-Density Mesh is made of American material. This black mesh can easily cover the back of the chair and its padded seat. That mesh is breathable and keeps your back comfortable while working.

High Resilience Foam Cushion

Any polyester material on the seat causes back irritation and sweat. This chair has a High Resilience Foam Cushion that is comfortable and durable. The comfortable and thick padded mesh cushion on the seat keeps you comfortable all day working.

Ergonomic Design

It does not matter if you work in the office or at home. This best office chair for short-heavy people features an Ergonomic Design that resists your back pain by reducing pressure on the back pain and also keeps your lumber fit. Overall, you can use this chair while playing games, working on a computer, and doing office work.

Gas Lift Cylinder

This assembled office chair comes with a High-Quality Gas Lift Cylinder that has a longer capacity to load the weight. It will not put pressure on the ground and body; instead, it maintains the pressure on the cylinder.


  • Supports up to 250 lbs
  • Mesh-Covered Seat
  • Slightly Tilt Based
  • Flip-Up Arms


  • Not best for big and tall people

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10. FelixKing Office Chair

Suppose you want an office chair with adjustable seat depth with an Ergonomic backrest, a Stable gas cylinder, Thick armrests available, a thick explosion-proof steel base, and Adjustable waist support. In that case, we recommend you buy a FelixKing Office Chair. Have a look!

Awesome design

This white-colored chair comes with Ergonomic Design. This design provides excellent elasticity to the back and waist size. The modern-looking chair has an S-shaped curve design with an arms set that can be adjusted at 90 degrees to relax your muscles.

Comfortable Surface

FelixKing’s chair comes with a high-density natural sponge that can control the movements of a human’s body by providing a natural curve. It has a larger bearing area that normalizes your body movements and reduces pain.

Easy to use

This best office chair for short-heavy people comes with a store-saving design. It has removable arms, and you can pull or push the arms placed under the desk when not in use and relax your muscles rotated 90 degrees to do work and enjoy relaxing. This short and sturdy chair can be used in the office, meeting room, and home.

Some unique features

This best office chair for short-heavy people has Multi-Function features that provide 360-degree rotation, 30 degrees of reclining, and resist pressure. All-day work on the computer can make your body circulation low, which is dangerous for your health, but this office star mesh back chair for short users keeps your blood flow normally, so you will not feel tired while working.


  • Ergonomic Design
  • Comfortable Surface
  • Convenient Storage
  • Simple Assembly


  • Too light

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Buying Guide for the Best Office Chair for Short-heavy People

Choosing the best chair for short legs with quality features, adjustable price, and a lasting warranty is almost impossible. We hope our guide to selecting an office star mesh back chair for short users will help you select the best option from many brands.

Build Quality

Office chairs are available in multiple components such as cushioning, base, upholstery, wheel casters, and hydraulics. Leather and upholstery are abrasion-resistant and durable. The chairs with foam cushioning should have high resilience as it keeps their shape constant.

High-resilience foam provides a quick response with a comfortable bounce-back effect. Aluminum base chairs offer a modern look and are long-lasting, while steel made is less lasting.

Ergonomics design

Ergonomics means efficiency, Adjustability, and safe design for the human body. This design keeps its user on its size. It encourages a healthy posture, adjusts the pressure, and you can move the seat and back together.

Back Support

You can sit on common chairs, but why is the best chair for short legs? A living room chair for a short person comes with proper Back Support. If your seat has fabric, breathable mesh, or is made of leather, it will provide proper back support. The mesh material provides an aeration process to keep your back heat-free. Besides this, you can work on a chair all day with back support.


It is difficult for a short person to adjust the height of a chair, but an office chair’s adjustable seat depth provides backrest angle, lumbar support, height, seat depth, and headrest. Additionally, drafting chair is also a great option for great adjustability.

Seat Comfort

A soft seat will hurt you if the seat is hard, but it will help you provide all-day comfort. High-quality foam cushions offer many ergonomic and comfort benefits. Besides this, you will also never face joint and spine issues.


Which is the Best office chair for short-heavy people?

Though all our selected chairs are of top-class quality, one is OFM ESS High Back Office Chair.

Can I adjust my office chair for a short person?

If you sit forward, with foam on the sloping side, it will support your hip and bones and slope down. In this way, the chair size will become adjustable. Sitting to the front will be a great option to keep your posture straight.

What is the best weight limit to sit on an ergonomic office chair?

Though office chairs are designed for short and heavy people, they can easily hold about 250 pounds. If your chair has good size and quality material, it can weigh 300 to 800 pounds.

Wrapping Up

We have written detailed reviews of the best office chairs for short-heavy people with pros and cons after the depth of research, and each product is satisfied by customers so you can buy any best chairs for short legs confidently and enjoy your all-day working with confidence. Though all erogenous chairs are best, the top is the Steelcase Office Chair.