How To Raise Office Chair Without Lever

Technology has shown its benefits in every field of life. And the chair industry is not an outlier at all. In the market, you can find many styles and designs of chairs. These styles look easy and comfortable in view and in sitting. Those people who work the whole day and sit on a chair prove very easy and comfortable for them, but the main factor that disturbs everybody is the adjustability of height.

Many office chairs are versatile and accommodating, and people can adjust them according to their position and pose. You can raise and reduce the height of these office chairs with ease. In the market, many chairs come with movable levers for height adjustment. But what should we have to do if an office chair does not have a lever in it? Or sometimes it may be broken or not work properly.

In such a situation, we will try to find other ways to elevate your chair. I hope that this article proves very beneficial for you. Suppose the chair is smaller than the height of the table. Or if your height is short, the table then you can adjust the chair and bring it to an enjoyable location.

In these modern days, some office has the old type of chairs like non-pneumatic. These are small chairs and risky for our health and body. It may cause fatigue in your hands and can affect badly on your production.     

There are many different ways to raise your office chair, but we will explain some of them; You can use the following instruments to adjust the height. You can use platforms, adjustment locks, cushions, blocks of wood, threaded posts, and adjustable legs.

What is a lever on a chair?

A lever on a chair is a mechanism that allows for adjustable features such as height, tilt, and recline. The lever is typically located on the underside of the chair or one of the armrests. By pulling or pushing the lever, the user can adjust the chair’s settings to their preferred position.

For example, a height adjustment lever allows the user to raise or lower the chair to fit their desk or work surface. A tilt or recline lever allows the user to adjust the angle of the backrest for greater comfort and support. Levers are common on office chairs and can improve ergonomics and reduce discomfort during prolonged periods of sitting.

Here’s a Guide on How to Raise an Office Chair without a Lever

Mapping your height compliance first                                                

First, you need to adjust some calculations between your height and seat levels. Everyone needs a point where their feet can touch the ground easily, whether you are a healthy or an ill-fated sciatica patient. For full and comfortable sitting, you have to follow these easy steps.   

  •  First, you need to map the height of your chair according to your height and the furniture where you spot your chair.
  •  According to the experts, 90- degrees with an upright back is best for a comfortable height. 
  •  Mark the point of height with your marker where you have to guess the height.

Laboring or rotating chair clockwise and anti-clockwise

Rotation of the chair clockwise and anti-clockwise is the most common and simple way to adjust the height of the office chair. You can raise the chair’s height by rotating it clockwise while rotating anti-clockwise always lowers the seat height. You can repeat this procedure if you are not satisfied with the chair’s height and want to adjust it according to your necessity.   

Use of bolts in chair mechanism

In-office chairs, and bolts are used rarely. But sometimes, office chairs come with a complete bolt combination. The opening or closing of the bolt is not a difficult task, but sometimes you need some instruments for the rotation of bolts. You can find these bolts under the seat of your chair. Use your hand for loose or tight bolts, but if a bolt is not flat, you can use a wrench and any other instrument. You can use grease or any other lubricant materials. You can also repeat this procedure for future use.

Use a cushion

Putting foam under your seat or desk is involved in this method. Through this, you can give extra support to your seat. For this, you need a cushion and, after putting it to secure it tightly. In the start, lose the screws to secure inside your desk and finally tighten the screws completely.

But by doing so, you need some extra work to install the cushion. If you do not have a proper measurement, you need to change or buy a new one. Purchasing a new one can increase your office budget. 

how to raise office chair without lever

Use of Larger Wheels

Another possible solution for this is that you can replace the old wheels of your office chairs with a new one. Always try to purchase good-quality wheels. These new wheels can help your desk in upward and downward movement. You can purchase these materials by replacing online stores and markets at an affordable price. For the replacement of wheels, follow these instructions.    

First of all, remove the old wheels by cutting the rubber pads attached to their sides. After this, put in new wheels and screw them tightly with the wrench. Some office chairs have changeable wheels. You can change them by only pulling from their base. You can use WD40 and petroleum jelly for easy sliding.

how to raise office chair without lever

Back Height Movement

Many office chairs offer a variety of chairs for changing the back and arms of a chair. Look at the arms and back putting the place of the chair while purchasing. Adjust height and arms according to your height and back. Keep the parts of the chair turning you get the best position for sitting which you want. Before fixing, the chair check your facility manages it completely.   

Attach variable legs

You can raise your office chair by purchasing variable legs. In this procedure, you can adjust the height of your chair as you want. But the price of these adjustable legs is approximately 10 to 20 dollars, and these legs need some time to assemble, so we suggest the choice we listed earlier. These are some basic ways to increase your office chair without a lever. 

Wrapping Up

This article contains different ways to raise an office chair without a lever. But it does not mean that raising a chair raises your counter. It simply means that you can adjust the chair according to your needs and work effectively and efficiently without any hesitation. So always try to adjust your posture in a comfortable position. By this method, you can save yourself from sciatica, body pain, and back pain.

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