Digital Forms

What are digital forms?

Digital forms are a great way for businesses to collect information from customers. They can be filled out on a computer or phone, and the data can be automatically saved to a database or spreadsheet. This makes it easy to keep track of customer information and create reports.

Digital forms help businesses save time and money, and make it easier to keep track of important information. They can also be used to survey customers about their experiences with your business. This can help companies to identify areas where they can improve their services.

Reasons to go from paperless to digital data gathering

  1. It becomes costly over time – Yes, the price of paper is generally cheap but over time, a paper-based method of data gathering gets costly. A simulation study conducted by the National Center for Biotechnology Information showed that paper-based studies will be 49-62% pricier than digital means when used for the same period.
  2. It decreases productivity – Writing something manually takes time, so it affects your productivity. A task may take a few seconds to finish but if you lump all the manual tasks together, you will be shocked by the lost hours devoted to non-productive tasks.
  3. Data becomes unreliable – Manual recording can be taxing. It’s easier said than done! During the first few times, manual data gathering may still be consistent but over time, data gatherers tend to get complacent and gather data in batches. Over time, the data is gathered in longer gaps of time, making the data unreliable.  
  4. Workers will get sick of the process – During the first time, they might enjoy the data gathering process. However, in the long run, they will see the whole thing as tedious. Why should workers continually engage in a tedious task when a machine could do this?
  5. Data is harder to analyze – Since the data gathered is not well-organized, it’s strenuous to make an in-depth analysis. For example, if you are a beverage company and you are requiring from all the branches a monthly report of the company’s defective products, how are you going to handle it? 

Top Digital Form Platforms

To simplify data gathering, companies invest in IT to make the collection process efficient and accurate. Below are some of the software that businesses have adopted to survive in the digital ecosystem:

Microsoft Forms

Microsoft has been with us for a very long time now and they have developed this software to streamline data collection through surveys, polls, and quizzes. All collected responses can be analyzed with its build-in analytics and exported to Excel for further analysis. The interface is incredibly beginner-friendly.

Once data has been collected, you can simply integrate them with other applications like Microsoft Outlook, Teams, and other Microsoft 365 programs.

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Traditionally, we use a spreadsheet to collect and organize data. Airtable enhances the custom form process by using databases. 

So what’s the difference between them? Both have grid lines, tabs, rows, and columns. Unlike spreadsheets, databases are more powerful because they contain relational data.

Yes, we still use spreadsheets because they are indispensable tools for calculation. However, when we are dealing with a large amount of information, it’s wise to opt for a database. Airtable offers you both!

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With more than 10 million users worldwide, Jotform specializes in creating online and digital forms through simple drag-and-drop techniques or choosing from pre-defined templates. Even with its free account, you can already do a lot of customization.

You can simply make fillable PDF forms and have the results emailed to you directly! It is phone-compatible and can integrate with over 100 software platforms.

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Formstack Forms

Used in over 112 countries, Consider FormStack as a one-stop-shop in seamlessly creating surveys and custom forms, data gathering, and eSignature collection. Why manually send information to people when you can automate that for greater efficiency?

With Formstack, you can automate tasks like sending information to prospects, collecting information from existing customers, and sending instructions.

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Survey Monkey

It’s impossible to use survey tools and not hear about this brand. Founded in 1999, SurveyMonkey is considered one of the world’s most popular survey tools.

The software boasts of its super user-friendly interface that is packed with hundreds of templates and features that simplify the whole survey process. Compared to other survey tools, SurveyMonkey has more powerful data and analysis tools. 

Once data has been gathered, the software gives you the ability to create dynamic charts and export them according to your desired format.

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Typeform is known for its flexibility in creating surveys and forms. What makes this software unique is that it seeks to make the collection process a comfortable and relational experience. 

If you want to create surveys and questionnaires that show one question at a time, then Typeform can do it. With over 100 templates in different themes similar to Canva, if you’ve used it. Just pick a theme, modify it according to your needs, and you’re good to go!

It is a web-based platform so you can create surveys online and the good part? You don’t need to put codes. Typeform is fully encrypted you can be confident that your data will be secure.

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Trusted by leading global brands, Peakon gives employees the chance to speak their hearts. By giving employees a chance to provide their feedback, you can look up these insights in Peakon’s heatmap to gain a fresher perspective and make decisions out of them.

Making surveys can be effortless because it’s user-friendly and straightforward. Peakon gives the employees an interactive experience while maintaining the utmost confidentiality. 

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You might have heard of this term in virtual training or seminars when the speaker asks you to answer a poll or question. Mentimeter it is! 

Make your presentations alive and interactive using Mentimeter’s flexible tools.  The software is particularly effective in classroom discussion or educational training. 

From young students to veteran employees, Mentimeter is easily lovable because it makes data gathering an interactive experience.

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Document Workflow Platforms


Flowcharts are diagrams that illustrate sequential steps to accomplish an activity. These generic tools guide you so that the user will follow the right course of action. In other words, flowcharts only illustrate your workflow but do not cause it to move.

What if you can mechanize the flow itself? Yes, it’s possible with document workflow platforms!

Building and monitoring your business workflow can be tedious if you are using manual methods. Good thing that we now have powerful software to streamline and automate your workflow, minimizing downtime and increasing productivity.

What are Workflow Platforms?

Let’s first examine what a workflow is. A workflow is a series of activities that need to be performed to complete a task. It is an organized pattern of your business activities through the proper use of resources. Since businesses and organizations are unique, they also adopt a workflow that optimizes their system.

Workflow software is the tool that supports the design, implementation, and automation of processes based on predetermined rules. With an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, you can immediately manage, assign, and automate tasks.

What Do You Get from Workflow Platforms?

Have you ever assessed the way you and your team handle projects? Is it smooth or do you always experience bottlenecks until the end? Well, let’s face it, no system is perfect. But, we can minimize inefficiencies through good workflow management.

Get a good grasp of the wonderful benefits of workflow software below:

1. It reduces errors

No one is perfect, we all know that. However, when you proactively plan things, you will have a clearer picture of possible errors that may arise. Workflow management is not about putting out the fire but preventing its occurrence in the first place.

Automated workflows allow you to detect errors and pinpoint where it occurs in the system. With this, you can react immediately and implement corrective actions to prevent a recurrence.

2. It boosts your team’s cohesiveness

Your team members come from different backgrounds, which affects the way they relate and communicate. Add to that the various software and company cultures that influence your inter-connectedness.

Workflow software bridges this gap by integrating everyone into one system. They serve as the medium of the different software systems so that data can run smoothly between them.

3. It enhances productivity

Your team will notice changes after you incorporate workflow software into your business. Because of automated workflows, your team reduces the time it spends on mundane tasks like sending emails or updating information.

One of the common issues we face is the delay in waiting for approvals. What’s worse is that you don’t even know if the approver read it. Having a workflow system gives you peace of mind because it allows you to track the progress of the whole approval process.

Some examples here with our Top 5 Ways to Increase Productivity.

4. It saves cost

Time is always gold. Any unproductive time wasted is a loss for the company. With the mechanization of your business workflow, your team gets to focus on tasks that have a higher dollar value.

Automated software also brings down your paper and printing expenses drastically. In effect, you also help Mother Nature by reducing environmental footprints. The lesser paper you consume, the lesser the overall cost of your project.

5. It provides actionable data

Workflow platforms aim to continuously make your business process smooth and lean. To achieve this, they can analyze your data and provide visual reports to you for the corresponding action.

Whenever there are critical points of your operations that need to be addressed, workflow software can summarize relevant data into KPIs (key performance indicators). This gives you an idea of where your business currently stands in terms of workflow efficiency.

The Best Platforms for Document Workflow


Research shows that 65 percent of the world’s population are visual learners. CloudApp is your go-to software when you need to share visuals like videos and images. It also captures shots on your screens and graphic GIF (Graphical Interchange Format) images for a more impactful message. This enhances ordinary collaboration formats because it engages your employees more.

You can also annotate the screenshots you make and send them to your teammates while chatting with them. The visual images you share in CloudApp are housed in a secure cloud location accessible through mobile or web apps. For faster sharing and collaboration of your videos, GIFs, and screenshots, CloudApp allows you to create folders.

CloudApp also gives you the liberty to define a CTA (call-to-action) button. You can embed this button anywhere and customize it to link to any content.

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Do you want to rapidly share what’s happening on your screen? With Gyazo, you can seamlessly share GIFs, screenshots, and video replays in a breeze. You only need to press one button to capture the moment, then paste it to your favorite applications.

After you capture a video or image, Gyazo provides you with a secure and private link that you can paste and share. To make the most out of Gyazo, or if your business needs greater features, you can take it to the next level with Gyazo Pro.

Its premium subscription Gyazo Pro enables you to efficiently organize your captures so you can search them fast. The GIFs and videos you grabbed can be recorded in 1080p and 1 minute long. For HD replays, you can share up to 30 seconds long and the watermarks removed.

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Shared work needs shared workspaces. With Smartsheet, you can manage your work and share it with your team members at the same time. This gives them access to view, edit, and publish

your collaborated work. The app can also provide you with updates through email whenever there are changes in the sheet.

If you are the team leader, the first thing you would probably ask when reviewing the project is this: what changed? Well, with Smartsheet, you can set it up so that it highlights the salient changes in the worksheet.

Analytical reports can also be generated so you would know the current progress. It’s all safe and secure because you can also establish the permission level for all sheets and rows.

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If you want streamlined workflows and automated interactions, Whisper would be an awesome tool to use. With Whispers Messages, you can customize templates that cater to your organization’s unique needs. Don’t worry because you don’t need any developer for this.

Whisper is a low-code platform that lets you build templates with its drag-and-drop functionality. Using CRMs and 3rd party tools? Integrate Whispir with them so you relay your content promptly.

Managing contacts is also Whispir’s forte. You just need to upload your contact list, personalize them and assign them to groups.

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How Workflow Software Made Businesses Successful


Basecamp is considered one of the pioneers in project management software. The program creates a workspace where everyone in the team can collaborate. A secret ingredient for their success is no other than CloudApp, which saved them hours in task completion.

If there’s one thing that Basecamp is meticulous about, it’s communication. Since the team works remotely, communicating is a real challenge for them. Their team uses Basecamp for coordination and Help Scout for emails. CloudApp strengthened the usefulness and clarity of its messages.

The company employees continually exchange new information with one another, which might also include multiple steps in a process. To deliver this properly, they tapped on CloudApp’s prowess. With CloudApp’s use of elements such as video and GIFts, they can introduce new information without any confusion.


I’m sure you’re very familiar with companies like T-Mobile, Dell, Samsung, and Kimberly-Clark. Well, what others may now know is that their success is also driven by Merkle. Not to mention the nonprofit organizations that they support.

Merkle is a large company that helps take care of the business’ customer experience management (CRM). Through the use of data, technology, and analytics, Merkle can help make business transactions more personal and relational.

Merkle’s Response Management Group has the responsibility of handling projects while ensuring visibility and proper accountability. Using Smartsheet helped Merkle to improve communication and visibility across their Account Management and Implementation Teams, as well as with their customers.

Driven by a customer-oriented principle, Smartsheet became a blessing for Merkle. It optimized their worksheets, enabling them to work faster and giving them more time to focus on client concerns. With automated daily tasks like sending routinary emails and updating repetitive information, they were able to free up a lot of time.

AIA Insurance

AIA Insurance belongs to the AIA Group, which is one of the largest life insurance companies in Asia. Holding over 36 million individual policies and more than 16 million group insurance plans, the company maintains a large network of partners, agents, and employees throughout Asia-Pacific.

Ms. Wong Keed, AIA’s CEO, believes that effective communication is the cornerstone to keeping the team engaged and driving growth for the company. Whisper strengthened its communication using customized videos and messaging. The platform improved its message response rate to 70%, which was previously at 45% using straight-through communication.

With more than 5,000 insurance representatives, it’s a challenge to send personalized messages. Luckily Whispir allows sending of customized messages including videos.

For unfortunate events like downtime or outages, Whispir takes immediate action by sending alerts thru SMS, email, or push notifications to support teams and key stakeholders. Talk about a speedy response!


Being one of the largest eCommerce companies worldwide, Rakuten Super Logistics is tasked to ensure the optimal flow of the supply chain from start to finish. In 2015, their sales team relied on a handful of tools just to create a document. Aside from being tedious, it ate up a lot of time.

Like other companies doing manual methods of handling documents, it was a hassle for Rakuten. There were numerous repetitive data entries and a few human errors. They knew they needed to streamline this chaotic process. PandaDoc was the key.

In 2016, Rakuten purchased more than 10 seats from PandaDoc and adopted Microsoft Dynamics as its CRM 2017. The results were phenomenal. With PandaDoc’s tokenization feature, transferring CRM entries into their docs was lightning-fast.

Because PandaDoc was very intuitive to use, Rakuten reps were able to master them quickly and they can shoot proposals immediately even when on the phone.

How Can You Start?

Workflow software is a game-changer for your team, but incorporating it into your business must be done strategically. To guide you, you can follow the simple steps below.

  • Visualize your current process

All businesses have peculiarities, so you must illustrate all your existing systems in a flowchart. Identify the gaps in each process and how workflow automation can address them.

  • Define your business objectives

Once you have established your baseline, determine your goals. How high do you want the improvements to be? Are these enhancements measurable and attainable?

  • Choose your workflow platform

Choose what’s right for your business, people, and system. This workflow software must be uncomplicated and user-friendly.

  • Implement incrementally

New systems are great but make sure that your team doesn’t get overloaded. Implement it one phase at a time, then take it a notch higher once they are familiar with every step.

SmartSheet: Fast and Easy Workflow Automation with No Code

Level up the way you manage projects and tasks, learn more about no code workflow automation and how it can benefit you and your company! 

If you are a manager or an owner of a company, you would want to work as efficiently as possible. 

Being productive is essential in a workplace since it is the key to success. It also helps you establish a good relationship between your customers and employees. 

Unfortunately, the road to success is not easy. One thing that you can do, however, is to make the repetitive jobs faster and easier. 

Let’s face it. Doing tasks in a manual way can be exhausting. You also waste time in which you should focus more on doing the much-needed jobs.

Thankfully, automation tools such as SmartSheet can solve this problem. 

SmartSheet is a platform wherein you can automate workflows, manage tasks, and more. Using this tool can make your life easier, and it also boosts productivity in your company.

So, if you are familiar with using several business tools, you might want to check out SmartSheet. With this platform, you can boost your company’s productivity and save precious time. 

How? By replacing your repetitive manual tasks and using an automated system instead.

What is SmartSheet?

Why is is one of the best no code automation tools today?

SmartSheet is a cloud-based tool that offers you a dynamic workspace. You can build solutions, integrate platforms, automate tasks, and more in your company. Also, this platform does not require you to be knowledgeable in coding. Thus, you can manage your company faster and easier.

With SmartSheet, you can help and empower your employees to do their best work. One of its capabilities is team collaboration, which connects all your employees into one group to work together on a task. You can also assign an employee to do a specific part of the project.

Since its foundation, SmartSheet continues to create solutions that fit companies of any type and size. They launched in 2005 and have been developing business solutions since then. Below are other things that SmartSheet is capable of as well:

  • Workflow automation that makes doing manual and repetitive tasks easier
  • Synchronization of data across many business platforms
  • Build and streamline business applications in only a few minutes
  • Real-time visibility
  • Forecast your company’s needs through resource management
  • Distribute all assets and observe how they are performing
  • Deliver projects in a consistent quality
  • And more!

Apart from workflow automation and platform integration, SmartSheet also takes things seriously when it comes to privacy and security. They ensure to keep your data secure by doing rigorous and complicated security procedures. There are also methods that you can do to make sure that you are sharing information safely. 

Thus, you do not have to worry about anything since SmartSheet provides the security that you need.

Additionally, SmartSheet has accomplished several achievements since its launch. One of these achievements is winning the “Best Companies to Work For 2019” award in Seattle and Boston. 

They also have a high trust rating, ranking over 90% in Fortune 100 companies. Thus, you can rely on this platform to fulfill the needed requirements of your company.

Who Uses SmartSheet?

Who can benefit from its workflow automation capabilities?

SmartSheet is suitable for enterprises of any type and size. This platform is excellent for managers or companies who aim to make business-related solutions. 

Why? That is because this tool lets them manage and maintain the standards within the company. Currently, there are over 9,000 companies that use SmartSheet for their operations. 

This platform can also be essential for smaller teams. Its interface allows you to manage tasks and create workflow automation easily. You can also customize solutions according to your needs.

What’s more, SmartSheet is a no-code platform. Meaning, you do not need to be knowledgeable in coding. This feature would be perfect for teams who aim to save time and focus on what matters the most.

What Platforms Can You Integrate with SmartSheet?

SmartSheet allows you to integrate data from other platforms. Meaning, you can connect all your existing tools within the system. As a result, you will be able to keep everyone on the same page without any hassle. 

As of the moment, you can integrate over 70 platforms in SmartSheet. These platforms include:

  • DocuSign

DocuSign is a platform that lets you send and sign digital documents online. It provides you with simple and secure technology that makes the process a lot easier and faster. You can also utilize this tool and sign signatures on any gadget. Thus, you can access this tool anytime and anywhere

As a result, you can have your essential documents taken care of in a few minutes. It is a helpful eSignature tool when you need to take care of agreements, letters, and more.

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  • Google Workspace (formerly G Suite)

G Suite, or Google Workspace, is an example of a platform hub system. It houses a collection of various productivity, cloud computing, and collaboration tools. This platform hub can also give you solutions that are fit to your company’s needs.

If you subscribe to a plan, you will get a custom company-exclusive email. The subscription also gives you access to various business collaboration tools. These tools include Google Calendar, Meet, Drive, Forms, Docs, Sheets, and other platforms. Indeed, G Suite is an excellent platform hub for your company.

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  • Microsoft Teams

From the name itself, Microsoft Teams is an example of a communication platform. It means that you can talk with your team in a private group for project collaborations. This platform is like a group chat in messaging apps. Only, this tool is more elaborate, which makes it fitting for a company.

Microsoft Teams has plenty of features that you can use. One example is the Meet function, which allows you to hold meetings through a video chat. You can also share files in various file extensions and schedule meet-up hours in the calendar. It is an excellent platform for managing your teams online.

  • Slack

Aside from Microsoft Teams, you can also integrate Slack in SmartSheet. Slack is a communication tool made primarily for remote teams. This platform allows you to keep your team on the right track, even in an online setup.

Slack offers many real-time messaging solutions that are essential for communication. One example is the channel feature, making your work more organized. You can also customize the interface with a few clicks. The process is easy, and you get more time to focus on vital tasks.

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Whispir: An Intelligent Cloud-based Communication Platform

In order to succeed, one must have an organized and cost-effective platform that makes communication among the team secure and comfortable.

In some parts of the world, people use separate communication channels to communicate with one another, which is time-consuming and bewildering at times.  

This has led them to search for a product or software that can help them have all the communication channels organized under one umbrella.

While there are several options available, most of them do not offer a powerful enough solution to the problem. 

However, Whispir is one of the few platforms that many people around the world use without having to worry about inefficiency. 

What Is Whispir? 

Whispir is a suite of mobile apps that masters your communication skills. It allows you to communicate with your teams and customers quickly, securely, and efficiently.

The software uses in-app push notifications sent from the Whispir Platform to ensure a safe, appropriate inbox, and rich messaging. 

Established in 2002 by industry professionals, the aim of this cloud-based communication is to practice on intricate construction projects, with a particular emphasis on ‘easy to use’ management and communication technologies and tool.

Whispir uses cutting-edge technology to gather all your communication channels like email, text messaging, web and voice chatting, and social media exchanges in one simple, accessible space.

It is intended for use by large enterprises, mid-sized businesses, non-profits, public administrations, and small businesses. 

This platform uses some efficient features and tools, including an authoritative API to assimilate your data, produce professional touches, interact with your audience, shape your brand, and make data-driven conclusions with a click of a button.  

What Makes Whispir a Good Communication Platform? 

Whispir is for anyone who craves improvement in their communications and requires assurance that people everywhere receive timely, valuable, and actionable content in a way that imitates their personal needs and preferences. 

Here are the main features offered by Whispir 

Email to SMS 

As a cloud-based communication platform, Whispir allows you to send an email, SMS, voice messages, and push notifications directly through one secure gateway from the comfort of your browser. This feature ensures the following benefits: 

  • Immediacy — impeccable for time-critical situations or events. 
  • Flexibility — Incorporate with your existing system effortlessly. 
  • Security & Visibility — does not have potentially dangerous attachments and is also not subject to spam filters. 
  • Low reliance — does not involve internet access and subsequently can be very useful when 3G and 4G signals are not consistent. 
Bulk Messaging 

Whispir Message Studio allows you to send bulk SMS via email by selecting a full list of recipients from your contacts to save time.

It increases revenue by directly joining you with your audience and ensuring worthwhile communication at scale. This feature provides the following aspects: 

  • Global audience access — automatically send messages to your global audience using local region carriers, which are cost-effective. 
  • Efficient workflows — automate processes to determine who gets what, when, and how. 
  • Build new proficiencies — by capturing, analyzing, and testing every interaction. 
  • Improve communication — 8+ channels manage all your communications across voice, SMS, email, and web from the Whispir Platform. 
Maps & Geofencing 

Whispir Maps Module uses Maps and Geofencing techniques to locate and target team members based on their physical and device geolocation. This feature offers: 

  • Maps communications dashboard — find a contact on the map interface and display results through GPS location or stored data. 
  • Geospatial targeting — send a message to all addressees located within a particular area.  
  • Geofence tagging — tagging an area on a map with particular data or information.  
  • Track message status — track and view the status of messages that have been delivered to recipients chosen through a specific location.  
ServiceNow Plugin 

Whispir efficiently delivers the relevant and necessary information to the team members through specifically shaped SMS, voice, or conference calls. This feature does the following: 

  • Resolve incidents faster 
  • Decrease support calls 
  • Enhance customer service 
  • Quickly gather response teams 

Whispir Event Module provides an opportunity to build personalized events communications, focusing on incidents and issues.

  • High-level engagement 
  • Shape lively experiences 
  • Ultimate audience reach 
  • Rapid time to market  
Two-Factor Authentication 

The software’s powerful API lets users receive instant and secure access to the app or website with just their mobile phone. It instantly delivers PIN codes over SMS all over the world to ensure complete authentication. This feature assures: 

  • Peace of mind 
  • Easy implementation 
  • Global Reach 
  • Enterprise-grade flexibility 
Single Sign-On  

SSO feature eliminates the need for users to remember multiple passwords for different platforms. It allows you to: 

  • Move firmly between applications 
  • Decrease the cost of forgotten passwords 
  • Understand smooth user experience  

These awesome features enable organizations to change their outcomes by building relevant and engaging interactions with people who honor value and trust. 


Whispir is a privately owned, unlisted public company, with a powerful leadership team. It has always sided with its original purpose of making solutions created with passion, enthusiasm, and intellectual severity.  

This platform offers two types of pricing options, which are constructed through the Whispir Platform as per the user’s needs.

*Whisper A 14-day trial can be availed without inputting any credit card details.

*It has two pricing plans – 1. Subscription; 2. One-time License 

Pros and Cons of Whispir as a Communication Platform

Whispir has its own set of pros and cons just like any other platform.


  • Truly connect with your audience 
  • Makes your interactions instinctive and driven by data 
  • Communications applications as a service 
  • Engage and enable 2-way communication with the supremacy of rich messages 
  • Mobile marketing 
  • SMS software 
  • Create Twilio Apps quicker 
  • Mobile Communications Software 
  • Mobile Customer Engagement 
  • Minimize and regulate SMS costs with in-app and push notifications 
  • Crisis Communications 
  • Design mobile applications 
  • Actionable customer insights 
  • Custom mobile apps 
  • Work seamlessly across devices 
  • Save time with the automation features 
  • Creative designs with simple tools 
  • Provides an ability to interact with a huge recipient team in a secure way 
  • Develop communications applications 
  • Enterprise-ready 
  • Send bulk reminder messages with proficiency 
  • Smooth conversations across every device 
  • Business process automation 
  • Maximize delivery rate to regions that are normally hard to reach 
  • Third-Party Integrations 
  • Workflow configuration 
  • Easy to use 
  • Develop good collaboration among teams 


  • High turnover 
  • Frequent changes are difficult to adapt quickly 
  • Could do better with the following of processes 
  • System infrastructures are prone to system bugs and security vulnerability 

Final Thoughts

Over the past four years, Whispir’s uptake has doubled each year. The evolution of Whispir can significantly be recognized as a world-class result because of its ultimate standard of customer support.  

Day by day, more and more organizations are becoming aware of its benefits as a communication platform for business, which include quick and easy interaction with customers with a wholesome combination of SMS, voice, email, web, mobile data, and social media.  

Features offered through Whispir boost team communication and management. However, it is safe to say that Whispir has made organizations successful by building value and trust through easy and convenient communication. 

What is Zapier?

Zapier is a task automation platform, meaning that it allows users to integrate the different web applications they use. It has over 2000 applications for you to choose from and works with all your favorite websites, including Facebook, Gmail, and YouTube, to allow for a hassle-free user experience.  

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