Whispir: An Intelligent Cloud-based Communication Platform

In order to succeed, one must have an organized and cost-effective platform that makes communication among the team secure and comfortable.

In some parts of the world, people use separate communication channels to communicate with one another, which is time-consuming and bewildering at times.  

This has led them to search for a product or software that can help them have all the communication channels organized under one umbrella.

While there are several options available, most of them do not offer a powerful enough solution to the problem. 

However, Whispir is one of the few platforms that many people around the world use without having to worry about inefficiency. 

What Is Whispir? 

Whispir is a suite of mobile apps that masters your communication skills. It allows you to communicate with your teams and customers quickly, securely, and efficiently.

The software uses in-app push notifications sent from the Whispir Platform to ensure a safe, appropriate inbox, and rich messaging. 

Established in 2002 by industry professionals, the aim of this cloud-based communication is to practice on intricate construction projects, with a particular emphasis on ‘easy to use’ management and communication technologies and tool.

Whispir uses cutting-edge technology to gather all your communication channels like email, text messaging, web and voice chatting, and social media exchanges in one simple, accessible space.

It is intended for use by large enterprises, mid-sized businesses, non-profits, public administrations, and small businesses. 

This platform uses some efficient features and tools, including an authoritative API to assimilate your data, produce professional touches, interact with your audience, shape your brand, and make data-driven conclusions with a click of a button.  

What Makes Whispir a Good Communication Platform? 

Whispir is for anyone who craves improvement in their communications and requires assurance that people everywhere receive timely, valuable, and actionable content in a way that imitates their personal needs and preferences. 

Here are the main features offered by Whispir 

Email to SMS 

As a cloud-based communication platform, Whispir allows you to send an email, SMS, voice messages, and push notifications directly through one secure gateway from the comfort of your browser. This feature ensures the following benefits: 

  • Immediacy — impeccable for time-critical situations or events. 
  • Flexibility — Incorporate with your existing system effortlessly. 
  • Security & Visibility — does not have potentially dangerous attachments and is also not subject to spam filters. 
  • Low reliance — does not involve internet access and subsequently can be very useful when 3G and 4G signals are not consistent. 
Bulk Messaging 

Whispir Message Studio allows you to send bulk SMS via email by selecting a full list of recipients from your contacts to save time.

It increases revenue by directly joining you with your audience and ensuring worthwhile communication at scale. This feature provides the following aspects: 

  • Global audience access — automatically send messages to your global audience using local region carriers, which are cost-effective. 
  • Efficient workflows — automate processes to determine who gets what, when, and how. 
  • Build new proficiencies — by capturing, analyzing, and testing every interaction. 
  • Improve communication — 8+ channels manage all your communications across voice, SMS, email, and web from the Whispir Platform. 
Maps & Geofencing 

Whispir Maps Module uses Maps and Geofencing techniques to locate and target team members based on their physical and device geolocation. This feature offers: 

  • Maps communications dashboard — find a contact on the map interface and display results through GPS location or stored data. 
  • Geospatial targeting — send a message to all addressees located within a particular area.  
  • Geofence tagging — tagging an area on a map with particular data or information.  
  • Track message status — track and view the status of messages that have been delivered to recipients chosen through a specific location.  
ServiceNow Plugin 

Whispir efficiently delivers the relevant and necessary information to the team members through specifically shaped SMS, voice, or conference calls. This feature does the following: 

  • Resolve incidents faster 
  • Decrease support calls 
  • Enhance customer service 
  • Quickly gather response teams 

Whispir Event Module provides an opportunity to build personalized events communications, focusing on incidents and issues.

  • High-level engagement 
  • Shape lively experiences 
  • Ultimate audience reach 
  • Rapid time to market  
Two-Factor Authentication 

The software’s powerful API lets users receive instant and secure access to the app or website with just their mobile phone. It instantly delivers PIN codes over SMS all over the world to ensure complete authentication. This feature assures: 

  • Peace of mind 
  • Easy implementation 
  • Global Reach 
  • Enterprise-grade flexibility 
Single Sign-On  

SSO feature eliminates the need for users to remember multiple passwords for different platforms. It allows you to: 

  • Move firmly between applications 
  • Decrease the cost of forgotten passwords 
  • Understand smooth user experience  

These awesome features enable organizations to change their outcomes by building relevant and engaging interactions with people who honor value and trust. 


Whispir is a privately owned, unlisted public company, with a powerful leadership team. It has always sided with its original purpose of making solutions created with passion, enthusiasm, and intellectual severity.  

This platform offers two types of pricing options, which are constructed through the Whispir Platform as per the user’s needs.

*Whisper A 14-day trial can be availed without inputting any credit card details.

*It has two pricing plans – 1. Subscription; 2. One-time License 

Pros and Cons of Whispir as a Communication Platform

Whispir has its own set of pros and cons just like any other platform.


  • Truly connect with your audience 
  • Makes your interactions instinctive and driven by data 
  • Communications applications as a service 
  • Engage and enable 2-way communication with the supremacy of rich messages 
  • Mobile marketing 
  • SMS software 
  • Create Twilio Apps quicker 
  • Mobile Communications Software 
  • Mobile Customer Engagement 
  • Minimize and regulate SMS costs with in-app and push notifications 
  • Crisis Communications 
  • Design mobile applications 
  • Actionable customer insights 
  • Custom mobile apps 
  • Work seamlessly across devices 
  • Save time with the automation features 
  • Creative designs with simple tools 
  • Provides an ability to interact with a huge recipient team in a secure way 
  • Develop communications applications 
  • Enterprise-ready 
  • Send bulk reminder messages with proficiency 
  • Smooth conversations across every device 
  • Business process automation 
  • Maximize delivery rate to regions that are normally hard to reach 
  • Third-Party Integrations 
  • Workflow configuration 
  • Easy to use 
  • Develop good collaboration among teams 


  • High turnover 
  • Frequent changes are difficult to adapt quickly 
  • Could do better with the following of processes 
  • System infrastructures are prone to system bugs and security vulnerability 

Final Thoughts

Over the past four years, Whispir’s uptake has doubled each year. The evolution of Whispir can significantly be recognized as a world-class result because of its ultimate standard of customer support.  

Day by day, more and more organizations are becoming aware of its benefits as a communication platform for business, which include quick and easy interaction with customers with a wholesome combination of SMS, voice, email, web, mobile data, and social media.  

Features offered through Whispir boost team communication and management. However, it is safe to say that Whispir has made organizations successful by building value and trust through easy and convenient communication. 

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