Welcome Email for New Employee – Template

Are looking for a welcome email for new employees template? Keep on reading.

A good welcome email for new employees is essential for creating a positive first impression of your company. It sets the tone for their entire experience with your organization and can make a big difference in how they feel about their new job. Include helpful information such as the company culture, what to expect on their first day, and any other relevant details that will help them feel comfortable and prepared for their new role.

Check out the template below that we created to serve as your guide in writing your company’s welcome email:

Dear [Employee’s Name]

Congratulations for being part of [Company Name]. We are very excited to welcome you to our team! We are very confident that as part of the [Company Name] Team, you will do great things that will help us achieve a common mission!

Just to remind you that your start date is [date] and we follow the standard office hours in our community. This means that we expect you to be in our offices by [time] on the said date. Office hours end at [time] and you get a one hour lunch time from [time] to [time]. Lunches can be brought from home or you can choose to go out for lunch. Our offices are lucky enough to be located close to several restaurants that you can try out.

We maintain a [casual/business casual] dress code so we’d appreciate it if you keep this in mind during your first day! Please don’t forget to bring your ID and other pertinent documents during your first day. This way, we can help speed up your transition in our office. We understand that a new environment is always challenging – which is why we want to make you as comfortable as possible in [Company Name].

We are located at [Street Name, City]. [If relevant, mention if there are other branches and their location. Mention if office is the headquarters.] If you’re taking public transportation, you can take the [train/bus] going to [location]. Our location is also marked in Google Maps which should make it easy for you to find the main building. Just input [Company Name] in Google Maps for quick directions regardless of where you’re coming from. Our office is located at the nth floor of the building. We should be pretty easy to locate!

At [Company Name], we take great pride in giving all our employees a safe and productive space where they can do their best work. This is why your workstation is equipped with all necessary equipment from your computer, printer, office accessories, and others. Our team will help set up your computer, software, and other online accounts for your first day. This includes programming your password into the system. Please keep in mind that your password is personal and should be kept strictly private! We trust that you’ll make sure your password is known only to you!

For your first day, check-in with [Jane/Joe] who will be giving you the full tour! They will be responsible for walking you through the office so you’ll know where to find all the important spots! From the bathroom, the snack area, and other facilities – we want you to be comfortable in your new space. Please make sure to bring all the documents mentioned in the attached file of this email. Place them in a convenient brown envelope and HR will handle the rest! [Jane/Joe] will assist you in getting your company ID and filling in all the necessary forms for salary, benefits, and other perks of being part of the Company team. [If applicable, mention current company policies regarding work from home and COVID restrictions, depending on your location.]

To help ease your transition, we have also prepared extras to help you navigate work and office life. [If applicable, mention about parking privileges and perks like Company t-shirt, mug, pens, notebooks, and so on. Talk about the Company policy when it comes to snacks, access to coffee, fridge, microwave, and other common appliances if applicable. Mention if a company phone will be made available.]

We planned your first few days to help you become comfortable in our office space. To help you better prepare for your first few days here, we’ve compiled a complete agenda that should tell you everything you need to know about [Company Name]. You can find it attached in this email – we hope to give you as much time as possible to read and complete the paperwork. Human Resources will help you with the process and contact you to discuss the first few steps for settling in. We understand that the new environment is a tad different which is why we’ve prepared a few training sessions so you’ll have a better understanding of our internal operations.

Your first week will be packed – as you can see from the attached itinerary. We want you to hit the ground running and get a general feel of what [Company Name] is all about. Don’t worry – we’ll make sure you’ll have the time to bond and talk with the rest of the team! We understand that while individual input matters – the general feel of the office setting is what makes the whole process work.

Please understand that here at [Company Name], we aim to create a work environment that prioritizes the safety and well-being of our people. This is why we make sure that the company culture is hate-free and bias-free. All genders, cultures, and beliefs are welcomed and accommodated as far as practicable. If you want to discuss specifics, feel free to contact our Human Resources Department to talk about it.

As you can see from the agenda, some aspects of your training include learning about office regulations and requirements [Company Name] needs to comply with as required by the [State]. Because of its importance, we ask that you take this relevant training seriously as you become part of the team. The Company also follows a Code of Conduct that all employees are expected to follow in order to maintain a safe, functional, and civil working environment.

Finally, our team is very excited to meet you! No pressure – but everyone will be welcoming you during the planned [event/lunchtime]. This will be indicated in your itinerary too! You might be asked to make a short introductory speech on your first day.

If you have any questions before your first day, feel free to email back or give me a call! I’ll be more than happy to help you with any questions you might have. For any questions you might have after your first day, you can also ask [Jane/Joe] who will be glad to assist you with any problem you might have.

Best regards,