Welcome To The Team – 13 Great Employee Gift Ideas

Looking for employee gift ideas to level up your onboarding process? Keep on reading.

They say that first impressions last. The moment an employee walks through the door of your company (whether physical or virtual), the process of engaging with them begins. You want to make an impression on them and show them that they are welcome and that you are excited to begin working with them.

You’ve already given them a rundown of the company, its people, values, and the culture you share in your organization throughout the hiring process. You may be wondering how you will represent these values and culture during their onboarding process. How can you get them pumped up for their first day?

For new employees, the onboarding process can be a make or breakpoint. It has been demonstrated that it has a significant impact on improving the performance of new hires and extending their retention period. Giving welcome or onboarding gifts sets the tone for the workplace and show that you value your new employees from the start.

Here are 13 employee gift ideas for your company’s welcome kit:

1. Company Signature Items (Swag Starter Pack)

The term “swag” entered the HR world as quickly as the world rotated. “Swag” items, also known as “Stuff We All Get,” are any unbranded items that include your company’s name. It could be a shirt, tote bags, tumblers, mouse pads, notebooks, or anything else that your employees would appreciate receiving and finding useful.

This is also an excellent way to promote your company on any platform. There is no limit to this. You can experiment with your company’s branding or find a way to incorporate the company’s identity into the product.

2. Creative Employee and Company Handbook

In their first week, every new employee will have doubts and questions. Consider all potential questions and include them in the handbook. You may have already mentioned them verbally, but you cannot be certain that they will remember them. This will help them get all of the important information, and it will be something they can refer to if something is unclear to them.

With all of the do’s and don’ts as well as regulations, it may appear serious, but you can make it more enjoyable. Be creative and include things like department introductions with clever quotations, fun pictures of your activities, and a reflection page for employees to share their thoughts and doubts about the company. This may motivate your new hire to push himself or herself beyond the limit.

3. Tech Items

Every job necessitates the use of technology. It could be a laptop, desktop, headphones, or any other technology related to the job. To avoid the hassle, ensure that they have access to the applications they require and that the appropriate permissions are in place. This demonstrates how much you appreciate your employees.

4. Office Supplies

Office supplies will undoubtedly help your employees’ workflow. Your company’s logo can be printed on them. This could be notebooks, notepads, pens, markers, storage boxes, or you can directly ask your current employees what office supplies they require to make their jobs easier; you may get creative ideas from them. By not requiring your new hires to purchase these items , you are sending a message of welcome to your company.

5. Books or Learning Materials

Show your concern for your employees by sending them materials such as books or e-books to demonstrate your desire to invest in their growth and learning. It could be self-help books or materials that will help them expand their knowledge in their field.

6. Gift Cards and Coupons

You may not know exactly what your new hires want, so why not give them the freedom to select the appropriate welcome gifts for them by providing gift cards? And don’t forget that this will increase their happiness.

Coupons are also a good welcome gift. Offer a staycation or restaurant coupons that they can use on weekends to help them de-stress from work and daily life.

7. Personalized Welcome Letter

This says a lot about your company and how much you genuinely care about them. This will give them a sense of belonging that they will remember for a long time.

8. Work from Home Starter Pack

With the global pandemic, most of us are working from home, so why not offer things that can add value to their work from home, while also providing the warmth of the company? You can give teas, lattes, and other beverages to enjoy while they work.

9. Wellness Gifts

Concern for your employees’ health is a huge green flag. Give them a wellness package that will encourage them to live a healthy and active lifestyle.

10. Scented Candles

Along with the other gifts, you might consider including scented candles to help them relax while working, and during their breaks.

11. Pandemic Essentials

In our current situation, where we are living in a pandemic, express your company’s concern by providing essentials to ensure everyone’s safety. These can be included as extras in your welcome packages. Masks, alcohol or sanitizers, and other necessary safety items may be included.

12. Snacks

Everyone enjoys snacking while working or taking breaks. Sending snack packages that they can eat while working is the simplest way to get your new hires excited. These will not only make them giddy but will also increase their focus.

13. Plants

Plants bring a sense of home to any space. Plants can brighten up the workstation whether your company works in an office or at home. It is a stress reliever, and some varieties can even clean the air. You can also try succulents, which require little care.


Sending welcome gifts to new employees is a great way to get things going, build excitement, and make them feel truly welcomed. It’s the same as saying that this is just the beginning of their fun journey in the company and that they can look forward to more fun activities in the future. Remember that your welcome package should show that you genuinely care about them and want them to have the best onboarding experience possible in the corporate world through these employee gift ideas.

We hope you found these employee gift ideas helpful! Thanks for reading!