A Guide to Ensure Originality of Articles

You might have observed how things are evolving and taking digital shape in this digital world. Businesses are turning to the web and expanding their chores like never before. This revolution has also increased the number of working opportunities for people around the globe.

Content writing is one such field that has been in high demand due to the need and requirement of content for businesses to excel over the web. Whether you start a blog, eCommerce website, create social media accounts for your business or choose any other medium, you’ll need excessive content regularly.

However, producing content isn’t easy, as several factors need to be considered to make an article worthwhile. Being a writer, your job comes with a lot of demands; from conducting in-depth research to forming a perfect content structure, collecting valuable insights, and using an engaging tone, there are several things you need to take care of.

Above everything else, the writers need to make sure that they are producing original articles. Originality is one such thing that can make or break your article’s fortune; therefore, you need to ensure your work doesn’t contain any sort of plagiarism.

If you are wondering how you can ensure the originality of articles, this guide will take you through the easiest way. SearchEngineReports is the platform that offers a free plagiarism checker that can help you detect whether your content is unique or copied. Let’s start exploring this advanced utility without any further ado!

Ensure Content Originality with SearchEngineReports.net

SearchEngineReports is a web portal with hundreds of tools that help people working in various domains, such as digital marketing, web development, academia, etc. The plagiarism checker by SearchEngineReports can help you ensure originality in articles. It is an advanced tool that conducts an in-depth check on any kind of text to identify the chunks that contain plagiarism.

The user-friendly interface of this plagiarism tool allows everyone to easily access and check plagiarism from their work without facing any intricacies. If you have come across plagiarised portions in your entered text, you can use another advanced utility of this platform, article rewriter, to eliminate duplication.

Features of Plagiarism Checker

SearchEngineReports’ plagiarism checker has many features that add to its excellence for the users. The main features of this online plagiarism detector include the following:

Detailed Reports

Besides providing plagiarism percentages, this online tool offers detailed plagiarism scan reports. The reports contain accurate information, which includes the highlighted phrases that have plagiarism and the sources from where the text is copied.

Extended Word Limit

The plagiarism checker offered on this web portal stands above other tools available over the web due to its comprehensive limitation on the number of words that can be checked in a single go. It allows the users to check for plagiarism from a document of up to 1500 words.


The users don’t need a specific device to access this plagiarism checker. The super-compatibility of this tool makes it easily accessible from all operating systems, including iOS, Android, Mac, Linux, and Windows. You can check for plagiarism by simply visiting this portal through the default web browser of your device.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can You Check for Plagiarism with this Online Tool?

This tool doesn’t require you to follow convoluted procedures to check for plagiarism. You just need to enter the text in the given box and click the check plagiarism button to initiate the process. It will just take a couple of seconds to process your request and provide you with accurate results.

How Many Files Can You Check in a Day?

There is no limit on the number of files you can check in a day with this plagiarism detector. This tool allows the users to check as many files for plagiarism as they desire without facing any restrictions.

How to Upload a File to Check for Plagiarism?

Uploading a file to check for plagiarism is just one click away with this advanced plagiarism tool. You can simply click the upload button to access your device’s storage and select the desired file. It also gives you an easy way to import files from Dropbox; you can click its icon, access your account, and import the file directly without downloading it on your device.

Does this Tool Save Your Data?

No! This tool ensures complete security for all the users and prevents their data from getting stolen. Its databases are designed so that they don’t keep hold of the text entered by the users; as soon as the plagiarism check process is completed, the file automatically gets removed from its servers.