7 Killer New Employee Welcome Kit Ideas

When a new employee comes on board, you want to ensure they have a memorable experience reflecting your company. Take 5 minutes to review the below list of new employee welcome kit ideas, and you will realize this is one of the most crucial opportunities for new hire onboarding. Letting them know they are now a part of the team enhances their sense of belonging to the culture.

Why Send A Welcome Kit?

T-shirts, pens, notebooks, and water bottles can all be included in a welcome kit. The kit you provide should reflect your company’s culture and instill a sense of pride and commitment in new workers.

The pride of your new worker can be attributed to starting something fresh, and they will want to talk about it on their socials, what better way to spread the great culture you are building at your company than to show off some merch as well.

New Employee Welcome Kit Ideas

Today, we will show you 7 of the top items new employees would love to receive upon entering the company. Not only is a welcome kit a fun way to keep your employees engaged, but it also shows them how much you care for them and are willing to provide help should they need it.

You can see all the cool ideas below of what to include in your kit, but if you want the formal list of What to Include in an Employee Welcome Kit, you can check out the article here.

New welcome kit ideas
New welcome kit ideas

Read on to find out what consists of a perfect welcome kit.

1. Notebook

  • In your onboarding kit, a simple notebook is a must-have item. New hires always appreciate a good-quality notebook they can use in their new job. Notebooks are a simple and inexpensive present that don’t take up a lot of room and are helpful for everybody.
  • The size and design are up to you, but make sure to invest in a notebook of high quality and one that will represent your company well. A plain notebook with your logo slapped on top doesn’t make a good welcoming gift. Be more creative—add some fun designs on the cover, include stickers, and even personalize the front with your employees’ names so they know the notebook is theirs!
  • Seeing your employees pull out their matching notebooks during team meetings will be exciting. It only boosts the confidence and power of your company!

2. Pens

  • What else matches your notebook best other than a customized pen? In the 21st century, everybody is busy. A workday can be made more stressful if you keep losing your stuff. Pens, generally small items, may be difficult to keep. You find them lying everywhere, but once you need them, they disappear!
  • Erase your employees’ doubts by providing them with a high-quality pen they can bring wherever they go. There are many pen brands, so pick the most efficient yet affordable option.
  • It will be a huge plus if the design of your pen matches the company’s colors to have that united feel. Your company will also gain more exposure when your employees use their pens outside.

3. Snacks

  • It is a universally known truth that food makes everything better. Your new hire might be nervous or tense upon coming on board, but giving them snacks will make them feel better. You can make a great assortment of high-quality snacks and delicacies, such as nuts, dried fruits, crackers, and other goodies, and place them in your lovely welcome kit. Your new staff will be delighted to find a thoughtful bag filled with treats inside their box.
  • Including snacks in your welcome kit means saying, “We care!” All enjoy snacks, and having them in your employee welcome package and throughout your company ensures a happy working environment. Snacks are a terrific addition to your welcome kit because they may be enjoyed on the first day of employment.

4. Water bottle

  • A water bottle is a useful and environmentally friendly item that businesses should consider giving to their employees and include in their welcome kits. These days, many people forget their own water bottles at home and purchase plastic ones thrown away at the end of the day. Go green by providing your new employees with high-quality water bottles that will last their entire stay (or even longer!)
  • Give your new employees reliable and effective water bottles they can bring without worrying about purchasing bottled water every day. Go the extra mile by investing in insulated bottles that keep your employee’s drinks hot or cold! This way, they can have cold fresh water or hot coffee throughout the day.

5. Shirts/sweaters

  • Giving promotional t-shirts or sweaters to staff is also beneficial to the company. The logo on a t-shirt or sweater can promote the company’s philosophy and boost the brand’s awareness because it is a garment that anyone can truly wear and is not a tasteless piece of clothing.
  • Make your shirts or sweaters stylish by incorporating unique designs. Don’t feel restricted by just the company’s logo! There are lots of independent designers that can create a one-of-a-kind design for your employees’ new shirts. If your design is unique, your employees may wear them everywhere! It’s always a plus if the material of your shirts or sweaters is comfortable, like cotton.

6. Mug      

  • Even though a coffee mug isn’t a unique item, it is a handy one. Newly hired workers may save time by avoiding the neighborhood coffee shops and preparing their own coffee at work, assuming the workspace allows it.
  • So many plastic cups are used for coffee shop to-go orders, and we usually see these cups scattered on the street. Plastic is bad for the environment, and you can do your part as a company to reduce plastic use by providing mugs to your new employees.
  • Mugs have many uses: besides simply holding beverages, mugs can also be pen holders! Keep your office organized by giving out mugs that employees may use however they want: for both their drinks and organization. Seeing your mugs around the workplace can inspire and push your employees to strive more!

7. Portable charger

  • In the digital age, we rely mostly on our gadgets to get by. We use our phones, laptops, and earphones daily. What can be frustrating if we’re not at our comfortable workstation is going through the trouble of finding a charging station. We don’t want to wait for a train while our phone is dead.
  • With modern problems come modern solutions. Keep your employees’ gadgets charged by giving them a portable charger they can bring anywhere and everywhere. They won’t have to worry about running out of battery whenever they’re on the go.