New Employee Welcome Gift Ideas

As the economy expands and more jobs become available, employees have become more concerned about finding a workplace that feels like home to them. Giving your new employee a welcome gift will help you make a great first impression on them – and hopefully, it will encourage them to give their best performance from the start.

Here are tips on how to choose the best welcome gift for your new hires:

Make it personal!

It’s best to give a personalized gift, especially one they can use about their role. For example, someone in marketing might love a sketchbook or journal for their ideas, whereas your new HR assistant would genuinely appreciate a cute organizer.

Eco-friendly is the way forward.

Many companies nowadays are highly conscious of their carbon footprint. Aside from being more environmentally friendly, it also boosts the company’s moral image in the eyes of its employees. It’s hard not to root for a boss actively trying to improve the environment.

Use your name!

Find a useful item and print your company’s brand and logo. It won’t just serve as a heartwarming welcome gift but also a way to market your brand to others when they see your employees using it.

Include everyone.

Try to find gender-neutral, non-political gifts acceptable in all cultures. It may sound hard at first, especially if you’re completely unaware of what might be offensive in another person’s culture, but this truly pays off. It helps tell your employees that your company is not racist or bigoted.

Now that you know what kind of gifts you should be looking for, here are a few ideas to get you started:

1. Company apparel

Get a professional designer to help you print your company logo on a t-shirt or hoodie. Use wrinkle-free and comfy material to wear, so your employees will have no choice but to reach for it whenever possible. It doesn’t have to be uniform, but they might wear it daily if you do it right.

2. Mental health kit

More and more people are becoming aware of the detrimental effects of stress, anxiety, and depression. Mental health problems affect not just a person’s work but all aspects of their life. Let your new hires know that you take their mental health as seriously as their physical health. You could assemble a custom mental health kit containing a journal, fidget toys, scented candles, stuffed toys, and a handwritten note for encouragement.

3. Snacks

Who doesn’t love to snack, right? You could ask your new hires to indicate their favorite snacks on their employee profile. That way, you can surprise them with it on their first day on the job.

4. Office equipment

It doesn’t have to be a brand-new computer. Little things like a cord organizer or a set of pens and sticky notes can make their transition much more exciting.

5. Beverage-themed gifts

A coffee tumbler holding hot and cold beverages for long periods is always a crowd-pleaser. If you prefer a more health-conscious approach, you can also give boxes of organic teas or comically large water bottles. If all else fails, stick your logo on a mug and give it as a gift. People will always need good, sturdy mugs.

6. Umbrella

Some people may take them for granted, but there will come a time when they will certainly come in handy. Umbrellas aren’t the most exciting gifts but they are among the most useful.

7. Team Welcome Box

Ask your existing employees to name one item that would make them feel welcome on their first day. Compile all suggestions in one box and have them hand it over to their newest team member. It helps to cultivate feelings of camaraderie early on. Also, it saves you some time to think of what to get.

8. Picture frames

Give your new employee a chance to personalize their space with a set of picture frames. Seeing something familiar at work may help them overcome any anxiety or shyness.

9. Books

What kind of book? That would depend on your business, your services, and which department your new hire will be in. Please give them a book that’s relevant to their job. Even if your employee is working as everyone’s assistant, you can empower them to look ahead with a brilliantly written book on success.

10. Fitness gear

A gym membership would be excellent, but a bag and accessories will still convey the message. Let your employees know you want them to stay fit and healthy with a fitness-themed welcome gift.

11. Spa sessions

Please don’t be too concerned that your newest employee already wants to rest on his first day. After all, starting a new job and adjusting to an unfamiliar environment can be stressful for anyone. Reward their composure with a paid spa day or therapy session – a gift they won’t forget anytime soon.

12. Anti-theft backpack

Your young, naive new hire has enough troubles going on. Please give them peace of mind with a sleek, anti-theft backpack. Splurge on a durable, waterproof one to last them for ages. Get yourself one, too.

13. Home office lap desk

If your employees are working from home, you won’t be able to get them a comfy chair or elegant office set-up. The next best thing is to give them a home office lap desk to make them comfortable enough to focus on their work.

14. Lumbar support pillow

Speaking of comfort, too many people are hunched over their desks and getting back pains at a young age. Help prevent the spread of back pain with a sturdy lumbar support pillow for your employees.

Perhaps the best advice would be to get your employee something you would use personally. It doesn’t have to have an enormous price tag – a thoughtful gift with sincere intention will reach the heart.