Workato vs. Zapier

workato vs zapier

Check out this Workato vs Zapier comparison and see which automation platform is for you.

Today’s modern corporation uses over 1,000 unique programs, both on-premises, and cloud-based. Additionally, corporate and personal productivity applications such as social media, calendaring, and chat are critical components of everyday operations, and enterprises must manage the data spread throughout various applications.

Only an automated integration platform enables a corporation to fully exploit the value of its data across all its applications. For the present and future, the automation platform necessity cannot be a patchwork of software as in the past.

Workato vs. Zapier is a contentious issue in the information technology industry. Workato and Zapier are both integration platform-as-a-service (iPaaS) technologies. Choosing the best option from the plethora of others currently on the market is complex for a client. To assist users in selecting the ideal solution for their business needs, we’ve included a detailed comparison of Workato and Zapier’s capabilities and plans and other details.

What is Workato?

Workato is the market leader in iPaaS, having been adopted by over 21,000 businesses. It is the only intelligent automation platform that enables a better customer experience, corporate integration, and process automation. This iPaaS solution enables collaboration between business and IT to create, function, and deploy automation without jeopardizing governance and security. 

Workato integrates with more than 200 business apps, such as Salesforce, ServiceDesk, Jira, Confluence, and Hipchat. Additionally, its secure integration services facilitate the management of sophisticated business logic, conditional actions, and multi-step workflows. This can be accomplished without writing any scripts and a few days or hours rather than months or weeks.

The flexibility that Workato provides in such a simple UI is genuinely astonishing and allows users without coding skills to establish complicated connections that would have cost thousands of dollars in bespoke programming labor. The community has many pre-made recipes accessible that you can edit to fit your needs.

Key Features of Workato

  • Includes an intuitive dashboard 
  • Provides pre-configured integration processes on popular applications
  • Provides job graphs to users 
  • Supports activity audits
  • Allows users to stream audit logs
  • Enables users to schedule a variety of scenarios
  • Allows for secondary connectors
  • Supports conditional data mapping
  • Enables users to conduct batch processing
  • Allows users to collaborate via Workato Teams
  • Manages the lifespan of recipes for users
  • Provides error and exception management
  • Offers intricate business logic

What is Zapier?

Since its inception in 2011, Zapier has aided over 1.8 million people and organizations in automating their workflows. Zapier is a cloud-based tool that enables you to link apps and automate repetitive processes, making your team focus on more critical duties. You can automate the connection of more than 4,000 of the most widely used web apps in minutes—no coding required. You join your other apps with Zapier and then tell it what you want to complete. It handles integration and management, so you don’t have to worry about staffing up on engineers to keep things running.

Consider it a means to create processes that automate the completion of routine chores. Assume you employ a software for project management and a calendar for time management. Zapier may connect to both apps and use data from one to build something in the other. This might be as simple as creating a calendar event to remind you when a task is due or as complex as creating a new task in your project management tool to notify you if you have a recent appointment added to your calendar.

Zapier for Business enables you to apply the benefits of automation to your entire enterprise through collaboration features. 

Key Features of Zapier

  • Allows users to create Zaps (workflows) quickly. Anyone can construct and customize workflows based on their specific requirements.
  • Each Zapier account has built-in apps such as a message box, a phone app, reminders, calendars, and various other applications for developing sophisticated workflows.
  • Provides superior customer support, faster time to market for new ideas, and clean and tidy code.
  • Intelligent automation enables small firms to focus on sales rather than data entry.
  • Excellent tool for marketers who want to develop intelligent marketing strategies and get more leads at a lower cost
  • Provide comments on new concepts, ideas, and designs.
  • Enables integration with applications that lack native integration

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Similarities of Workato and Zapier

  • Integration

Both options are ideal for integrating and setting up low-volume accounts with minimal configuration and maintenance requirements. For a dispersed structure where a client or third party is accountable for billing, it’s straightforward to create an account, enroll them in a low-cost plan, set up a simple integration, and train them on modifying the configuration. Its webhook-based design is ideal for a wide variety of straightforward use cases, and there is no reason to employ a more sophisticated or expensive solution.

Workato and Zapier are fantastic for integrating disparate applications without requiring extensive effort or specialized knowledge. It’s beneficial to automate operations, keep connections flowing, and synchronize data between multiple programs.

  • Workflow automation

Along with essential connections for data synchronization across several programs, this software enables you to automate business process mapping operations.

  • Customer care

Both solutions offer customer support. Workato provides customer service via email/help desk, Forum, FAQ, phone support, knowledge-based, and chat. Zapier provides knowledge-based and email-based integrations.

Workato vs. Zapier

  • Responsiveness with auto-versioning

Suppose you wish to improve integration to grasp different business rules. In that case, the Workato solution’s auto-versioning feature keeps track of all your modifications and enables you to reverse quickly without losing any effort.

  • Best-suited clients

Workato is ideal for businesses of all kinds – small, medium, and large, requiring end-to-end workflow and automatic scaling of growth in human resources, finance, information technology, sales, and support. Several notable clients include Alternatives, Bitamtica, and DeepCrawl.

Zapier is better suited for small to medium-sized organizations with marketing, salespeople, designers, and developers. Spotify, McAfee, and Adobe are just a few well-known clientele.

  • Supported platforms

Workato is compatible with all iPad, Windows, iPhone/iPad, Mac operating systems, and web-based devices. Zapier is only compatible with Windows, Mac, and web-enabled devices.

  • Training programs

Workato provides in-person and live online training and comprehensive documentation via videos and webinars. Zapier provides training exclusively through documentation.


Workato is a subscription-based service. It begins at $100,000 per year. There is a free trial provided, but no free version. Zapier is available for $19.99 per month. It offers both a free trial version and a fully functional free edition.


Workato and Zapier are designed to be intuitive and straightforward, allowing users to connect their company apps independently. As these software address potential integration issues, every user may now develop powerful app integration utilizing a cost-effective way. Therefore, if you believe that integrating Workato or Zapier could assist streamline your organization, open a trial account, and give it a try.

Both solutions are great for businesses looking for a more practical approach to completing recurring activities. Suppose you are a business that does a variety of administrative duties using software or performs for various manual operations, and would like to improve the efficiency of your process. In that case, you should consider either one of these solutions.

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