Are Recliners Bad For Your Back?

Nowadays, there is significant competition between ordinary chairs, recliners, and sofas. But it is wrong to say that these are universal fits because these are all used for different purposes.

Follow this guide till the end if you want to know, are recliners bad for your back?

Unluckily, the recliners are bad for one who continuously sits 10 hours at work. We are going to tell you the bright and dull features of recliners. So let’s start with the opposing sides of the recliner. Yeah, better things will come later for your excitement. Without proper lumbar support, if you sit in a recliner, it would badly hurt your lower back. 

Suppose, there is a large gap between the chair and your lower backside, it will put stress and cause your body to slump. Slouching will put a strain on the muscle of your lower back and will cause it to lengthen and surely hurt you.

What is a recliner chair?

A recliner chair is a type of chair that has a mechanism that allows the user to lean back and adjust the angle of the seat and backrest, providing maximum comfort and relaxation. It is designed to recline backward, allowing the user to sit in a comfortable position.

Recliner chairs are commonly used in living rooms, bedrooms, and home theaters and come in various sizes and styles to fit different preferences and needs. They offer a comfortable and relaxing seating option for anyone who needs a break from the stresses of daily life.

Will recliners promote back pain?

Just imagine that you come from your office, or school, and are tired. You see your recliner for your relaxation, plunge in it, and take a long rest. A few hours later, you wake up. You feel pain in your neck and the lower backside. This is the bad habit where the problem of back pain started.

That’s why experts think that back is the fault of our lifestyle, not of recliners. If you sit on recliners for hours watching movies and playing games, it will cause restlessness and pain in your lower backside. Recliners and most ergonomic chairs also cause back pain in such critical situations.

Many recliners provide luxury sitting for long hours and heated seats, massagers, and the latest spa-oriented features. These features help relieve back pain; prolonged sitting is harmful to the human body. However, recliners are much better than a standard chair.

Though ergonomic recliners are made for prolonged sitting, they still, will never be a way to promote good health. Then arises a question are recliners bad for your back and your neck?

The answer is yes; recliners promote back pain.

How to Work with a Sore Back | Expert Advice from Dr. Steven Lockstone | MyChiro

The positive effects of recliners

If you want to buy a reclining couch for short sitting hours, recliners bio-medically keep your back more comfortable than ordinary couches and sofas. When you buy a recliner with a dedicated lumbar support cushion, heat options, massaging `and hip adjustment, a decent recliner will excellently soothe your fatigue. But, it depends upon the model of the recliner and its construction.

After surgery, doctors recommend sitting on recliner chairs that provide lumbar support. If you want something better than gaming, ergonomics, and regular chairs, you can buy every size of the recliner. For people suffering from back pain like pregants, specialized low-back recliners do a good job and solving the issue of back pain. Still, we recommend you use a recliner for short working hours. During long working hours, though sitting causes back pain, the recliner chair makes sitting adjustable.

On a recliner chair, you can change your sitting position at frequent times. You can easily recline and easily keep your feet with a button push. Elevating your legs also provides comfort during body pain, and a reclining chair offers extra benefits for your feet. You can also keep your portions in an advancing and down position.

Different types of back pain recliners

For professional and office usage, many recliners relieve back and neck pain. From 6 to 9 types of recliners are considered the best and readily available in the market.

We are describing here some best types of recliners.

Ergonomic Chair Recliners

Nowadays, almost everyone works in an office or spends many hours playing games on chairs. That’s why you can see the standard chairs and ergonomic chairs in professional office setups or at home. A quality chair recliner features orthopedic lumbar cushions, adjustable footrests, armrests, headrests, and much more. If you suffer from minor pain fatigue symptoms, you can use Ergonomic Chair Recliners. These basic recliners are best for Short-term relaxation, such as three working hours. Besides this, such joint Chair Recliners are best for office or casual desk work, short-term relaxation, and ergonomic sitting.

Massaging Recliner Chairs

In the spa and massaging centers, Massaging Chairs are commonly present. These chair provides extra massage to your body and relieves pain. Massaging Recliner Chairs come with top-class technical massaging programs to ease body pain even in extreme conditions. With such incredible features, massaging sofas are costly too.

This recliner provides one hour of short-term relaxation for ordinary people, pregnant ladies, and chronic patients to people suffering from much body pain. All in all, Massaging Recliner Chairs provide Heat Therapies, Muscle recovery, stretching, body relaxation, and Pain-Relieving.

Orthopedic Recliner Chairs

 Orthopedic Recliner sofas are types of home furniture. If you suffer from medium back pain issues, these manual lever recliners are also called power recline low back recliners. The best feature of this Orthopedic Recliner chair is the quality of relieving joint or knee issues. Joint issues cause pain while working, but these sofas come with a recline option which is a great benefit. Orthopedic Recliner Chairs has chubby and chunking design while lots of padding adds much comfort during sitting.

To sit for mid-range hours, you need to choose a recliner chair with integrated lumbar support padded with a cushion. If you want to buy a sofa or chair for an everyday routine, suffering from chronic issues or are a patient with body pain, Orthopedic Recliner Chairs will be a perfect option for you.

The people who work for 4 to 6 hours of the day and want a sofa for laptop surfing, TV watching, short time office working, Orthopedic Recliner Chairs are a superb option.

Ideal Reclining Angle

Sitting is common, but several hours can lead to back pain, but an excellent reclining position reduces back pain. According to your experts, if you hardly need to sit for long hours, an off-loading sitting posture will relieve your pain.

If you are sitting with the back part of the seat while the back part is tilted back 20° and the front part of the chair is normal, it is called off-loading sitting posture. Besides this, another best sitting position is the 135° body-thigh sitting posture. If your feet remain on the floor while your back reclines backward 135°, it will also relieve back pain.

In this way, you can make your body comfortable by trying different reclined positions. After trying different angles, you can select the various comfortable angles and change them at other times. Sitting for many hours with back pain affects your work productivity, and a good sitting angle creates the best time for work.


Are recliners bad for your back?

We think you are fully aware that recliners are suitable for a short sitting time, such as four to six hours, but long hours of sitting are wrong even with recliners. It is not the recliner that causes body pain; it is our lifestyle, sitting position, back support of the recliner, and discipline. It’s your own choice of how you use the recliner. It will support your back, but intensive sitting hours on the recliner will damage your back.

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