Whale.io: Product Review

Every organization or business needs an effective Training Management System (TMS) if they need to excel in their field of industry. There are different types of training management systems in the industry today that range from simple to complex ones. Insofar as simplicity and user-friendliness, we recommend Whale.io as it is commonly known in the industry.

Training organizations, and learning and development departments indeed utilize training management systems to streamline their operations. Users can use these tools to create, organize, scale, and maintain training programs. 

All learning professionals (including training businesses and learning and development departments) who schedule, track, and assess training activities while overseeing employee training progress and certifications can benefit from training management systems. 

An effective system must be in place to handle these processes. Whale’s training management system includes tools and software to assist training organizations in developing and even selling training courses and events. 

Furthermore, these systems give training resources, program budget monitoring, employee performance tracking, and other features to learning and development departments. Thus, unlocking the next stage of development for every company or organization. 

What is Whale.io?

What exactly is Whale? Whale is a knowledge management system that helps franchisees, managed service providers (MSPs), system firms, and real estate agents generate, preserve, and share knowledge with their employees, such as processes, policies, and procedures. 

Moreover, it is a knowledge-sharing and training platform that can help you systemize and scale your company. It allows small and medium organizations to centralize onboarding and training for new workers. The system helps the company to train, and build teams by centralizing all of its standard operating procedures, policies, and internal information.

Administrators can use the tool to create, review, update, and share company information with employees, including rules, procedures, and processes, as well as assign skills-specific assignments, to close knowledge gaps.

How does it work?

The knowledge sharing & Training platform - Whale

Through plug-and-play integration, Whale delivers a browser plugin that allows employees to access learning content within existing business apps.

Teams may use the WYSIWYG editor to record screens, produce step-by-step video tutorials, adapt content depending on job function, department, or location, and store resources across playbooks, libraries, and cards with the solution.

Administrators can create an ownership system to track and review content, link documents with tags or color codes, and allow subject matter experts to update their knowledge base in accordance with industry standards. 

Teams can utilize tags and structured links to organize and update training materials, and plug-and-play connectors to provide employees access to current business applications.

Employees can also use a self-service site to browse or search for learning content based on skills, tags, or departments. Whale integrates with a variety of technological platforms and apps, including Microsoft Teams, OneDrive, Google Drive, Salesforce, ConnectWise, HubSpot, and others. It includes an insights dashboard that allows managers to assess their team’s performance, identify knowledge gaps, and set tasks to develop specific user skills.

What integrations with other platforms?

The following applications are compatible and can be integrated with Whale: Microsoft Edge, Zapier, OneDrive, Google Drive, Microsoft Teams, Chromium, Google Chrome

  • Top 5 common integrations
    • Whale offers a supported integration with Google Drive: Google Drive is a cloud storage and backup platform that allows you to access files, documents, images, and other media, store them safely and collaborate with others. 
  • Whale offers a supported integration with OneDrive: OneDrive is a secure file storage, sharing, and access solution that allows users to save and share photographs, videos, documents, and more from any device, including desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones, anytime, anywhere.
  • Whale offers a supported integration with Microsoft Teams: Microsoft Teams is an Office 365 chat-based workspace that allows users to see and collaborate on documents, engage in voice and video conference calls, access full conversation histories and email-style conversation threads, and more. 
  • Whale offers a supported integration with Zapier: Zapier automates the transfer of data between your web apps so you can focus on your most important tasks.
  • Whale offers a supported integration with Google Chrome: Google Chrome is a safe, cross-platform browser that combines the power of quick, smart search and Google apps like Gmail, Google Play, and Google Assistant into a single platform that is suitable for all users. 

Collaboration and integration are critical in many parts of business operations, including eLearning projects. To acquire data, manage performance, and make choices, your company employs a variety of software tools. You risk wasting time on lengthy data administration, missing out on essential information, and not fully utilizing your Training Management System (TMS) or Learning Management System (LMS) if it does not interact with the other critical tools you use.


Get all of the features and tools you’ll need to build your connected learning and training environment. Document your onboarding process and teach your current staff with ease. 

Investment costs $12 per month per user. Monthly or annual billing is an option. $12.00 per month is a clever starting point. A free trial is available. A free version is also available.

These are the three (3)  options for bigger groups:

  1. Starter Option: Start using Whale for less than a cup of coffee every day. Available at $30.00 for 3 Seats Per Month. This investment option includes the following:
  • All Features
  • Unlimited Content
  • Integrations
  • Web Extension
  • Chat & Email Support
  1. Growth Option: For effective teams, secure knowledge sharing and training are essential. Available at $120.00 for 10 Seats Per Month. This investment option includes the following:
  • All Features
  • Auto-suggest
  • Insights dashboard
  • Google Drive Integration
  • Zapier integration
  • Browser Extension
  • Stock content
  • Giphy
  1. Scale Option: Designed for ultimate knowledge control with scalable flexibility. The investment cost will be based on the specific scope or requirement with initial inclusions as follow:
  • Personal success manager
  • Custom integrations
  • Customer service priority

The Pros and Cons

The Pros

  • Whale’s user interface is straightforward and intuitive, with features such as update reminders and the flexibility to rename sections to match the company’s terminology. 
  • The Suggestions feature is also extremely strong. 
  • Whale provides wiki tools that aren’t overly difficult.
  • Contains a user-friendly and intuitive design that outperforms alternative onboard tools or training software.
  • The system produces much more uniformity in documentation by using templates.
  • Great for businesses who are just starting to document and maintain track of their SOPs, rules, job instructions, and other procedures.
  • I’m confident that this will be an excellent tool for establishing a documenting culture in every organization.
  • In my experience, the support response is excellent!

The Cons

  • It is not yet fully customizable for the time being (brand colors or logo can’t be easily changed at the moment)
  • For future improvement on its ability to put one’s knowledge to the test. It’s not a deal-breaker, but it’s certainly a plus. 
  • As compared to competitors, pricing is on the higher end, but surely compensates with all the features and benefits.

Who is Whale for?

Simplifying the Process Component™ with Whale

Cost savings, training consistency, easy-to-track learner progress and performance, and meeting regulatory compliance requirements are the top benefits of the Whale.io system. With these factors in mind, every company big or small should invest in a Learning Management System (LMS) or Training Management System (TMS) being offered by Whale.io. 

It may be a small initial step for every company, but it is a giant leap for the firm’s development and progress.


As I have reviewed above, Whale.io is a modern platform and software solution for integrated training and information that replaces outmoded learning techniques. It shortens and simplifies new hires’ ramp-up and onboarding times. 

Aside from that, it increases digital tool uptake and correct utilization of integrated application software with ease and user-friendliness. Thus, creating a business system to assure consistent results and raise the level of proficiency across your (remote) teams. This is one of the best routes to success.