6 Reasons Why a 1300 Number Is Integral For Your Business

In business, continuous improvement is an undying endeavour for every entrepreneur.

Unlike small changes at the department level, such as tweaking a formula in Excel or updating a customer response template, executive-level decisions tend to have large repercussions on the business’s overall direction.

One thing that entrepreneurs have a big say on is the selection of tools their enterprise adopts.

Some tools, like specific accounting software, are nice for financial efficiency, but they’re not entirely mandatory. 

However, some things are not merely encouraged when running a business—they’re 100% needed.

A prime example of something businesses should have is a contact number. 

While a personal phone number may suffice initially, you’ll want to eventually professionalise your business’s communication channels when you start expanding.

A 1300 number is the perfect solution for entrepreneurs who want to level up their business game. 

It’s not merely a “phone number” change—it’s the first step towards operating a more robust business through strengthened communication channels.

Ready to learn why a 1300 number is so integral for your business? Without further ado, let’s look into the six benefits of using a 1300 phone number.

1. It expands your caller capacity

One of the biggest reasons businesses get a 1300 phone number in the first place is because of its ability to take on multiple callers.

While you can’t make outbound calls with the number, you can receive and redirect calls to more than 200 answering points. This makes it perfect for big companies.

For private entities with multiple departments, such as universities and multinational corporations, having a 1300 phone number from Telcoworks allows you to accept and funnel in a large volume of caller traffic, and then redirect it to the appropriate channel with ease.

Granted that you have enough personnel to answer these landline points, then having a 1300 number is a fantastic way of ensuring that all customer queries are appropriately addressed, even when you’re expecting peak traffic volume.

Furthermore, the best part about these numbers is that the redirection process is automated. There’s no need for a person to override and manually connect a caller to a channel point, as this process can be set up by pressing certain numbers in the dial. 

That said, if manual routing is necessary, then 1300 numbers can accommodate that request as well.

The combination of these features makes making inquiries a more seamless experience for the customer, which can pave the way for better customer relations.

2. It legitimises your brand image

Your perceived image is something that can make your business offering fly off the shelves or fall flat on its face. As much as possible, you’d want more of the former.

If you’re looking for ways to boost your brand image, adopting a 1300 number can work. Using one can shift your brand perception from a small and humble operation to a more trustworthy and established entity. 

The 1300 number is a well-known and respected number in all territories of Australia, and associating your business with it can signal to customers that your business is committed to providing a worthwhile product or service.

Alongside this, a 1300 number also shows customers that you’re interested in investing in tools that foster customer relationships. This can positively impact customer trust and loyalty, leading to increased odds of both capturing new markets and incentivising customers to make return purchases.

3. It comes with customer insights and analytics

While it’s more common for people to purchase products online or in physical stores, phone leads are also potent revenue generators.

And, as much as possible, you’d want to utilise every channel efficiently so that you can increase sales and turn in more profit. This includes improving your phone sales.

Having a 1300 number is useful since it provides users with call analytics. These analytics log, measure, and report caller data from your 1300 number. Then, these get stored in a call tracking suite, which can generate insightful reports about customer behaviour during calls.

Some of the data that you can get include call volume, which refers to the number of calls your business gets per month. You can identify popular call dates and times from these reports, which can help you plan out future internal scheduling decisions accordingly.

Furthermore, recorded calls from 1300 numbers can give you some insights to work with regarding actual customer experience. 

This can help you identify pain points and growth opportunities and subsequently act upon them to improve your conversion and customer satisfaction rates.

4. It’s the perfect measuring tool for split tests

Another useful way to utilise 1300 numbers is by using them to measure what advertisements are performing well and what isn’t.

If you want to determine which advertisement has a higher chance of converting customers, then you simply have to put two different 1300 numbers in two different ads and observe the results. 

While social media tools typically also have features that allow split tests, they don’t usually track phone conversions. Furthermore, you can use these numbers in two different marketing mediums in general—such as one on an online ad and another in a print ad.

The information you can glean from these marketing efforts can help you curate a more strategic marketing approach for your products and services, leading to a higher chance for you to generate sales.

5. It expands your market reach

If you want to establish a presence all over Australia, then having a 1300 number is a no-brainer. This number is something that your business can use no matter where in Australia it’s located. 

Furthermore, unlike personal phone numbers, your area code doesn’t dictate the cost of calls that lie beyond your geographical territory. This makes it easy to predict costs and budget accordingly, especially if your business is still starting out

1300 numbers offer a consistent fee for both your business and your caller, making it an equally attractive option for customers from Perth to Melborune. 

Furthermore, your marketing efforts can be made easy since you don’t have to constantly switch phone numbers when advertising in certain areas. This can make it easier for your number—and brand in general—to be recognised and remembered.

6. It comes in different price points

If you’re worried that your business is too “small” to need a business phone number, stop that line of thinking immediately.

First of all, scalability is possible and should be at the sights of every business owner. Secondly, 1300 numbers aren’t exactly locked behind an unreachable price point. Far from it, in fact.

There are many affordable 1300 numbers that startups and small businesses can use to take the first step in legitimising their business. In fact, setup can be as low as $30 for a flat rate, and no more than $16 per month afterwards.

This affordability, together with its remarkable value, can be leveraged to boost your professional image while also serving your company in big ways.