What Gaming Chair Does Shroud Use?

A true game lover never wants to compromise and always wants to buy the best gaming chairs when it comes to games. They also remain curious about the chairs of their favorite gamers. Most popular and successful gamers such as Evan Fong, Pewdiepie, and Shroud remain mostly online and are famous due to their gaming sensation. And, of course, the taste of any high-rated gaming streamer concerns his fans, and they want to know what gaming chair Shroud use?

Michael Grzesiek, named Shroud, was born on June 2nd, 1994, in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. He remains in the news due to his high-class gaming desk setup. His many fans want to know what is Shroud’s favorite gaming chair. In this article, we will cover depth details about the shroud priority chair in 2022 and its features. Have a look

Shroud’s Gaming Chair

If we look at the past chairs of Shroud, he was addicted to Maxnomic 9 Pro gaming chair. Everyone noticed the chair setup of Shroud during his videos and streams. But in 2021, Shroud moved to Herman Miller Aeron, the top luxury gaming chair.

Herman Miller is a famous luxury brand that has become the top choice of Shroud gaming setup due to its high-class qualities. During his Twitch gaming setup and YouTube streaming, The priority of Shroud is Aeron by Herman Miller which is the most expensive lineup. What class qualities make Herman Miller Aeron stand out from ordinary chairs and the top choice of Shroud? So, for those curious about what gaming chair Shroud uses? This article is for them.

Herman Miller Aeron Chair

what gaming chair does shroud use

Herman Miller is most famous as an office furniture brand that manufactures office-oriented items. It comes with a minimalist design, a relatively high price, no sharp curves, and much more. This chair is best for celebrities who spend much on luxury and comfortable chairs. Have a look

High-class design

Herman Miller’s chair comes with high-quality intricate, and flashy aesthetics. If you are afraid of the high price of this chair, take a quick look at its High-class design. You will surely love its design. The seat of the chair has an aggressively Lower Lip design. This curvy seat design also comforts the legs and knees during long sitting sessions.  

The best feature of the chair is a technically sound design that keeps your chair in a locked position while sitting for long hours. Throughout the 12 hours of the day, the Herman Miller chair allows the best posture with innovative PostureFit SL technology. Correct back posture is the most demanding position while playing games, and this chair maintains a naturally S-shaped spine.

Do you need anything between comfort and gaming while playing? This chair provides adaptable features for a variety of activities. But a bit compromising feature of this chair is a small design to handle ‘most’ taller legs, but professionals and gamers will spend all day with 100% comfort.


This best chair for gaming in 2022 has an aggressive ergonomic design that contains extraordinary ergonomic abilities in a compact-sized chair. The bracket of the chair features a 3-position tilt and multi-lockable tilt positions. A modern-fashioned tilt-able backrest is something superb that is present in Herman Miller.

If you want to move the chair while playing games or working in an office, the “Push” feature allows you to move your chair easily. This decent adjustability will enable you to move quickly in your office. Besides this, lumbar support, seat adjustment, and armrest are all adjustable. But you should need to pay extra for the headrest section adjustment.

The durability of the Herman Miller Chair

Though the size of the Herman Miller chair is small, it can perfectly handle gaming tasks for long hours. The bracket of the chair is made of robust upholstery materials. Still, its flexible pellicle Mesh material provides extra comfort while playing games and prevents your body from cutting situations.

The chair’s frame is made of lightweight, sturdy alloy steel that has provided immense strength for years. Though light, it can still bear 350 lbs of weight without creating noise and being underpowered. Because of these qualities, Herman Miller Chair provides 12 12-year worry-free warranty that lasts longer than it.

Easy Shifting

The best feature of the Aeron is its full recline when you lean in the back position. If you want to move upright, the chair does it seamlessly and quietly. The chair’s frame is designed to shift forward by 1.8 degrees. In this way, you can enjoy comfortable sitting and different postures in an upright position.

If you want a chair that supports your skeletal system, the chair’s ergonomic design helps the PostureFit SL cradle and 8Z Pellicle during sitting, standing, and reclining positions.

Breathable Material

Gamers want a chair with Less Sweat Buildup. Unlike other chairs made of mesh, nylon, or leather, the chair’s material is an 8Z Pellicle that allows air to cross, and water vapor and body heat will escape. The Pellicle is a superclass material than mesh or any other material. That’s why it makes Aeron a best-seller.


The Aeron chair comes with 2.5-inch carpet casters in the base. These casters allow easy movements over Carpet roll-way resistance and hard floors. Most gaming chairs cause irritating noise, but this best gaming chair comes with Quiet Roll Technology that will never cause noise and provides whisper-quiet movements.

Arms of Chair

This best ergonomic chair 2023 comes with adjustable armrests while playing games. With armrests, you can provide your arms extra comfort, and if not needed rest, select stationary components. The arms provide maximum comfort with higher and lower positions.

Back Support

Getting back support caused extra charges and no warranty with the most common chairs. However, the Herman Miller Aeron chair has an essential back support that provides Adjustable PostureFit SL and adjustable lumbar support.

Is Shroud’s Aeron chair worth the investment?

The Herman Miller is the best brand for true games lovers who do not promote racing-inspired design, vivid colors, stitching, leather, or any other foam-filled materials familiar to a cheap gaming chair. The Herman Miller Aeron chair has something unique from ordinary and premium gaming chairs. But it is also the fact that you can buy three or more chairs for the price of one Miller chair.

Though it is easy to buy, for those who earn thousands of dollars per month, it is not easy for ordinary people to buy this extraordinary gaming chair. Still, we recommend you buy a Herman Miller chair that provides the best of the best features for unlimited years.


  • Pre-assembled chair
  • Best ergonomic design
  • PostureFit SL technology
  • Allows three different position
  • Top-quality Pellicle Mesh material
  • Adjustable lumbar support
  • 380Lbs weight limit


  • Most expensive but top-quality chair

Wrapping Up

What chair does Shroud use?

We think you are fully aware now of the most beautiful gaming desk chair of the Shroud. The Herman Miller Aeron chair is undoubtedly expensive, and ordinary people can’t afford such a luxury gaming setup. Still, it is one of the top-class chairs with unique quality features.

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