How to Avoid Bad Customer Service

Customer service is essential in creating good experiences and building a brand image while achieving business goals.

Bad customer service fails to meet customer expectations, resulting in declining overall business growth. In such a scenario, avoiding a bad experience is crucial to make your business profitable while leveraging customer support. 

In this article, I will discuss the ways in which you can approach your customers better and offer excellent services.

Importance of Good Customer Service

As a direct contributor to your customer’s experience, good customer service is essential for customer retention. It helps build loyal customers and enhance your business while cultivating positive feedback and reviews.

Investing in related tools and activities is also an excellent way to enhance customer experiences. Here are the top ways in which customer services play a crucial role.

  • Customer services grow the value of revenue you can generate from each customer.
  • Customers like paying more to those organizations which have better customer services.
  • Your organization stands out from the competitors while creating regular buyers for the future.
  • It gets easier to retain customers with good value delivery, saving costs for customer acquisition. 

What is Bad Customer Service?

When a customer has a set of expectations with the brand and fails to meet them, it results in poor customer service. It can include waiting for a long time, being unable to connect with the respective person of interest, asking repetitive questions, and no actions after delivering the message.

In today’s scenario, people want to have good products and also need good customer support if they encounter any related queries. Customers can raise concerns; in any case, their expectations must be met.

Here are the top ways in which your customer service can go wrong.

  • When a customer cannot find any solution to their problem with the service or products.
  • If your representative cannot answer and cater to the queries or problems, your customers face.
  • It is difficult for a customer to reach someone from your company for a problem resolution.
  • In case your automated prompts cannot revert with a tangible solution or suggestion.
  • Waiting for long durations to be heard, resolve a specific issue, or be directed multiple times for the same query.

How To Avoid Bad Customer Service?

There are many reasons for having a bad customer experience, as discussed. However, preventing them can help businesses enhance loyalty and retention of their customers while growing their revenue.

Here are the top tips you should keep in mind to avoid bad customer service. 

1. Paying Attention To Your Customers

Make consistent efforts to pay attention to what your customer has to say and treat them with respect if they have concerns. Try to resolve them and make them feel valued. 

If your customers are open to sharing feedback, acting on them for your success becomes essential. It is also a great way to build a better customer experience while developing your products or services.

If you solve their problems, they will spread the positive word and recommend your services, giving your business a competitive edge.

2. Returning For A Follow-Up

It is essential for a business to make sure every customer is taken care of. Returning to their messages or calls quickly and following up with them after you address their problems can show them that you care. It helps them feel valued and is an integral part of your business.

However, please note that you are not overburdening them with frequent calls providing details of each step unless they ask for it.

You can also request a feedback survey after the resolution to understand their experience and ensure future communications. It is a good way for your customer services to stand out and step up to improve customer satisfaction.

3. Implementing a VoIP Software

Using VoIP software can help streamline your processes, resolve people’s concerns, and provide an option for a post-call survey.

A business VOIP (voice over internet protocol) service can leverage the internet to handle phone calls using a broadband connection. It is a more cost-effective option that is also a flexible and customizable option than an analog phone line.

With its flexibility to share and collaborate, you can efficiently work in a remote environment and develop distributed teams. It also helps make agents efficient while allowing them to use multiple tools together. The number of integration you want to add to scale your business is unlimited.

4. Interacting With Proper Information

You might find it challenging to share unpleasant news; however, most customers appreciate detailed and precise information upfront. Promising customers for something you need to be sure of achieving can make you appear untrustworthy, which might severely destroy your brand’s image.

On the other hand, customers appreciate under-promising and over-delivering while meeting the timelines you have provided for the best customer experience. 

A user interface website with clear information and an excellent call to action, like a contact number mentioning whom to connect with for related queries, can help you smoothen the process.

5. Ensuring A Proactive Procedure

Customers should find it easy to connect with you for any concerns. It will help you to resolve their queries and create better customer satisfaction. A prompt support can help them to make better decisions about purchasing while reflecting the benefits of using your products. 

Proactive support can help you be more productive with each task and improve your customers’ relationship. It will also help them develop an emotional connection with your brand; in case of a bizarre request, a tactful and calm approach can work wonders.

You should be fair to answer every query of your customer when dealing with them. However, if you are not aware of a particular query, you should explain and return to them after doing the research and obtaining relevant information. 


The steps mentioned above can be considered to avoid bad customer service. It can also build trust among your customers while maintaining future relations. 

It will help you build better brand visibility and awareness among your target market.