Google Pay – Product Review

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In this digital world, the migration of shopping, bills payment, document requests, and other services to the internet has become inevitable. However, because of the pandemic, the migration of these services online was hastened.

To prevent the spread of the respiratory disease, everyone was confined and constrained into their homes. Everyone relied on the internet for news, their groceries, and almost every need.

Because of this, a lot of innovations took place. Digital wallet platforms, online shopping, online payment systems, and the like were devised. Digital wallet platforms, also known as electronic wallets, are a recent innovation that allows the performance of financial transactions through mobile phones. The application allows the user to pay for bills and shop all with just a click.

There are a lot of digital wallet platforms currently available. One of the most popular and reliable electronic wallets is Google Pay.

What is Google Pay?

Google Pay, formerly known as Android Pay, is an electronic payment system and digital wallet platform by Google available on Android devices. Aside from that, Google Pay also allows storage of movie tickets, event tickets, public transportation tickets, boarding passes, coupons, loyalty cards, and store cards. It allows the storage of health records and identification cards. It is also used to send and receive money.

What does Google Pay do?

As mentioned, Google Pay allows for shopping and payment online. It is a safe, secure, and swift way of making payments online.

Google Pay can be downloaded by any Android phone, tablet, and smartwatch. It is an application that can be found in the Google Play Store. After downloading and installing, a debit card and/or credit card may be enrolled in the application. The card details are then verified which can then be used for money transfers, bills payment, shopping, and such.

Google Pay is an excellent way to skip the lines. With Google Pay, there is no longer a need to leave the house to do the aforementioned activities. But when you do leave your house, Google Pay is still the more convenient choice than traditional credit or debit cards as it utilizes the NFC technology.

NFC, also known as Near Field Communication Technology, utilizes radio frequency identification to transfer the payment from the mobile device to the payment machine. When the user is at the cashier, he or she only needs to open Google Pay on his or her mobile device and tap or wave it over the cash payment terminal.

Another reason why people use Google Pay is to avoid credit card and debit card scams. Card scams have been around for as long as bank cards have been around. Scammers have come up with all sorts of schemes to be able to scam. Google Pay minimizes the risk by acting as an intermediary between the user and the merchant. Google Pay ensures that the details of the user are kept safe and secure.

What makes Google Pay different?

Unlike other electronic wallets, it does not give merchants the card details of the customers when they transact. Instead, Google Pay utilizes tokenization. This is a process where a token is used as a stand-in for the customers’ card details. This way, the customer is assured that the merchant does not have the actual card numbers.

Another feature that sets Google Pay apart from other electronic wallets is that you can pay or transfer money to people who don’t have a Google Pay account. The email address or phone number is already sufficient to send money to others.

Lastly, as mentioned earlier, Google Pay is downloadable and available to Android users.

Who is the target market?

The target market of Google Pay is virtually everyone. In this day and age, almost everyone owns a smart mobile device. In this technologically advancing age, a smartphone has become a must. So everyone who owns an Android mobile device is the target market of Google Pay.

Google Pay integrations

Google Pay allows for Application Programming Interface, this simply means that two separate applications can connect, interact, and work with each other. Google Pay allows for integrations in both the application and web browsers.

Google Pay has partnerships with hundreds of merchants, payment service providers, e-commerce platforms, and establishments for easy use.

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Pros and Cons of Google Pay

As mentioned earlier, the number one advantage of Google Pay is that it is a safe and secure method of payment. The tokenization process makes sure that the details of the user are kept secure.

Another advantage of Google Pay is that it is a quick way to pay. Physical cards may become a thing of the past with the advent of electronic wallets like Google Pay. You only need to whip out your phone to make your payment. At the counter, you can make your payment with a mere wave or tap of your device.

Google Pay is also a good payment medium as it does not charge any fee on the part of the user. Google Pay charges a certain percentage to the merchants per transaction.

Another advantage of Google Pay is that it can also be used even without a credit or debit card. Gift vouchers and loyalty cards can be used on Google Pay.

However, the downside of Google Pay is that it is only available for Android mobile devices. It is not available in the Apple Store, hence those with Mac products cannot download Google Pay on their devices.

Also, unlike a credit card, Google Pay does not offer a credit line.


As mentioned earlier, Google Pay does not charge anything on the part of the user. It can be downloaded and used free of charge. Google Pay charges the merchant for every transaction.


In conclusion, Google Pay is an excellent substitute for the physical wallet. Google Pay is a swift, safe, and secure way of paying. It can be used virtually and physically. It takes advantage of the NFC method for physical payments and uses the internet for online payments. This digital payment wallet can be downloaded on any Android phone, tablet, and smartwatch.

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