5 Managed Security Services Benefits To Know

5 Managed Security Services Benefits To Know - Featured Image

One of the most concerning things for companies, both large, small, and medium, is cybersecurity. If just a few years ago this was not a huge problem for businesses around the world, today companies from small to large are investing in the necessary infrastructure and professionals who will be able to provide security so that nothing threatens the activities of companies.

However, when it comes to security, businesses face difficult choices. They may choose to build their own team to handle all threat prevention issues or rely on outsourcing, choosing one of the best managed security services providers. In just 8 years, the global market for these services will reach over $50 billion, which means that more and more businesses are realizing the value of these services.

For many businesses, building an in-house team may be the preferred choice until they are faced with the costs that will be required for specialists, as well as for all the necessary infrastructure and equipment. Thus, opting for MSS becomes a great alternative.

Cost savings are not the only benefit that outsourcing can bring to businesses in this regard. This option offers many other benefits that businesses of all sizes need to be aware of.

Benefits You Need to Know

1. Fixed expenses

Outsourcing does not always sound attractive, especially in the field of cybersecurity. However, when you consider the cost of building your own cybersecurity team, you’ll want to take a closer look at outsourcing.

For building a team, purchasing hardware, licenses software, and salaries, your costs can range from $450 to $1.5 million. Even if you are willing to spend that much of your budget, you should consider how long it might take to create a SOC. It can be many months and even years, especially when it comes to finding qualified employees.

When looking for a managed security services provider, you can find a ready-made team in a much faster time that can quickly get to work, taking into account all the features of your enterprise. What’s more, numerous providers offer fixed fees so your business doesn’t face unexpected costs.

2. No crashes

Cyber threats can await businesses on every path, and besides, no one is immune from equipment failures. Any oversight can lead to the fact that the operations of the enterprise will be vulnerable. This sounds especially scary when you think about the fact that your business works with buyers from all over the world, and holidays and vacations are just around the corner when workload and demand can be very high.

Any failure can be devastating to the enterprise. You won’t experience this if you opt for managed security services, as providers offer you a global footprint, 24/7 cyber threat monitoring, and up-to-date attack alerts. With this protection, you can expect high consumer demand without any worries.

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3. Quick resolution of crises

By choosing a managed security services provider, you are investing in a team that has a wealth of experience in remediation and threat prevention. Such specialists will track everything that happens to your business and monitor your local system hacks, as well as large-scale attacks on your enterprise.

Moreover, specialists will immediately respond to any possible attacks. If you already have a history of successful attacks on your enterprise, experts will analyze all the data to provide recommendations on the step-by-step actions that you need to take to prevent attackers from carrying out attacks of this kind.

4. Integration and management of modern security assets

Businesses can invest in advanced cybersecurity solutions, however, without skilled professionals who understand what needs to be done with such solutions, any security assets may be underutilized. This leads to the fact that enterprises incur additional costs by not using the full potential of the solutions they purchase.

With a team of professionals who have a thorough understanding of all kinds of cyberattacks, your organization will integrate and manage modern solutions so that they work effectively. The provider will evaluate the entire security environment associated with your business and understand what requirements must be met for all security assets to be of benefit.

5. Regular monitoring of vulnerabilities

Peace of mind for your enterprise can only be achieved when you know that a team of specialists will regularly monitor your IT environment and any vulnerabilities in it. Only in this case, we can talk about the successful protection of the enterprise from attacks of any kind, be it worms, phishing, spyware, and much more.

Security outsourcing involves round-the-clock monitoring of IT the environment, and accurate internal and external scanning of the assets of your enterprise’s IT network. This will happen automatically, thus reducing your need for additional resources.


The most important benefit of choosing MSSP is to reduce costs as well as increase efficiency. Building an in-house team is a time-consuming and costly process. In addition, your enterprise will not experience software and hardware failures. The outsourced security team will immediately provide specific crisis resolution actions, regularly monitor vulnerabilities, and more. It is the most cost-effective and efficient alternative you can find today.