10 Best Accessories to Enhance Your Fire TV Experience

Fire TV Stick is one of the most important gadgets from Amazon that made an iconic revolution in home entertainment. Having a Fire TV Stick opens a world of entertainment, but optimising your setup enables you to use its full potential. Using the right accessories helps you to level up your viewing experience. Let’s explore some handy accessories that can elevate your Fire TV experience.

Remote with Keyboard: Navigation at Your Fingertips

A remote equipped with a keyboard makes it very easy and convenient to use your Firestick, transforming the way you navigate and type on your TV device. The convenience and practicality of this remote add a layer of ease to your Firestick interaction. Whether you aim to streamline navigation, or indulge in voice commands, a remote with a keyboard makes it super easy to use your Firestick features.

VGA to HDMI Adapter: Expand Your Display Possibilities

VGA to HDMI adapter is a versatile Firestick accessory facilitating connections from your TV to VGA monitors or projectors. Whether you want to see immersive videos on a larger screen, need to deliver a presentation, or aspire to game on a grander display, the VGA to HDMI adapter asserts itself as a must-have accessory for every Firestick lover.

OTG Cable: Enhancing Connectivity

The Fire TV Stick, while a great streaming companion, lacks native support for SD cards, USBs, and more. The WeChip W1 wireless remote, a handy accessory, faces a similar hurdle – it requires a dongle to function, rendering it useless without one.

But, here is the solution. A Micro USB to USB Adapter, commonly known as the OTG Cable. This plug-and-play cable seamlessly integrates with your FireStick device, allowing you to connect dongles, USBs, or SD Card readers effortlessly. It’s a simple yet indispensable addition, making your Firestick experience hassle-free.

Amazon Echo Dot: Voice Control Magic

Now we have Amazon Echo Dot, a remarkable accessory that enhances your FireTV Stick interaction with voice control capabilities. This compact voice assistant transforms your TV experience, replacing traditional remotes with Alexa compatibility.

These petite speakers not only sync with your TV but also respond to a plethora of voice commands. From adjusting lights to playing music and checking the weather, the Echo Dot is a versatile accessory amplifying the FireStick journey. Elevate your entertainment with this amazing Firestick companion from Amazon. 


If we talk about cord cutting in an affordable way, IPTV is one of the most important ways to do so. There are a variety of IPTV services available in every country that helps you avail plenty of TV channels at affordable price plans. 

Although there are plenty of websites that help entertainment lovers get what they want, Firesticktricks.com works specially on cord cutting. You can find multiple ways of watching movies, TV shows and Live TV including the IPTV services. So, if you aim for affordable entertainment, you should get an IPTV player and service for yourself. 

Amazon Fire TV Blaster

The Amazon Fire TV Blaster takes control to the next level by utilising infrared (IR) technology to wirelessly command IR-supported devices. From TVs to soundbars, cable boxes to A/V receivers, this device expands your voice command capabilities through Alexa integration.

However, the Fire TV Blaster is exclusive to compatible Fire TV and Echo devices, along with select soundbars, cable or satellite boxes, and AV receivers. Check their official list of supported devices before making this purchase, ensuring a seamless integration into your setup.

Amazon Ethernet Adapter

If your home Wi-Fi is dragging its feet or dealing with too much traffic, your Fire TV Stick might start acting sluggish—loading times become a drag, and your favourite streaming apps might start buffering. 

Enter the solution: hooking up your Fire TV Stick to a wired ethernet connection using none other than Amazon’s Ethernet Adapter. Setting up the Amazon Ethernet Adapter is very easy, purpose-built for Fire TV devices, linking up with most Fire TV Stick models.

Alexa Voice Remote Pro

Amazon presents the Alexa Voice Remote Pro, claiming the title of their best-ever remote control and compatible with a wide array of Fire TV devices. Packed to the brim with features, this remote is here to level up your overall viewing experience.

Ever lost your remote? Worry not—just throw a question at Alexa on your smartphone or Echo device, and the Alexa Voice Remote Pro will start chiming away. Handling things in the dark becomes a breeze thanks to its motion-activated backlight, bringing a touch of convenience to low-light situations.

Take command with not one but two customizable buttons, giving you the power to fire up your go-to apps, TV channels, or unleash specific Alexa commands. There’s also a dedicated headphone button, smoothly opening the door to the Bluetooth menu for hassle-free device pairing.

Surround Sound System for Immersive Sound

For a sound experience that sweeps you off your feet while watching movies, shows, or diving into games on your Fire TV Stick, think about having a surround sound system. A 2.1 channel surround sound system is sufficient for a small room, but 5.1 is good to fill large rooms with immersive sound. If you have a large hall or living room, you can go for a 7.1, but it will be a bit expensive. It’s the key to cranking up your audio experience and truly plunging into the heart of on-screen action.

Bluetooth TWS Earphones 

If you’re aiming for an audio experience that’s not bound by wires and perfectly complements your Fire TV Stick, snag yourself a Bluetooth True Wireless Stereo (TWS) earphone. It’s a game-changer, delivering not just convenience but a top-tier audio experience. Whether you’re diving into movies, tuning into music, or getting your game on, these earphones are your ticket to an immersive and premium audio experience.

Summing Up

There you have it – a roundup of ways to amp up your Fire TV Stick experience. From stable connections to smarter remotes, surround sound, and wireless audio, the options are there. It’s all about tailoring your setup to fit your entertainment cravings. In the world of Firestick accessories, these additions offer practical solutions to enhance your streaming experience. Explore the possibilities, enhance your Firestick experience, and embrace the convenience these accessories bring to your entertainment hub.