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ShowIt review

Check out this ShowIt review and see if this website builder is for you.

Are you planning to create your own website and start writing your blogs? Are you trying to take your business strategy to the next level by creating a business website to reach a larger marketing audience? If your answer is yes, you might already be searching for a website builder platform that can help you use all your ideas in creating your own website.

Choosing the best platform to establish your website is the first big step that you should take. This post aims to help you by discussing some information about a particular low-code builder platform. Stay tuned as we give you a product review about ShowIt.

What is ShowIt?

In general, ShowIt is a drag-and-drop website builder platform. This kind of platform allows users to design and create their own website without the worry of writing complex codes. More so, all you have to do is to select the theme of your website, add and drag elements that you want to include on your website page. With ShowIt, you can visually create and establish your own website.

ShowIt also provides you full creative control to help you input your ideas on your website.  It has an easy to explore interface that will help you decide what works best for your website. Ultimately, it is not ShowIt who decides where to place the elements. With ShowIt, you can have a website that is completely created by you and for you.

How does ShowIt work?

Starting as a website builder, ShowIt initially accommodated users from the photography industry. However, it has been widely accepted by any type of business. It is now being used by bloggers, event planners, and anyone who uses their websites to promote their businesses.

In ShowIt, you can customize everything about your website. You can choose the color theme to be used and the font styles of your text. You can also drag elements and images anywhere you want. With just a few clicks, you can easily make changes to your website.

In general, ShowIt works with WordPress. In case you are not familiar, WordPress is a Content Management System (CMS) that also allows you to create websites. However, for you to be able to update WordPress websites, you’ll need to know about CSS, HTML, and most times, JavaScript. So how does ShowIt use WordPress?

ShowIt utilizes WordPress in creating the blog pages. You design and edit the layout of your blog pages in ShowIt. You will add customization to it – text properties, date, content, images, etc. Afterward, ShowIt will do its job and will convert your work into a WordPress blog. This is where you need to log in to your WordPress account for you to create a post.

To create a post, click on “Add a Post”, edit its properties by adding post title, images and once done, click “Publish”

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Pros and Cons

The Pros

  • SEO Rank

Standard Engine Optimization (SEO) refers to making your website visible when people search for services, products, or anything related to your business in different search engines.

As mentioned, ShowIt uses WordPress for your blog. With this, you also get access to powerful SEO plugins in WordPress. This would help your blog or website to increase its SEO visibility. With higher visibility, you can get a higher chance to reach a wider range of possible clients for your business.

  • User-Friendly Editor

ShowIt provides you with a user-friendly “drag and drop” editor. With this editor, you can easily add elements and edit it exactly the way you want it to be. More so, you can place it anywhere on the page you want. Ultimately, with this feature, you can easily adjust the spacing of your elements, customize their properties and save your time in doing so.

ShowIt also provides you with a side-by-side editor intended for both mobile and desktop editors. This feature allows you to simultaneously edit and visualize your website and blog pages on both mobile and desktop. With this, you can assure your future audiences of a website that is both mobile and desktop friendly.

  • Wide Range of Customization

ShowIt allows you to customize the elements that you will add to your website. We have listed some of the customizations that you can do on ShowIt.

a. Text

In ShowIt, you can customize your text and text boxes by changing their opacity, color, alignment, letter case, size, height, etc. ShowIt also provides you with pre-installed Google Fonts. More so, you can upload a custom font style that you wish to use for your website.

b. Icons

ShowIt provides you with free icons that you can add to your website. It also allows you to upload any vector-based icons.

c. Videos

If you wish to add any videos to your website, ShowIt made it possible for you. Not only can you add, but you can also edit the video settings.

d. Images

You can also easily edit the properties of any image that you wish to attach to your website. With ShowIt, you can resize, crop, and select where you want to position your image. To provide your audience smooth and better access to your website, ShowIt helps you by automatically optimizing your images without compromising the accessibility of your website.

  • Excellent Community and Team behind ShowIt.

The team behind ShowIt always responds to messages from ShowIt Users. They are very hands-on when it comes to assisting and helping their clients regarding ShowIt. This can explain their dedication to providing excellent quality of service for their customers.

The Cons

  • Cost

ShowIt can provide you with the best website that you are dreaming of. However, it will cost you money. Some features such as pre-installed and custom plugins are limited to those who subscribe to their tiers.

  • Browser Issues

Some users encountered browsing issues on their ShowIt Websites. When they tried to access a ShowIt link on their Facebook and Instagram application, some of the elements overlapped others. This makes the website unpleasant and broken. However, providing more spaces between your elements seem to solve this problem.

Who can use ShowIt?

Initially, ShowIt intends to serve those who are in the photography industry. However, as time progressed, more industries started to use ShowIt to meet their needs in establishing their websites.

This means that if you are already a professional or just starting in creating your website, ShowIt is definitely for you.


To complete this ShowIt review, here’s some pricing information you need to know. ShowIt offers 3 options for their clients to choose from. All of these options include access to the ShowIt website builder and ShowIt hosting.

The first option is worth $19/month. This option is best for those who don’t need to create blogs. This option also provides web hosting for up to 20 GB of media storage. Moreover, there are regular design backups every 10 minutes, which are stored for 7 days.

The next option is ideal for those who wish to create blogs on their website. For a cost of $24/month, you can have access to preinstalled plugins that will be helpful to you. This option accommodates transportation of not more than 50 blog posts from WordPress or Squarespace.

Lastly, the advanced option of ShowIt costs $34 per month. If you want to transport more than 5 blog posts from WordPress or Squarespace, this option is the best for you. With this option, you can also install custom plugins. Ultimately, this option suits those clients who are working with SEO experts to boost their SEO visibility.


Now, you can easily reach everyone online, and everyone can have access to anything on the internet anytime they want and wherever they are.

If you want to connect to many people or wish to widen the reach of your business, one great way to achieve it is to create your own website. With your website, people can easily access your blogs and your business.

However, it is an important consideration that your website should serve its purpose – Is it to inform? To entertain? Or to promote? Additionally, your website should meet the needs of your audience and it should provide them with a better browsing experience. Choosing the best website builder platform that will help you achieve all of these through a low-code development approach is an important step toward establishing your website.

We hope you found this ShowIt review helpful.