SmartSuite: Product Review

Here at the Business Blocks, we believe that simplicity is a powerful force. Imagine a single platform to integrate all your business processes to make it all well organized, accessible, and easy to manage. An organized system where you can find all of your data, processes, and communication tools in one spot. 

This is what SmartSuite is all about. SmartSuite is a project management application or tool that blends simple project management capabilities with workflow automation and processes.

However, SmartSuite isn’t just another productivity or project management tool; it’s the culmination of years of dedicated effort by productivity and process management professionals to make it all possible. 

Indeed, using a single platform for practically everything is the best way to work. You are not just working fast, but also working smart. 

How does it work?

SmartSuite allows teams to create powerful workflows without writing a single line of code, all using a simple visual interface that takes only a few minutes to understand. It also provides a systematic process where you can find all of your data, processes, and communication tools in one spot. 

Based on your inputs and outputs, a single platform is created that will enable you to create powerful unified views of any of your team’s data. 

Understand relationships, evaluate dependencies, and track metrics that measure the condition of your business using data visualizations to gain insight into the success of any team, process, or project. 

Such a platform or project management tool can provide data leads to help you make great judgments. 

I am convinced that SmartSuites objective is to create a work management platform that brings together all of the necessary components for getting work done in one place: databases, spreadsheets, documents, collaboration tools, file management solutions, and automation capabilities. It is an organized and powerful integration of all your workflows and software.

Have Conversations Right Where The Work Happens

SmartSuite Integrations

Considering you have all the tools you need. SmartSuite will take care of the integrations. Connect them all to consolidate your data and workflows in a single location and prioritize the work that counts. 

This is not an ordinary consolidation, but a powerful and smart integration of various simple & complex processes.

These are the 5 top common integrations:

  1. Workflow Automation: Stop wasting time doing the same thing again and over. Use triggers to automate routine actions like changing dates, sending notifications, and updating statuses. Because automation is designed for business users, you’ll never need to contact IT for assistance in creating a specific process. Spend your time on the most crucial tasks.
  1. ‍Zapier Integrations: SmartSuite users may create integrations between SmartSuite and over 2,000 other products and applications using Zapier, a popular third-party integration platform. When SmartSuite doesn’t have a native integration for a product or tool you use, Zapier connectors come in handy. 
  1. Application Programming Interface (API): SmartSuite’s Application Programming Interface (API) allows external programs to retrieve, read, edit, and remove data from Solutions within the SmartSuite work management platform. Webhooks allow you to receive SmartSuite events automatically, allowing you to simply trigger updates in an existing system or start a new operation. If you prefer another language, it is readily available.
  1. Marketing Integration: To help you design campaigns, prioritize sales activity, or plan a promotional event, you can just pull one or several client contact information from your existing customer relationship management (CRM) system which is updated real time from all concerned departments or workflow teams.
  1. Outbound Calling by an Inside Sales Representative: Sales businesses utilize Zapier to integrate and connect with digital phone solutions, allowing inside sales staff to operate from home or from satellite locations without the need for expensive phone infrastructure.

Integrations allow you to transfer critical data between SmartSuite and other applications. From simple native automation and out-of-the-box Zapier connections to a complex Application Programming Interface (API), they may be as powerful as you need them to be. There’s no need to have 20+ tabs open anymore because everything is in one spot.

Pros and Cons

The Pros:

  • The use of a single platform for all your needs.
  • Ability to assist teams in working accurately and smart
  • Encourage collaboration and transparency
  • Provides a Complete Picture of the business and workflow progress ideal in making business decisions and activities

The Cons:

  • Only resource forecasting is covered by staffing data.
  • There is no option for a timesheet.
  • Gantt charts aren’t used.
  • You’ll have to create everything you don’t find in a template. It’s not difficult, but you’ll need to be willing to explore until your thoughts and solutions are precisely how you want them.

Who is SmartSuite for?

I am fully convinced that every business should invest in SmartSuite if they need to have their workflow management in control. This is an excellent place to start when it comes to workflow management and team cooperation for start-up businesses.

Moreover, it is ideal for teams with more sophisticated workflows that require more automation and integrations. But of course, it is best for enterprises who require higher restrictions, more security, and better support.


  • Team Option: A fantastic place to begin for developing teams
    • $10 monthly per user if annually billed
    • $12 monthly per user if billed monthly
    • 25 Solutions
    • Per Solution, 5,000 Records
    • Per Solution, 10GB of File Storage
    • Recycle Bin for 30 Days
  • Professional Option: for medium to large companies
    • $25 monthly per user if annually billed
    • $28 monthly per user if billed monthly
    • 150 Solutions
    • Per Solution, 35,000 Records
    • Per Solution, 50GB of File Storage
    • Recycle Bin for 45 Days
  • Enterprise Option: Advanced features for teams with specialized requirements.
    • $35 monthly per user if annually billed
    • $41 monthly per user if billed monthly
    • 300 Solutions
    • Per Solution, 50,000 Records
    • Per Solution, 500GB of File Storage
    • Recycle Bin for 60 Days


By using SmartSuite, you can enjoy the ease of using a single platform for all of your needs. Say goodbye to juggling spreadsheets, papers, calendars, and a slew of other tools to complete your tasks. Manage your work from where you do it.

This project management tool and platform will effectively assist your teams in working smarter. It will definitely boost team productivity by empowering people to develop, automate, and manage projects and procedures that support their preferred working style.

It allows team members to collaborate immediately within the context of their job, and give managers insight to ensure team and company goals are met. Provide your teams with an easy, visible, and modern approach to work that encourages transparency and empowerment while also making work more enjoyable.

What I truly admire with this tool is being able to get a complete picture of the company’s development and workload of a team or all teams. Very useful in conveying progress, uncovering possible problems, and keeping work on track, use real-time charts and other visual highlights. This is indeed a reliable and dependable business partner & solution.