New Hire Welcome Kit – 6 Must-Have Items

When it comes to capturing the attention of human resources, candidates come up with innovative strategies to promote themselves as qualified employees. In response to this increased interest, many businesses have begun to refine their strategy for retaining their most talented employees. Distributing amusing new hire welcome kit items and gifts to new employees proves to be the most enjoyable aspect of this process.

Providing your employees with welcome kits is one of the many company perks that will help you attract new employees to your company. When it comes to creating a welcome package, there are no rules. Your company’s logo must accurately represent its tone, culture, and ethos to be effective.

A great welcome package is an essential component of your onboarding process because it helps create a lasting first impression. Below is a list of valuable items that you can include in your company’s promotional materials:

1. An Employee Manual

Consider yourself in a new employee’s position and consider all of the questions and concerns they would have on their first days on the job. Respond to all of them in your company’s employee handbook now. That’s right; your handbook should include all of the vital information that will assist new employees in settling into their new roles and becoming productive members of your organization. This is the initial step toward enabling them to be more self-sufficient in your organization by reducing their reliance on their direct supervisors for basic information.

The following are some critical topics to include in your staff handbook:

  • Company structure
  • Culture and values
  • Working hours
  • Communication channels used by the company
  • Corporate privileges and benefits
  • Paid time off
  • Health insurance/retirement
  • Anything else a new employee must understand about their role

Make sure that every employee has a printed version of your employee handbook so that they can refer directly to it whenever they need to. The more enjoyable and engaging the learning experience is, the more likely it is that your employees will retain the information. While having the manual in digital format is necessary, having a printed version adds a nice, individualized touch to the experience.

2. Important Office Supplies

Following that, you’ll want to ensure that your employees have all the tools and supplies they need to do their roles more efficiently. You can personalize them with your corporate logo or have them monogrammed with the initials of the employees. Making your employees feel valued will be a delightful way to welcome new hires on their first week of work.

Think about what your current employees find helpful and ask what they would like to see added. As a result, you’ll have some quirky, one-of-a-kind gift set suggestions that your new employees will appreciate receiving.

3. Tech Equipment and Gadgets

It’s challenging to think of a job now that doesn’t involve some level of technology. Whatever the situation, providing your staff with technical resources and devices is always a great idea, whether they are working from home or in the office.

It is recommended that you have all of your equipment ready and supplied to your new employees well in advance. They will be able to begin their new position with no interruptions. As a bonus, spending money on new technology essential to your employees’ roles will demonstrate to them how committed and essential they are to your company. It’s a simple but effective method of reducing turnover during the first few months of a new employee’s tenure.

From a legal standpoint, distributing these gadgets to your employees ensures that all data is stored solely on company-issued hardware and software. If your personnel use personal devices for work, there’s no assurance that no data will be lost, stolen, or adversely affected as a result. Always prioritize providing tools that your employees can use, taking into consideration your budget and the size of your organization.

4. Login Credentials for All Accounts

According to a recent study, the use of employee productivity tools such as Slack and Google Meet is at an all-time high. This entails creating accounts for every device and any management software that your organization employs. You can create profiles on their behalf and provide that information on the first day of work for new employees.

For example, a social media director who will require authentication to all your company’s accounts across all online platforms could be considered. Using password software solutions would be a secure method of sharing these details. Your personnel will be able to access thousands of accounts with a single primary password if they use tools such as LastPass or 1Password. This fosters a culture of trust within your organization, while also expediting your employees’ workdays and increasing their productivity.

5. A Hand-Written Welcome Message

A hand-written welcome letter conveys a great deal about your company’s professionalism. It gives the impression that you are a thoughtful boss prepared to welcome a new employee. Making your welcome letter as personalized as possible is one of the most important aspects of creating an effective welcome letter. We assure you that overused formats and cookie-cutter letters are not the best options.

Receiving a handwritten note from one’s direct manager or a colleague is a refreshing change in today’s digital age, where thousands of unopened email messages overload people’s inboxes. It’s like a memento that your employees would cherish having on their desks or in a memory box at work.

6. A Wellness Package

Offering top-tier compensation and benefits is excellent, but demonstrating your commitment to your employees’ health is next-level awesomeness. Keeping this in view, you should strongly consider including tools that encourage your employees to live a more active and healthier lifestyle in the workplace.

This can include gym memberships, fitness trackers, training programs such as yoga or high-intensity interval training (HIIT), therapy sessions, and anything else that your employees will find beneficial.

Since we’re currently in the middle of a pandemic, you can just send the packets to keep them safe and protected. This can also include customized sanitizer bottles, face masks, or a personal hygiene kit. 


Sending welcome packages to new employees is an excellent way to get them off to a good start. When this happens, it generates momentum and excitement and bridges some of the disparity between them and your more tenured employees. A customized welcome package informs your new hires that this is only the beginning of a long list of exciting things to come. Making such an excellent first impression boosts new employees’ confidence, and helps them reaffirm their choice to join your organization.

The main goal is to demonstrate that you value them and are willing to provide them with an onboarding process they will never forget.