New Hire Welcome Gifts – Don’t Miss These

The first day at work is filled with nerves and excitement. The prospect of meeting and engaging with new officemates and being shown a different set of procedures than the ones you are accustomed to is fascinating! The lack of a structured onboarding process can be overwhelming for new employees, so every business should implement that all new hires get welcome gifts.

A welcome package is a gift companies give new employees to help them feel at home in their new workplace. New employees bring new ideas, new responsibilities, and new levels of enthusiasm. Therefore, it is critical that your new hires receive proper onboarding and feel appreciated when they enter the company’s doors.

Welcome kits are most effective as icebreakers to initiate conversations with new employees. Although they may appear unnecessary, orientation kits for new employees help them become acquainted with the company’s practices, work culture, and way of operating.

Check out these creative employee welcome kit suggestions to show new team members how much you value their contributions.

1. Induction Kit

Your new employee must know the organization’s policies and regulations. Human resource policies can always be discussed during your conference, but you should not expect your attendees to retain all of them. The “Induction Kit” is an excellent example of a new employee welcome kit.

Incorporate a personalized handwritten note from the CEO or other higher-ranking officials into the package. Employee handbooks, human resources policies, employee dos and don’ts, company values, and policies should all be included in hard copy. They will always have access to all relevant paperwork and refer to them whenever needed.

2. Company “Swag Bag”

While we’re still not sure how relaxed the term “swag” is, it has made its way into the world of human resources. Handbags, T-shirts, rucksacks, umbrellas, mugs, water bottles, mousepads, and anything else your employees would enjoy receiving are examples of swag ideas you can give away.

They serve a practical purpose, are long-lasting, and are a great way to boost your company at gatherings or online platforms. Whether personnel work from home or in the office, having corporate merch on hand is an excellent way to connect them to your organization. You can even use your imagination to come up with something original. For example, you could experiment with different colors or elements of your brand across other gifts. Consider taking an approach consistent with gift ideas with your brand’s identity and culture.

3. Munch Kit

The first week in a new company can be stressful for anyone. They usually become hungry between those back-to-back induction and orientation sessions, as they are working hard. They will be saved by the “Munch Kit” if they find themselves in this situation.

Make sure to include a variety of snacks, such as chocolate boxes, protein bars, and chips packets, in the package. These snacks can also allow new colleagues to become acquainted with one another. Provide the new hire with plenty of treats to share with the group and a simple way to cut the first turf, so make sure to have all delights in the package.

4. Tech Gifts

In today’s world, technology is an integral part of every job, regardless of the industry. Organize “Tech Kits” with gadgets that will make new hires’ lives easier and allow them to perform their roles more effectively.

A speaker system or Bluetooth headphones would be an excellent gift for your new programmer. They can keep their concentration by listening to their favorite music while coding. A power bank and a ring light would be excellent additions to your social media marketer’s welcome package. Consider the specific job responsibilities of your new hire to create a valuable welcome gift.

5. Care Kit

Care Kits have become increasingly popular since the pandemic, owing to the requirement that we all have hand sanitizers, wet wipes, and surface disinfectants. Including these in an employee welcome kit is a fantastic idea.

Ensure that your staff welcome package contains all the safety essentials an employee might require. This kit will help solidify your sense of responsibility, which everyone will appreciate. Some items that should be included in your staff welcome kit are as follows:

  • First Aid Kit
  • Face Masks
  • Disinfectant Wipes
  • Hand Sanitizer

You can also include a hydro flask so that they can stay hydrated while out on fieldwork. Having a fitness band as part of the kit will also be beneficial.

6. Work-From-Home Kit

Amid the epidemic, working from home has become the new normal. However, for a new hire, it can be a little intimidating. With your “WFH Kit,” you can let them know you are there for them even during these trying times.

Your new employees would greatly appreciate the gift of a soft, personalized sweatshirt that they can wear while working from home. Cozy socks would be an excellent addition to this ensemble. They will benefit from having a planner to keep track of their daily responsibilities without missing a beat. Don’t forget to include a coffee tumbler to wake your employees up and help them maintain a better work-life balance. With these personnel welcome kit suggestions, you can always get innovative and personalize them to your specific needs and preferences.

7. Wellness Box

Physical and mental well-being in the office are both equally important considerations. Workplace well-being encompasses a much broader range of factors than simply physical health.

Things can go awry, and the office can become a little worrying for new employees when things don’t go according to plan. During this time, the “Wellness Box” provides necessities to help them cope with their distress and calm themselves down again. You could include a stress ball and a set of calming tea sets in the package. Motivational books or cards can also help lift their spirits and excite them about their new endeavors.

8. Books and Courses

There’s no better way to demonstrate your concern for your employees’ development than to invest in their education. Identify, communicate, and purchase all the materials that will assist your employees in performing at their highest level in their new position. This begins with providing books, or ebooks, in an environmentally friendly manner.

Always choose items centered on their area of expertise to avoid confusion.

Online courses are also highly recommended if you can allocate a more significant sum of money to them. Udemy and Coursera have thousands of programs available on various topics, ranging from more general to super-specialized. You can select the courses yourself or allow your new hires to choose a class of their preference within a specified budget.

9. Gift Coupons and Cards

While a traditional concept, they are an expressive and personal way to welcome new employees to your company. They are given the freedom to select whatever they desire. For example, if they find that wearing headphones helps them concentrate better at work, consider giving them a gift voucher to an electronics store.

Vouchers are an excellent alternative to gift cards that are equally as effective. Make it easier to unwind by giving them a weekend getaway in your town or a meal at a posh restaurant. The sky is the limit in this situation.


It takes more than a simple company announcement to welcome a new employee officially. It takes several additional steps to ensure they are easily integrated into your company and that their values and culture seamlessly blend with yours.

It is critical to make them feel they have made the correct choice to join your organization. Integrating and retaining new employees begins on the first day. How you welcome new staff significantly impacts how the employee perceives your company.