Employee Onboarding for Success

Module 1 Introduction
Unit 1 Introduction
Unit 2 What You Need to Get Started
Unit 3 Setting Up Your Airtable Account
Module 2 Benefits Of A Great Onboarding Experience
Unit 1 Onboarding Benefits for the Employee
Unit 2 Onboarding Benefits for the Employer
Module 3 What Will You Build
Unit 1 Employee Onboarding in Airtable
Module 4 Course Content - Building Your Airtable Onboarding Process
Unit 1 Explore and Navigate in Airtable
Unit 2 Create Your Onboarding Checklist
Unit 3 Create Your Team Members Page
Unit 4 Create the Company Resource Page
Unit 5 How to Create and Share a Calendar  - Preview
Module 5 Summary
Unit 1 Summary of Build
Module 6 Bonus - Amazing Airtable Features
Unit 1 Digital Forms with Automation
Unit 2 Task Reminders through Automation
Module 7 Additional Business Blocks Courses - Teasers
There are no units in this module.
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