Bubble.io: Your Novice-Friendly App Builder

Looking to create an app fast and easy? Read more to learn about Bubble.io.

It all started with a three-hour-long discussion accompanied by a cup of coffee. That’s it! 

Back in 2012, the founder, Joshua Haas, came up with the idea of starting a project to develop a tool that can be used by non-technical users to build their ideas.

Along with his co-founder, Emmanuel Straschonov, they started working on this ambitious project, providing a platform that allows people to build a fully functional, data-driven web application without requiring users to write code. 

What is Bubble.io?

Bubble.io is a visual programming language and web development framework tool that provides a platform for non-tech savvy people.

The mission of Bubble.io is simple; a go-to place for all startups and entrepreneurs who are beginning their journey in building a web application

With Bubble, you can build anything such as a marketplace, a social network, or even a CRM, without the need to set up a traditional programming framework. It empowers its users to build and customize their applications via a user-friendly interface using a point-and-click editor technique. 

This programming software enables users to create innovative web applications, customize databases & workflows, add page elements (photos, text, input forms, maps), and build their interfaces to develop unique apps. It is a marketplace where you can find perfect templates, plugins, and agencies that can help you create robust products on Bubble.  

This application is combined with services that display a REST API, including Facebook, SQL, analytics, and payment applications. It allows users to invest their time in their application’s functionality and design that will look appealing on tablets and mobile. 

Bubble fits all business types, including small to medium to large enterprises. It is available on Windows, Mac, and Web-based. 

To help you make the best decisions that benefit your business, Bubble.io provides alternative comparisons with similar products like Internal, Universe, Palabra, and many more.

Visit their blog section and scheme through different reviews. 

How To Use Bubble To Build An Application 

As you start with your new Bubble.io application, the assistant will guide you through some common setup functions. To build an application on Bubble, it takes a few steps to do so: 

  1. Navigate to my applications and click a new app. Type in a unique name and fill out all information in the predefined template. 
  1. If needed, change the primary language for your application or browse through the currently supported languages or request to add more. 
  1. Upload your icon right away or get back to it whenever you want. 
  1. Install plugins from Bubble’s plugin ecosystem to extend the functionality of your application. 
  1. If your app will be connecting to any external APIs, Bubble’s API Connector is there to help. Install it as a plugin from the screen, and that’s it, your bubble application is set and ready to go! 

Bubble.io is an easy-to-use tool that provides its academy and learning resources such as video tutorials and manual guides to get you started. 

Overview of Bubble Features 

Bubble is an application that provides its users with a no-code platform for code-free design, development, and hosting. 

Develop – You can build interactive, multi-user applications and additional tools for your desktop & mobile web browsers. 

  • Automated actions 
  • Data storage 
  • Export and manage data 
  • Fully functional and customizable 
  • Infinitely extensible 
  • Powerful logic 
  • Private data 
  • Ready-made user management system 
  • Real-time updates 
  • Sophisticated Search Engine

Design – With your choice of layouts and designs, create dynamic content that is visually appealing to your clients and investors. 

  • App-wide styles 
  • Conditional control 
  • Custom domains 
  • Drag and drop editor 
  • Dynamic content 
  • Internationalization made easy 
  • Plugins 
  • Responsive design 
  • Visual Flair 

Host – With Bubble, you will experience proper server maintenance, secure infrastructure, and hassle-free operations. 

  • Always secure 
  • Automatic backups 
  • Built-in analytics 
  • Go global 
  • Multi-factor authentication 
  • Real-time logging 
  • Scale with ease 
  • Simple deployment and hosting 
  • Version control 
  • Workflow-based programming 

Grow – Using different Bubble features like email and SEO that integrate with existing tools can help you create an engaging customer base and make better decisions to expand your business. 

  • Activity tracking integrations 
  • Email 
  • Payment Integrations 
  • SEO 

Collaborate – Bubble allows you to share your workload, add collaborators, and empower them to make changes and provide feedback. 

  • Add up to 40 collaborators. 
  • Annotations 
  • Private app development 
  • Real-time editor updates 

Bubble’s Cost and Pricing 

Bubble.io has four different pricing plans that are billed monthly or annually. 

1. Free 

This is the first and free plan offered by Bubble. It includes: 

  • All core platform features that are required to create and host a fully functional web app  
  • Bubble branding 
  • Community support 
  • Editor-only password protection 
  • 2 GB storage 
  • Basic custom domain and SSL 

2. Personal Plan 

The personal plan charges $25/month if billed annually and $29/month if billed monthly. It includes: 

  • Everything from the free plan 
  • Custom domain & SSL 
  • White labeling 
  • Import/export as CSV 
  • Email support 
  • Real-time analytics 
  • Basic server capacity 
  • Editor & live site password protection 
  • 10 GB file storage 

3. Professional Plan 

The Professional plan is charged $115/ month (annually) and $129/month (monthly). It includes:  

  • Everything from personal plan 
  • 3 reserved units of server capacity 
  • Up to 7 units’ ability to add capacity 
  • 2 multiple device versions 
  • 2 application editors 
  • 20 GB file storage capacity 

4. Production Plan 

Production is the final plan that is $475/month if billed annually and $529/month if billed monthly. It includes: 

  • 10 reserved units of server capacity 
  • Up to 30 units’ ability to add capacity 
  • 20 multiple device versions 
  • 15 application editors 
  • 2-factor authentication 
  • Backup & restore lasts for 365 days 
  • 50 GBs file storage capacity 
  • Priority email support 

Apart from its set pricing plans, Bubble.io offers dedicated solutions to its enterprise clients with special requirements to run Bubble on a cluster in the AWS region as per choice.  

It offers an agency subscription to users that build sites and apps for their clients. Charged annually or monthly according to your preference, you can unlock and use paid features while developing your applications with agency subscription. 

Bubble offers discounts and special offers for students & non-profit organizations as well. All you have to do is contact them through their ‘Contact Us’ section and avail your plans.  

Pros & Cons 


  • Ability to connect to different APIs & plugins 
  • Favorable for people with non-programming background 
  • Flexible and powerful design tools 
  • High-speed query processing 
  • User-friendly no-code application 


  • Improvement of reliability 
  • Performance is limited 
  • Slow data processing speed 

Final Words – Is Bubble A Reliable App Builder? 

It doesn’t matter with what business type you own. What matters is how efficiently you can manage things to keep a secure and smooth workflow within your businesses. 

Bubble is a great online visual editor that allows you to create web applications as per your choices. Surprisingly, you don’t require any particular programming background or coding skills to use Bubble.

It is suitable for all people, irrespective of whether they know how to code or not.  

It saves time by getting all things needed for the development of a web application in one place. Novice users can go through the guides and get their hands on Bubble.

In contrast, expert users can utilize their knowledge and expand possibilities through various Bubble expert features. 

Without any delays, grab your free trial with Bubble and see it fits your needs. 

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Airtable is a cloud collaboration service founded in 2012 by Howie Liu, Andrew Ofstad, and Emmet Nicholas. The platform aims to help people store and track data, create graphs, and keep records of important information with the help of digital spreadsheets.

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What is Zapier?

Zapier is a task automation platform, meaning that it allows users to integrate the different web applications they use. The team is based in California but has a global reach as well as employees based in the United States and 23 other countries.

Zapier has over 2000 applications for you to choose from and works with all your favourite websites, including Facebook, Gmail, and YouTube, to allow for a hassle-free user experience.  

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Nifty Your Next Collaboration Software Tool for Business

There is no doubt that this is the age of technology and collaboration software. Almost every single project taken up has various platforms for individuals to work on it together, or for people to keep a check on the progress themselves.  

All of these are exceptionally useful for businesses as there are multitudes of teams working on multiple projects, and there is a need for project management platforms to help make collaboration convenient, comfortable, and possible all at the same time.

This is where technology comes into the picture: There are several options for businesses to consider to assist with collaborative work. All you need is the internet – you don’t need to look any further!  

What Is Nifty? 

One of the most renowned platforms for work collaboration is Nifty. It is a project management software that allows individuals to collaborate through the automation of progress reporting, alignment of project teams, and acceleration of project cycles.  

It is a remote collaboration hub through which you can manage all of your teams, files, goals, and projects all in one place. It is meant to make the lives of teams easier by managing your workflow and providing you everything your team requires to get a job well done.  

What is Collaboration Software For? 

Nifty is ideal for businesses working on various projects as there is plenty that needs to be taken care of with a significant number of people on board. Businesses can keep track of everything they are working on through the use of this project management software.  

Besides businesses, if you are working on a project yourself, Nifty is perfect for you. It is an excellent platform for client project management. It allows you to keep together client projects, deliveries, and communications all on one platform. Thus, you will always be in touch with your client and check on your progress while working. 

Moreover, Nifty is a fantastic platform for digital agencies and legal case management too. Digital agencies can make good use of the comprehensive management software, while those working on legal case management can utilize the options to organize cases and to automate progress reporting for their firm and clients. 

Lastly, marketing teams can benefit as they can automate their processes to concentrate on important work, and product management can also become easier as a collaboration with Nifty can reduce product development cycles.  

What Does Nifty Do? 

Nifty has various features to offer project teams. There are options such as file sharing, collaboration support, and time tracking, allowing project teams to have significant control over their projects. Here are a few benefits the tool has in store: 

  • Workflow collaboration software hub: This can be used to speed up project cycles, automate progress reporting, and align teams as well. The workflow collaboration hub manages to keep all project team members continuously connected, and also has options for you to set your own project goals while you create a timeline for the deadlines you have. 
  • Share ideas: Nifty has a fantastic file-sharing feature that allows everyone on teams to pitch in with whatever suggestions they have in mind. All documents linked to your project are stored in an accessible and secure place and can be accessed and shared from Google Drive, Dropbox, or computers, allowing them to be accessible whenever necessary.  
  • Collaborate with documents: Through Nifty, you can create collaborative documents with your team members stored safely. You can use Nifty Doc, Google Doc, or spreadsheets for this purpose. There are also features for you to leave notes or feedback on documents for other people to go through. Documents can also be used to invite team members to the discussion by launching a document from Project Discussions.  
  • View project milestones: As you can view milestones, you can always check how far your project is moving ahead. It provides you with the option to look at your project’s sprints, phases, and initiatives. There is also a Swimlane view that clarifies project objectives for your agile teams as it combines milestones and task lists for you.  

 These are some of the central features of Nifty.

Other features are listed as follows: 

  • Conversational Files 
  • Milestone Dependencies 
  • Collaboration Software
  • Direct Messaging 
  • Custom Fields 
  • Time Tracking 
  • Timeline View 
  • Custom Labels 
  • Task View 
  • Real-Time Collaboration 
  • Message Threads 
  • Quick Collaboration 

How Much Does Nifty Cost? 

Nifty has four different pricing plans for you to choose from. 

  1. Starter 

This is ideal for small teams and individuals working by themselves. This package is available at the cost of $39 per month. It allows 10 active projects, 10 team members, unlimited guests and clients, and 100 GB storage space. 

  1. Pro 

The Pro Package is suggested to small and medium-sized teams. It can be purchased at the cost of $79 per month and allows for 500 GB storage space, unlimited guests and clients, unlimited active projects, and 25 team members.  

  1. Business 

This is the go-to package for medium to large teams as it has many powerful features in store. It is available at the cost of $124 per month and allows for 1 Terabyte storage space, unlimited guests and clients, unlimited active projects, and a total of 50 team members.  

  1. Enterprise 

This is the perfect option if you wish to customize the features available to you. You are provided a custom quote depending on the storage space you request, while the number of team members, guests and clients, and active projects available to you are unlimited.  

One of the aspects that make Nifty a great option to consider is that there is an option for you, whatever your budget and team size might be. All you need to do is take a look at your requirements and make your way to Nifty – you will find something for you there.  

What Are People Saying? 

Nifty is a very popular collaborative tool all across the world. It is best known for the ease of use it has to offer in managing projects and is seen as an attractive alternative to other collaboration teams out there.  

Workplaces have commended Nifty for providing a very clear and effective platform to communicate with team members, and the platform is also appreciated for allowing for tasks to be assigned and tracked easily.  

On the other hand, a few teams have pointed out that their pricing model is unsatisfactory. It is based on the size of a team. However, the size of a team does not necessarily determine the extent of the work that needs to be done. Hence, a bit more flexibility would make the platform more appealing. 

Nifty Good as Collaboration Software? 

Considering all the features Nifty has to offer, there is plenty in store for teams to get their work done effectively. It is a very useful platform as it allows for communication and collaboration to occur with plenty of ease and convenience.  

It has more to offer than most collaborative tools out there, ensuring that it stands out as a project management platform to use.  

Final Thoughts 

Nifty is a fantastic platform that allows for work to be easily assigned and completed. It is the ideal project management software, as it has everything a team looks for while trying to work together effectively and productively. It brings your entire team onto the same page – a feat that makes the tool worth considering. 

Notion.so: All-in-one workspace

Level up your notetaking with Notion Workspace

If you have the right mindset, process and habits then with Notion Workspace you are going to achieve what you need!

We are in a productivity race. Current work trends all point towards encouraging people to be the best version of themselves, which is only possible if they have the right tools, processes and experiences.

Keeping up with the demands of everyday life and trying to balance your routine to fit in things like the job, extra training, family time, a social life, and a little bit of “you time” to avoid a burn out can often spell disaster.

Striking a balance and avoiding chaos is often never achieved. People end up needing some additional help to allow them to get through the challenges of their daily lives and stay organized.

That’s where I found Notion and with a little training, it can help you too! 

What is Notion?

Notion is an “all-in-one workspace” that can help you stay organized and on top of your business. The platform is designed to eliminate chaos and enhance productivity. It does so by allowing users to take casual notes, add tasks, manage projects, and collaborate with other users, particularly peers from their workplace.

Careful planning is the key to success, and the creators of Notion are well aware of this. They also understand the power of minimalism, which is why Notion’s interface is simple, clean, and accessible. Its ease of use is a major factor that sets this application apart from its competitors. You can learn more about the Notion story here: Link –https://www.notion.so/about

Notion is compatible with Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, and Web OS. You can use it on any device, including your phone, tablet, and PC. This means that as long as you have your device and an internet connection on you, you can easily access your notes and projects through Notion from anywhere, at any time.

Who is Notion Workspace For?

Notion is perfect for anyone who wants to organize their work or life. The platform allows students, workers, and basically anyone to work solo or collaborate in an unlimited number of workspaces.

You can categorise, create, create templates, write a book, log your expenses and take notes in shared or private workspaces.

Consider visiting a top-rated hiring platform if you need to hire a freelance Notion developer for your project management needs. Toptal operates as a platform for specialized consultants, engineers, programmers, and developers skilled in Notion software. Notably, leading firms and startups prefer partnering with Toptal freelancers for their crucial Notion development initiatives.

What Does Notion Do? 

Notion can do plenty; if put to good use. Here is a list of prominent features and benefits of using the app:

·        Wikis

With Notion’s help, users can compile important information related to their tasks in one communal space, making the data easy to find when needed. Lists, images, embedded links, and more can be added, and their positioning can be adjusted through a simple drag-and-drop function.

Users can invite collaborators to help them compile these documents. Notion can also be integrated and used with apps like Typeform, Twitter, and Github Gist, amongst others.

·        Task Management and Project Planning

Users may plan and track project progress through Notion, which helps them maintain a steady workflow. New tasks may be added, and old ones removed as desired. These tasks can be compiled under the title of a single project or set as individual goals to be completed independently.

These project pages can be layered, with users being able to create a single page with multiple pages linked within it, all building up to a common project or goal. 

·        Multiple Users

Notion allows multiple users to collaborate on a single task or project. This means that a single page, file, or document can be edited and accessed by different people from their own devices if they have access and are on the same team. 

·        Note-Taking and Document Management

Notion is brilliant for taking quick, casual notes or even for making detailed, in-depth lists concerning any topic. The note-taking pages are clear-cut and easy to use thanks to their crisp, white background and ample typing space.

Users may also add drag-and-drop content to their notes, including website links, images, videos, bookmarks, and programming code. When typing, users may employ keyboard shortcuts so that they don’t have to worry about switching to a mouse, much like typing on other popular platforms, like Microsoft Word.

·        Privacy

Notes and projects can be set to private if needed, so that other users, like collaborators, cannot see them.

·        Calendar

Notion offers a calendar tool that users can employ when scheduling appointments, meetings, and future events or deadlines for a project.

How Much Does Notion Cost?

Notion is mostly pay to play, but well worth it. Here is a list of the packages offered:

·        Free Plan

This version allows unlimited members and guests, 1000 blocks, and 5MBs worth of file uploads. A block is any type of content added to a page. Users employing the free plan can choose from over 40 block types and 50 designer templates for their documents and note-taking. 

·        Personal Plan

The personal plan is extremely affordable and demands just $4 per month. This version of the plan applies to one user and can host unlimited guests, blocks, and file uploads. 

·        Team Plan

This version of the plan costs $8 per month and has all the brilliant features that accompany the personal plan, with the added benefits of admin tools and advanced permission security features. Each team member will have to pay $8 individually to receive access to the team plan. 

·        Enterprise Plan

Larger corporations, teams, and enterprises can request a custom-made plan for their employees. Those willing to get their hands on such a plan can contact a Notion sales representative directly. 

What Are People Saying About the Notion Workspace?

Overall, people seem to really like Notion. One of the main reasons is because the app’s basic functions are free. The personal plan is decently priced, too, as is the team plan.

Many users have come to appreciate the simplicity of the design. It is white, clean, and accessible-a minimalist wonderland that places the power of accessibility at your fingertips. The layout is smart and fresh. All the important tools are lined up in an obvious fashion, enabling users to access them without delay or hassle. 

After reviewing, one common complaint users had was the app’s inability to allow users to toggle their calendars to a weekly view. Users can only see the calendar in a monthly layout, which is a small issue. 

Another drawback is the lack of an offline version. Desktop users would prefer to have an option of this application that does not demand a constant internet connection to use. 

Engineers and mathematicians may have trouble with penning down inline math statements in text blocks. This is an essential requirement for professionals who work in math-related fields and should be addressed by Notion if they wish to improve the app. 

Otherwise, the overall application is deemed helpful and convenient to use. Many users also appreciate that the app’s basic version is free and has such a fantastic variety of functions.

Is Notion Any Good?

Yes, Notion has positive reviews overall and has become a staple in many workspaces. It’s certainly worth a shot. Those who are sceptical about its use can opt for the free version first. If they find that the app works for them, they can shift to the $4 monthly personal plan and upgrade their workspace and productivity.

Final Thoughts

Notion has become quite popular lately, and for a good reason. The application allows users to unite with collaborators under the umbrella of one application and work together to curate projects. Notion supports teamwork and encourages uninterrupted workflow thanks to its unique design and vast host of tools. The application is known to boost productivity and encourage organization without demanding a hefty input of time and energy from the user.

If you’re interested?

Notion has a few high profile investors including Shana Fisher, Naval Ravikant and Ram Shriram.