Airtable For Beginners

Module 1 Build a Web App in a Day!
Unit 1 Introduction: What You Will Learn
Unit 2 Create Your First Base and Tables
Unit 3 Turn Your Tables into Forms
Unit 4 Analyse, Slice and Secure Your Data
Unit 5 Set Up Photos and Comments Table
Unit 6 Create Custom Automations for Notifications of New Entries
Unit 7 Create a Custom Automation For Bad Feedback Emails
Unit 8 Create Gallery View of Good Feedback
Unit 9 Share a Gallery View To Your Own Website
Module 2 Create a Social Media Calendar Using Airtable
Unit 1 What is a social media calendar?
Unit 2 What are the benefits of using a social media calendar?
Unit 3 How do teams use a social media calendar?
Unit 4 How do I create a social media calendar?
Module 3 Order Tracking & Invoicing
There are no units in this module.
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