5 Cool Yeti Gift Sets for Employees – 500 V – 0 KD

Giving gifts to your employees should not be tough when you make smart decisions. Yeti products are examples of smart gifts. Today, we will look at five cool Yeti gift sets that will make all your employees feel valued and appreciated.

Yeti products are great gift options for these reasons:

  • They last a long time.
  • They look amazing.
  • You can brand these products with your company logo.
  • They have practical uses.

If you want to give something to your employees as gifts, Yeti gift sets are undeniably one of the best options. Here are five Yeti gift sets to consider for your employees:

1. Branded Yeti tumblers

Since you can brand Yeti products with your company logo, there’s no reason to not do it. A set of Yeti tumblers is a great gift, no matter who you are giving it to. We can use Yeti tumblers at home, at the office, outdoors; practically anywhere.

More importantly, Yeti tumblers are going to stay with you for a long time. It’s a memorable gift not only because of the product but also for how long the product is going to stay intact.

2. Yeti bag sets

Just like Yeti tumblers, Yeti bags are extremely durable. They are also stylish and functional. A perfect set of bags will cover different needs — going to the office, vacationing, going on a hike, and so on.

There are several styles, colors, and designs of Yeti bags to choose from. Include different sizes in your gift set to make it even better. This is a great gift option for almost everyone.

3. Custom Yeti cooler

Yeti coolers are cool, rugged, and durable. More importantly, they are extremely functional. Be it a hike or an outdoor party, a Yeti cooler would simply make life easier. It’s a great gift option for these reasons and more.

If you are trying to turn the gift into a gift set, you can pair two styles of Yeti coolers. While a single Yeti cooler would also be a great gift, making it two is even better.

4. Yeti dog bowl set

This is the perfect gift option for all your pet parent employees. Yeti not only makes amazing products for us, but also for our furry friends. Yeti dog bowls look stunning and last for years. They are also available in different colors. You can also brand these dog bowls with your company’s logo.

If you know some of your employees have pets, giving them a set of Yeti dog bowls is a great gift option. Be it cats or dogs, Yeti dog bowls can be conveniently used to serve them their meals.

5. Yeti water bottle set

A set of Yeti water bottles will never fail to impress. Your company’s brand logo will also look great on a solid Yeti water bottle. These bottles are perfect for a range of occasions — at home, during hikes, when traveling, and so on. You can easily make a gift set with multiple Yeti water bottles of different colors and designs.

There you have it – five cool and practical gift sets for your employees to make their day.